Tacos- Ready To Return to Glory?

Hello CPAC,

Its Badboy here with my 1st post for CPAC. Where should I start? Well, I’ve been in CP Warfare for about a year in a half, I’m 13 years old and I started with news sites a few months ago, when I joined SMAC to be a reporter. After about a month of reporting, I gave SMAC Head, Pungy, a sample Top 10 to become SMAC’s new Top 10 Maker. Pungy liked it, and that’s exactly what I did. Ever since, I’ve been doing Top 10’s for SMAC, and hope to one day do them for CPAC. Anyways, that’s enough about me, its time to introduce my topic in this post. That is the Tacos of CP. The Tacos are once again back, and ready to go. They are already off to a great start with hopes of another amazing generation. Do you think the Tacos can return to the glory that they experienced just a month ago? Read on to find out more.

Tacos Past

The Tacos have a long legacy of successful and failed generations. The most successful generation was the last one.

It was about mid March when the Tacos of CP started to heat up under the Leadership of TacoDaily. They were doing pretty good, getting 12-15+, hanging around the Top 5 in the SMAC Top 10. But then, one week after being 1st in SMAC for 2 weeks in a row, the Tacos started getting 17-20+ on CP in a number of events. CPAC quickly noticed the rise in the Tacos, so the Tacos made 10th in CPAC that week. After that, troops started to become inactive, so Taco shut down the Tacos of CP.

The Tacos with 20+ during a Training Session in March

The Tacos with 20+ during a Training Session in March.

Tacos Present

After a month of being shut down, the Tacos are finally back, and ready to return to glory. The Tacos have new Leaders, troops, and site administrators. The Leaders are Walid, Trent, Lights, and Jamman. And with the help of Taco and myself, we will all try to get Tacos back to where they were two months ago. They already had their first event back this week, maxing 12+, averaging 10+, and are ready to go to war with an army that maxes 9+ on CP. That army is the Lime Green Army. LGA has already posted invasions of the Tacos, and think this war will be a piece of cake. On the other hand, Tacos think they will easily beat LGA because of their great sizes and tactics at their first event back. The Taco’s plans for this new Generation are just starting, and it wont be easy. The Tacos will need a lot of hard work and recruiting around the army.

Tacos with a max of 10+ on CP.

Tacos with a max of 10+ on CP this Wednesday.

Now, I also had the time to interview Tacos Leader, Trent, and ask him some questions about Tacos future and the upcoming war with LGA.

Interview with Trent

Me= Purple

Trent= Orange

Hello Trent.

Hey Bad.

So, I heard Tacos were back , and did great at their first event back.

Yes, it was an amazing event if you ask me.

Ok so, I have a few questions to ask you about Tacos today.


First question, do you think Tacos will continue to have events like the first one if you guys can recruit and keep chat active?

Yes, but these last couple of days there was a problem with xat, and the chat has been reset accidentally. Ever since then, chat has been dead.

Do you think you can get it back up and running?

Yes we can!

Ok, I have some questions about the upcoming war with LGA.


Do you think this war will be an easy one for Tacos? Why or why not?

Yes, because LGA has been alive for a couple of months now. They have been heard of hardly, and their Leader, Greeny thinks they are better.

Last question, after this war do you think Tacos will be able to get in CPAC with sizes of 20+ like last March?

Yes, I believe we can.

Ok, thanks for the interview.

Np, Join Today!

Ok, that wraps it up for today. I hope you all enjoyed my first CPAC post! That’s all for now.

59 Responses

  1. Firsties! Nice post


  2. Awesome post badboy


  3. I hate to be one of those people but,

    biased. You posted about an army you in. Therefore, I can’t help but think that this is just an easy way to advertise.


  4. ^@ What Mchappy said. Also, since Tacos barely get 10, this isn’t really large army news. The post itself wasn’t bad, but the topic was.


  5. Well, Mchappy, I’m not really in them. Advisor isnt really a rank in an army considering that you are active and do events for them. That suggests that its not biased. And Zak, I know they are a bit small right now, but they will be big, and the only reason I posted about them is bcoz they were a large army two months ago, and soon to be again.


