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 Greetings, Friends.

Well, where do I begin? I am usually a reserved person, one who prefers to drift away from any center of attention and observe situations from a distance; a corner I considered security. For many years, I never, ever imagined myself ever getting onto the coveted website of a great online community, CPAC. But I did look to it constantly, and I felt I’d be better off that way. But over times, things have changed, and I’ve felt compelled to share what I know, what I’ve learned, what I feel, and what I feel should be said.

I’m SirProditor, also known as Xgthrecgtejm, and I have been invited, kindly, by my old acquaintance, Bluesockwa1, to begin a new career and journey, here at the heart of CP Warfare. I felt some uneasiness and uncertainty about what it could bring, but with hope towards the future, I quickly accepted his invitation, and here I stand now, introducing myself as CPAC’s newest philosopher (and perhaps a backup reporter too). Today, my career in CPAC has begun!

And I thought it was fitting to have my first post ever be tied to the birth of CP warfare itself, seeing as I intend to gradually work through a series of reviewing and analyzing major events, outcomes, trends, events, leaderships that have altered the history of this community for better or for worse. It is my intention that in the long run, what I have to say here during my tenure with CPAC benefits this game network to some extent. And the first one that was at the top of my head first was one major party created in the long-ago times of 2006. Remembered or not, its legacy marched on.

Here now, this logo, somewhat seemingly insignificant or ordinary at first glance, represents what was a revolution that would help create something massive and very much a new game of its own, something not yet seen before in the emerging online game of Club Penguin. Did CP’s staff know what it would lead to?

What was the name of this party? None other than Sports Day 2006! It lasted for eleven days, from August 11 through August 21. The party is described by the Club Penguin Wikia here – http://clubpenguin.wikia.com/wiki/Sports_Day_2006. Their description of the Sports Day goes as such:

The Sports Day 2006 was a party based on sports and athletic events in Club Penguin, that took place during the summer of 2006. Despite not having any music or other elements that modern parties would have, it was very popular thanks to the refurbishment of the Ice Rink. It is said that the games represent the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics.

The 2006 Turin Winter Olympics may very well have convinced Billybob and his staff to put the winter sports-themed party into action.

The remade Ice Rink was the focus of the party, and free, cool new items at the time included the red and blue face masks along with ice skates. There was no music included, but it immediately became a hit to the growing population of players. And the theme of it was simple: Sports and Competition. The two teams featured and promoted in the party were none other then Blue and Red. It sounded simplistic enough, yet it was a neat thing for players to join in. From hockey matches, color rallies, chants, and more, the beginning of organized competition in CP had begun. The familiar, team-based snowball fights had become very much the norm, now in August 2006. Of course, smaller snowball fights happened since CP was made in October 2005, limited mostly to infrequent and isolated occurences in the snow forts. Here, our CPAC history page describes more:

Snowball fights have been occurring on Club Penguin ever since Club Penguin was created in 2005. However, it wasn’t until around the middle of 2006 that Club Penguin Armies made their first appearance. The very first armies were based off the colors, such as red, blue, black, pink, green, orange, yellow, brown, etc. The Color War armies were unorganized armies since they had no central location to receive information like on a website or forum. They would simply log onto Club Penguin and battle each other in the Dojo. These series of battles fought in the Dojo by these armies are recognized today as World War I.

Sparked by the Sports Day Party itself, color armies were born. They came in all colors and sizes, but obviously, Red And Blue were the dominant and mighty armies to arise from Sports Day. Battle scenes like these were very much the common sight to see in whatever sever one logged onto during the time:

Not a huge fight can be witnessed in this long-ago photo, yet a deeper look into it reveals the name of someone whose name would later be forever ingrained into CP Warfare as a legend; a current soldier of Team Blue and future creator of Army of Club penguin; Oagalthorp. The color wars, eventually known as our community’s World War I, created the very first leaders, centralized commands, and future legends that would soon reshape the course of CP’s history:

 The Red Army is recognized as being the biggest army in the Color Wars since they were able to organize themselves around a centralized leader named Korn. The Red Army was able to rise to the top and win many battles, but eventually the Red army leader was overthrown and began to slowly decline along with the other Color War armies.

For time being, the leader and dominant figure of the era who had gained respect, attention, and power was Korn, the Red general who dominated much of the war against his Blue rivals. For reasons unknown, he’d eventually lose power over his mighty force and be removed from power, but he’d resurface in the future with a new legacy as Elitesof. But that story is for another day. Oagalthorp’s own take on the war suggests the Blues ultimately prevailed in the final days of it, as the Reds command had fallen apart.

The heights of the color era was not to last. The Sports Day of 2006 ended after those eleven days, and no major event in CP would re-introduce the blue-red competition for a long time afterwards. The Turin Olympics in real life were finally over, and the color spirit finally began to dwindle down. Red And Blue gradually diminished, until only small, ragtag of the once huge forces remained. But the networks and leadership mindsets created and inspired from the war had not, and as the sun set on one period of the early history of Club penguin Warfare, another was rapidly rising over the horizons, with Miniclip’s CP forums having been discovered by many of the war’s contestants.

I sought to start my time here in CPAC with a tribute and review of the somewhat forggoten, but still famous, Color Wars. Thank you for your time here this evening reading my first post; I’ll take whatever advice or criticism with eagerness and an open mind for the future. So long for now!


25 Responses

  1. nice


  2. I like how you included the party connected to the Olympics.


  3. Some advice since I have images in my post usually. Make the width about 468. Height should be adjusted as well to avoid distortion. Also pictures should be centered if smaller then the number I stated above. As an introduction post it is very good, short and sweet and I do expect more great history and philosophy posts from you mate.


  4. This brought back some memories.

    I really think we should do a reenactment of the color wars, splitting up armies in the major colors and setting them loose on each other. It’d be so much fun.


  5. Just make the pictures fit and then it’s perfect! Great post!


  6. Omg, for a first post, that was awesome! I liked the way you showed how the party linked to the colour wars, hence creating armies. You showed a lot of information, in an interesting way, without making it boring lol. It’s very well written, clear, and easy to understand, and most of this information, I never knew of, so I guess you learn something new everyday! You could have added more pictures if possible. But, still, keep up the great work!


  7. Nice post. Only thing that’s somewhat bad is the pictures going off the page.


  8. You should really use tinypic .com for making your images smaller. Or to make it an official size you will need to go to further measuring.


  9. Interesting topic, I think these colour wars could hold the key to our survival as a community.


  10. I think we should schedule a reenactment of the color/colour wars this summer. It will be something new, and different.


  11. It was a nice post, but it was more of a history lesson than philosophy.


  12. Great post, Prod. It shall be the first of many quality pieces of work to be made by you.


  13. Not a huge fight can be witnessed in this long-ago photo, yet a deeper look into it reveals the name of someone whose name would later be forever ingrained into CP Warfare as a legend; a current soldier of Team Blue and future creator of Army of Club penguin; BADGER22


  14. I agree with change a reenactment of color wars in the summer and throw snowballs at each other that would be nice thing


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