Parting With Parka

BERG, Water Viking Territories — As the storied Rebel Penguin Federation begins to regain the hype it had in it’s heyday, they seek to show others what it means to be a legendary army.

Parting With Parka

While not at a state of war, the RPF declared their intention to cleanse the server of Parka from it’s co-owner, the Water Vikings.

Diplomatic intervention failed as WV diplomats attempted to convince the RPF to give up their mission of claiming total and undisputed control of Parka.

What resulted was a scrappy and desperate attempt to defend the server from a rising RPF army.


Hellbent on keeping the server, the WV leadership has repeatedly reminded their troops the importance of the server Parka. Water Viking aficionado Zak says in a post:

It was a cold but bright day, on January 5th, 2011. The Water Vikings were only created 8 days before. A younger me and a younger Jed Pen were leading the Water Vikings in battle for the first time. That event was the Invasion of Parka. At that event, we were able to hit 10. At our first event, and for 2 leaders new to leading armies, this was quite a feat. Parka would then become our capital, and our most used server throughout three generations of Water Vikings. It became one of our most indispensable servers as well.

Throughout the years, we’ve gained several troops off Parka. We built off Parka. Without Parka, who knows where WV would be? That server is our equivalent to the Nachos’ Blizzard, the ACP’s Mammoth, and the UMA’s Mittens. It was our birth server. Losing it would be devastating.

-Zak, former UMA, Nacho, and WV leader

Being their first server and base for quite a time, it was also an RPF stronghold before they lost power and faded away in 2009.

Desperate to defend this server, the WV met the RPF and fought a close battle. WV maxed 16 and averaged 13-14. RPF maxed 19 and averaged around 15-16.

A bot attack in the middle of the action halted the battle until it was moved to the server of Ice Box. This resulted in a drop in sizes for both armies.

Despite their best efforts, the WV were overrun and Parka was ceded to the RPF. In other news, the RPF has cleansed other former servers of theirs this past week, including former capitol Tuxedo, former LT capitol Ice Box, and part of the server Tundra (only the Lodge Attic and Pool were ceded by UMA.)

The Water Vikings vow to reclaim their server but currently have no war declaration out. However, rumors do hold the WV seeking a war with RPF.



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  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:


  2. Second, booyah! :mrgreen:


  3. “What resulted was a scrappy and desperate attempt to defend the server from a rising RPF army.”
    I wouldn’t exactly describe it like that, that’s a bit of an exaggeration.


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