Army Republic and Nacho Practice Battle: Resulting in Another Raid of Bots

FJORD — Even when xat’s servers were down, both armies logged onto the battle server with heaps of anticipation to outlast the other.  Unfortunately, the battle was over quick as one army proved to be far superior to the other.

Army Republic, placed third in the top ten, follow closely behind the Nachos.  The battle began at the town where the armies showed lack of sizes, getting about ten each.  Communication was not clear as they had only CP to give commands.  In the end, AR maxed ten while the Nachos maxed twenty-five.  Once again, bots were on the loose disrupting the battle.

These bots can be clearly seen doing the E+9 bomb.

Edd64 was not at the battle himself, but was able to post two pictures of the event:

Apperently there was people Posing as Puckley, troops leading, and our tactics were just off. I don’t want to say this, but I have to. Just because Puck, Ads, and I don’t make the event, doesn’t mean you guys can slack off. Keep working your hardest.

With the double whammy of soldiers giving out their own commands and xat being down, it was a very difficult battle to lead.  Nachos also claimed to max thirty in their post when their pictures only suffice to twenty-four.  Xat has been having issues for the past three days now; some haven’t been able to connect to the chatting servers for up to three or more hours.

Upon checking Army Republic’s site for a result post, I noticed that there was none.  I decided to set up a conversation with Fari, one of AR’s third in commands, and here is what she said, “Jay said not to post it because most of our troops didn’t come on”.

What do YOU think?  Will the bots continue to torment major armies?  Let us know in the comments below!

~Vice President, Mchappy

17 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:


  2. i got bored after the title


  3. In my opinion, 3 bots has never been a “raid”. How does 3 bots even affect an event?


    • They are the same bots who have been raiding other Nacho events. No mater what the size, anyone can mess up an event if they’re bombing because it’s then harder to get a perfect picture.


  4. I have trouble with xat as well.


  5. lol@qwerty.


  6. I’ve been checking up on Bot programs. As for the bots I am wondering if this is some lone troll with no life causing this all.


  7. Ever since RPF was re-created, bots have been appearing at our events. Mikey also talks smack about the Nachos and hates us. I wonder what’s going on here. Hmmmmmmmmmmm


  8. I’m pretty sure an RPF owner from 6+ years ago has little to no interest in attacking random armies with bots.


  9. It’s a matter of time ’till the PR returns once again.


  10. I was there. It was my first CP Army battle in 2 years, and I didn’t even know what bots were.


  11. Wow. The bots return. Watch, they’ll disappear in a couple of days, and will return a couple months later.


  12. Lol it’s just Mr Matt from acp. It’s just three bots. I’m pretty sure three bots aren’t going to raid an event.


  13. In the WW vs ST tourney battle near the end like 30 bots came up from somewhere and started saying some random crap?!

    oh and sorry Mchappy for insulting acp’s lines. :mrgreen:


  14. McH, I love your format. SO CONSISTENT ❤


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