Introducing The Servers Project

6/3/13 CPAC Headquarters – After days of preperation, Ladies and Gentlemen I give you….. The Servers Project

It would be an understatement to just call it a page because it’s more than that, it’s a large scale project aimed at improving the army community. Yes this has been attempted in the past, but what makes this different is that we at CPAC are creating a new system which will keep the page up to date and going for a long time, and of course unlike previous attempts, this time the servers page will be kept up-to-date by more than just one person.

The purpose of this Servers Project? – Currently there is no organization as to who owns what server, so random armies are claiming servers that they don’t really own. Example? Tundra is currently claimed by Nachos, HSA, RPF, UMA, ST. I don’t care who claims it, the question is who is the legitimate owner of Tundra? It’s not just Tundra, there’s a lot of servers who are claimed by more than one army, check for yourself. Click here to visit the Servers page!

How the servers page works The servers page will only include Major Armies (armies who are or have recently been in the top 15), and Medium Armies (armies who are or have recently been on smac’s top 10), for now while set the foundation for this system. What exactly is the format for the servers page though? We aren’t keeping the same boring format so hopefully this picture explains everything.


Now the Servers project isn’t to determine the winners of invasions, it’s simply to keep track of who owns what server so there won’t be any confusion the next time you’re invading, and of course to keep “clearances” or “cleansing” of servers to a minimum. Which brings me to my next point.

The True Purpose of “Clearing” or “Cleansing” a Server

I’ve been an army leader long enough to know that there’s only 2 real reasons why armies choose to “Cleanse” a server and simply not just invade armies who claim it. These two reasons are….

  1. You legitimately own a server and you’ve checked that no other major armies own is, but you’re worried that a bunch of small armies might also claim it, so you decide to cleanse it.
  2. Or the most common reason, a bunch or major armies, or an army that is bigger than yours, claim the server you want/”own” and you’re afraid of going to war so you decide to cleanse because you know they probably won’t show up.

Cleansing began around 2010 and it wasn’t used as frequently but lately it has really gotten out of hand, to the point where instead of an army invading a server and wanting to battle with another army they would prefer to cleanse.

So now that there’s an up-to-date servers list, don’t take the easy way out and cleanse the server, because if you actually want the right of owning a server you have to fight for it. Which is what armies are for in the first place right?


Hopefully, you guys, the Army Community will use this tool to expand your nation and increase recruiting. But most importantly to make sure that no one else claims your beloved capital server. The servers page will be updated every Friday.

Another critical point to keep in mind is updating YOUR OWN nations page because that’s what myself and other people will be basing this page of off. So if you don’t update your nations page, chances are you won’t find your newly invaded server on the master list. Don’t be lazy! Have one of your 2ic’s do it.

That’s all for now, I want to know, what are YOUR thoughts about this new servers page, do YOU like it? How can we improve it? And most importantly who in Woton’s name owns Tundra?!?

-█Lucario564█[★CPAC Snack Manager/Associate Producer★]

28 Responses

  1. A list of UMA’s severs for your convenience, and RPF owns Tundra.




  3. Cleansing is kinda dumb.


  4. Nice post Luc.


  5. Waste of time, to be honest. What about new armies? It seems stupid that they can’t own or even pretend to own certain servers. I don’t like it. Let armies duke it out on their own time; we don’t need a judge to decide who owns what.


    • Nowhere does this project make CPAC a judge, it is simply a better version of the old servers page. Luc even says that it is based on the armies’ nation pages, not some sort of arbitrary judgement. Also, the small scope is simply because the project is only just beginning.


    • Pungy aren’t you the head of smac? You know the other news site with a servers page


  6. gud grammer ye


  7. You’re a new site, not a central gov’t


  8. It wont work. People will get lazy, the server page will become outdated, no one will keep track anymore and we are right back in the same situation. If you don’t like that another army claims to own it, liberate it and fight them for it. Much more army like.


    • ^ CPAC tried this in the past, it failed. The person updating the page gets tired in 1 week, and armies wouldn’t cooperate enough to do this


  9. I think we just need to be updating the servers page that’s here weekly.


  10. Nice post Luc ^-^


  11. I think this is exactly what this community needs. So long as it is maintained properly. Like Burr said, if it becomes outdated, it does us no good.


  12. Great idea, impressive Luc. I was thinking about doing this myself, since no one else did it.. Thanks man we really needed this.


  13. Maybe someone could be hired to just update the Servers page. If they don’t they’re fired.


  14. I really like this idea, it will be very hard to maintain. Hire more staff to improve it, specifically for the servers page. RPF owns Tundra


  15. I can help out if you need it.


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