  6. Along with what McH said, saying that the last generation was the most successful is false.


  7. Not true. It was the most successful. The Tacos never made in that far in CPAC, nor got to 23+ on CP in any of their other Generations. Therefore, the last Generation was the most successful one.

    Good day.


  8. I did a topic about this on SMAC *wary* and Tacos are not even a large army yet.


  9. Well, I really don’t know if it was the MOST successful generation of tacos. Can someone provide me with NP3000’s generation of tacos site?


  10. It was, Taco. Plus joeymaster, it doesnt matter if you did this topic on SMAC, this is CPAC. And a lot of posts on CPAC are about medium armies coming back that were once a large army. And that’s just what I did.


  11. We want an introduction not your life story. Jokes ly


  12. Right so I’ve several issues with this.

    1. ^ @ Mchappy and Zak and others above. You posted about an army you are in (and yes, advisor counts).

    2. Rising army posts also are generally viewed as an advertisement, and should not be made when the army is a). Extremely small and barely ‘rising’ yet and b). When there is other news that needs coverage.

    3. Aruguing with every single viewer and staff member who criticizes you is absolutely unacceptable.


  13. Give badboy a chance he just joined cp armies he does not know a lot


  14. Where’d you get that nameplate?


  15. After all of his positive feedback from SMAC, it was such a perfect decision to bring him to CPAC. However, I do have a question: why isn’t he doing the Top Tens yet?


  16. Let’s play another game of finish the sentence!

    I’ll begin and everyone else continues…..

    Last night….


  17. I’m sorry but… why is Bad on here? His preformance on SMAC speaks miles for what kind of reporter he is. The fact he’s working for CPAC is shocking. Blue1 and Blue2, you guys know I respect both of you very much, but I think your judgement on this was wrong. You should seriously reconsider letting Bad work here, before he makes a disgrace of himself and the CPAC.


  18. There are armies not in the top ten getting twice this size… This would be the very definitely of Bias.


  19. The title and small parts in the post suggest that you expect that there is no doubt that Tacos will get massive, although they only average 10.
    Also, When you’re reporting about an army you’re in, you NEVER mention yourself. For example, this sounds biased:

    And with the help of Taco and myself, we will all try to get Tacos back to where they were two months ago

    In all, you don’t start saying that one army will “return to glory” immediately after it gets created, even if you’re in it and you want free attention for your army (which presumably was your intent in the first place). Next time you think an army will rise, wait for it to rise first before saying it rose.


  20. Give Badboy a break, it was a very good first post. Although, maybe just the wrong topic for the present time.


  21. Good post, but I somehow doubt the Tacos will last long. They’re in their, what, millionth generation now? It’ll be interesting, seeing how they fend in CP Armies.


  22. Bad,my good friend, nice post but it isn’t for CPAC. If you wanted to post about a rising army you should have posted about rising RPF,rising WV who entered the Top 5.Tacos are rising but to high-medium not to major.And the last generation of Tacos weren’t the most successful one. There were Riffy’s gens,Np’s gen in which Tacos hanged in the Top 5 and some other which were way more successful. Check this post to find out http://cparmycentral.com/2012/01/11/the-history-tacos/ I hope this helped you understand that when you write about something you 1st need to think what will you write!!!!


  23. I give them about a month before they die.


  24. I’ll give Tacos a month….


  25. I give Tacos a week because LGA invaded them yesterday and they didnt even show up.


  26. Holy crap. Look at all the postive and negative comments you can get in one day. I thank the people for the positive comments, and to the people with negative comments, some of you, I will take you words into consideration whenever I need to, to make my posts better. As for you Blue2, next post I make for CPAC I wont let you down. I promise to fix all that I need to to make CPAC satisfied. Plus Jake, I didnt just join CP armies. Ive been in it quite a long time, and mastier I never told you I was 11. LOL!


  27. I’ll give Tacos a week


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