Practice Battle: Ice Warriors vs. Doritos

SUMMIT – The Ice Warriors, nearing their sixth anniversary, dueled out against the Doritos for a reasonable practice battle.

The battle took place on June 2nd, and both sides showed a great display of tactics and consistent sizes, but the DCP cut down in sizes at the edge (in the Town). The allies agreed to classify this battle as a tie, where the DCP maxed around 20-25 in sizes, whilst IW numbered around 9-11.

IW 9 and DCP 20

Evidence provided by the IW regarding the classification of a draw.

Usually, owners do post something exquisite about a battle or war, but DCP’s Mustapha only expressed his love for IW’s Albert417:

It would have been more fun if fat [Albert] came but he didn’t. [insert cring here] Love you alb<3

The IW’s Alicia posted the results of the battle and stated the following:

So today we had a practice battle with DCP, averaging 9 and maxing 11. It was a close battle but in the end it managed to be a tie. Our tactics were good, but I expect a little more in size. Not much more to say, so here are the pics posted below.

Overall, both armies tried their best and had a fair battle with no ranting. The DCP continue their episodes of events with a practice battle against the Ranger Troops and have defended their capital, Summit, against the Pirates as well as acknowledging CPPA’s Waterkid100 for aiding the DCP to increase in number. Apart from that, recruiting and training sessions are frequent. Finally, IW have American, Australian/Asian and European training sessions, topped off with two practice battles against the Hot Sauce Army, American and Australian/Asian times respectively.

What do you think? Could there have been a peculiar twist to the plot?

●||»๖̶̶̶ۣۜмιѕѕ ѕтepнaɴιe мιcнαєℓ נαcкѕση ℓσνєя«||●
CPA Central Reporter

9 Responses

  1. Join the Official Club Penguin Army! (CPA)


  2. “The allies agreed to classify this battle as a tie, where the DCP maxed around 20-25 in sizes, whilst IW numbered around 9-11.”

    Is there a mistake here? I don’t think that if DCP maxed 20 it would be called a tie.


  3. By the way, you spelled Sauce in Hot Sauce Army wrong.


  4. I think they agreed to a Tie to avoid a long drawn out comment war


  5. Amazing post :mrgreen:


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