Editorial: What Would it be like Without Small Armies?

Small armies are generally described as armies of which have a size maximum of less than 10, or an army that is not on CPAC. So what would it be like without them? Some may say that small armies are a nuisance and should be ridded of, and other’s say that they are vital to CP Armies survival.

So are they important, or not?

Back in 2008, an order was created known as “Order 67,” a spoof of the Star Wars “Order 66,” an order meant to destroy all small armies. The five main armies who supported this where known as ANTA, and ANTA consisted of the top five biggest armies at the time- the ACP, RPF, UMA, Nachos, and IW. Their reasoning was as follows:

1. Most of you [small army soldiers] have not tried to make a good commitment to the ANTA or the bigger armies.

2. You are stealing ANTA assigned servers w/o officially declaring war and making a scheduled battle.

3. Smaller armies are starting to think they are better and are mocking it and then they get their butts kicked later. Most of you want war, so we’re going to give you a war.

A comment made by Boomer 20 at the time.

A comment made by Boomer 20 at the time.

The original post on ACP website can be viewed here.

The resistance comprised of mainly every other small army, who mostly chose to fight back. Obviously, Order 67 did not follow through (closing a week later) and small armies still remain. But the question still lingers, what would have happened if the ANTA had won? Was ANTA right, are small armies a nuisance?

First let us imagine what it would be like without smaller armies. First off, SMAC and other small army news websites would not exist. They would either have to change their name and focus, or close up shop. Next, there would be more active soldiers in major armies- thus increasing army sizes. Armies would begin to go back to averaging sizes of 45 or 50.

The Pirates also tried to re-deploy Order 67 under the rule of Waterkid in late 2012.

Warning: Personal Opinion Below

Personally, I believe that we should keep small armies in our community. Although it would allow larger armies and more active soldiers, not all armies are consistent. I believe it limits personal expression, and that we have the freedom to create an army as we please. List your opinion in the comments.

So what do you think? Answer the poll below and comment your opinion!

(P.S. Doubles as my Re-Appliance post)

-Cpt Awesome3

29 Responses

  1. First, nubs. 😀


  2. fgt noobs wouldn’t pc me and be leik “jon mi armi”


  3. Interesting post.


  4. Several prominent armies today wouldn’t exist.


  5. i personally feel like small armies are better at teaching people how armies work. big armies have a bunch of troops that the leaders dont always pay attention to the newer people. ive talked to people before who were hesitant on joining an army because they were ignored in a bigger army. so pretty much im saying that its a good place to start.


  6. I find it odd that we classify armies as “big” or “small.” Why are we classifying armies? The size of any given army fluctuates consistently. An army that was “big” one day is “small” the next day.


  7. RPF was not in support of this, I personally fought to stop this and eventually it was ended.


  8. I like joining small armies that are active and when the leader listens to everyone. Small armies are really good at making tight families that help each other. Small armies have taught me alot about people in CP Armies.


  9. I thought small armies = maxed 10 and medium = maxed 15-20.


  10. I think it’s a good idea small-medium armies are here. Although I don’t really like them (personal opinion), I do believe that everything has a good AND bad side.

    While small-armies can be annoying, troop stealing, jumbled up and confusing, at the same time it helps people understand how to get used to armies as a starter, they make good allies for larger armies and they help prepare army noobs for big army conditions.

    I’m personally not a fan of ANTA ’cause destroying every small-medium army is kinda harsh. Small armies may cause less troops for large armies, but they give warfare more allies.


  11. Good post. Nice background information, and it was pretty interesting all around. Indeed, I want small armies in existence, with freedom to rise and grow, one day eventually joining the legion of the larger armies. They are our future. And also, as i remember, Order 67 was never to actually kill small armies; rather, to jolt them into modernizing themselves.


  12. Small armies are the birth ground of armies. Without them, the Top 10 would have the same 10 armies EVERY week. Where is the fun in that?


  13. If there were no small armies, major armies would be bigger.


  14. Wow. Order 67 was pretty evil if you ask me. xD


  15. Small armies build character. You do not learn anything from joining a large army for leader and having the work done for you. You learn by building your army (or rebuilding in some cases) from the bottom up. Anyone can be placed into a leader position in a large army and be successful, but it takes a true leader to bring an army from near death. Without small armies, many successful people in armies would’ve never made it, and many, MANY armies wouldn’t even have been heard of (especially the big armies today).

    Armies are evolving just like society. Everyone wants to flock to the newest, the biggest, the fanciest army, the newest recreation. In a way this is bad, because the amount of people in small armies is decreasing while the big armies get bigger and greedier.

    Half of you so called “legends” in your armies wouldn’t last a day leading a small army and bringing it to the top.


  16. It would be terrible because if not them, the CPAC Top Ten would be including the same armies, no shocking rises by Medium armies, and it would be really boring without them.


  17. There’s an inaccuracy in your post. Initially, you refer to this small army order as Order 68, then later refer to it as Order 67. Make your mind up.


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