Death of the Pirates

Migrator, Former Pirates Headquarters- A Euro army that claimed to be the strongest out there and Invincible is now gone. May 31st Leader PcChip321, better known as Waterkid100 made a post in German announcing the possible end of the Pirates.

Liebe Mitbürgerinnen und Piraten,
Wir sind un-offiziell tot ist. Ich weiß, das mag traurig sein, einige, aber dies kann eine gute Nachricht für andere zu sein. Ich werde eine komplett detaillierte Beitrag später zu machen, aber jetzt sind wir lieber in einem” Winterschlaf” oder alseep bis zum Sommer, oder, nie wieder zurückzukehren.

Wir müssen für die von comfirmation Jetzt bieten warten. Coolster, Jetzt bieten, und ich werde eine Abstimmung, ob die Piraten bleiben sollte tot oder lebendig haben.

Viel Spaß in Ihrem neuen Armeen, weil für den Mittelwert, während die Piraten sind UN-offiziell tot.

Ihr Führer, Waterkid.

Dear fellow pirates,
We are being un-officially dead. I know this may be sad to some, but this may be good news for others. I’m going to make a fully detailed post later, but for now we are rather in a “hibernation” or asleep until summer, or, never to return.

We have to wait for confirmation of Bid Now. Coolest, offer now, and I’ll have a vote on whether the pirates should have remain dead or alive.

Have fun in your new armies, because of the mean, while the pirates are UN officially dead

Their leader, Waterkid.

This comes as the first post in 10 days on the Pirates site with the post before a US division Event against the Doritos in which the Pirates got 5. Many events the Pirates have been having have been anywhere from 5 to 12. At the time of their death they were in war with the Doritos of Club Penguin.  Many of the issues for the Pirates were a lack of troops attending battles even if they were on chat. It probably didn’t help with the Rebellions in late April and Blue1/2 attacking Water for his rude comments made to CPAC and the staff.

As of now the Pirates are shut down until a meeting can be held between major players of the Pirates and there is a chance Pirates may become a memory.

Image 1

Image of Pirates at their last known event.

I would like to apologize to the viewers if my post is horrible. I usually do philosophy and my usual Party Posts and I decided to do this story because I am bored, and I know few members of CPAC would bother reporting it due to the respect Waterkid has among us.

23 Responses

  1. Honestly kind of sad.


  2. lul


  3. Omg I was going to do a you write on this 😦
    I even did this for my CPAC application form 😮
    Oh well. Good job on the post 🙂


  4. 4th :3 RIP (possibly) pirates =3


  5. 5th Sayonara (I think) pirates 🙂


  6. Ding dong the witch is dead!


  7. He wrote in German because he’s trying to be all neo-Nazi, he said it himself.


  8. whatever. this army was always rubbish. waterkid is preety much the example of karma. create a terribe disaster of a war AKA world war six and your army dies . THE WITCH IS DEAD HOARRY


    • Pirates didn’t die because of WW6, it was because I lost interest in Club Penguin armies.

      And if you’re going to celebrate about a Club Penguin un-officially dying and comparing it to a witch, then I would love to see the friends you hang out with in school.


  9. Even though me and Water had our arguments, he was always persistent
    The song above I think describes the feel to the pirate’s death, and signals an end to an era


  10. This is one of the best birthday presents ever… now, STRIKE TACO WITH LIGHTNING!




  12. Pretending to be Hitler


  13. Long live PIRATES OF CLUB PENGUIN!!!!


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