Tap Vs. Card Jitsu Party 2013

card jitsu party 2013Now that the thrill of graduation is over, it is time for me to get back to work before this party ends. Card Jitsu Party 2013 has not replaced but merely switched places with the Medieval party 2013. From what has been leaked on the internet is that the Medieval party will be going on in November this year. With that said, I am not too annoyed. What we do have is a massive change in the mountain region of Club Penguin. Ninja Hideout is gone, it has merged into the Dojo.

dojo courtyard

Top is the old Courtyard, bottom is the new. Notice how the guys that work on the art are putting more detail into the new locations and new designs?


New Dojo on top, Old Dojo on Bottom. Note that we can no longer fight in the Dojo thanks to the graphical update. I will point out again it looks like it the guys Walt Disney Online Studios Canada (formerly New Horizons) decided to add more color, which is something I like.

One thing I enjoy about this party is the aesthetics. It looks beautiful, for fighting you can go to the berg, forts, plaza or underground. The party itself has done some recycling from the previous Card Jitsu party, and some rooms were completely redesigned because of a previous redesign. The ski hill and Ski Village were two major rooms that have new designs for the party. Previously they were unchanged in 2011, but now they are frozen over with a cream/white tinge. Now why are we having this party?  Because after a year and a half of waiting, we finally have Card Jitsu Snow.

This game is different for the fact that we have abandoned the idea of competition and have to work together choosing a class of Ninja.

  • We have the Water Ninja, High attack, low mobility and low range. These guys are the tanks on the playing field and focus on very high attack power. They also have the most health and can take the most beating. Their power card is summoning a bunch of mullets onto the snowmen and when they use their power card in combo with another ninja, then all ninjas in the power card radius get an attack bonus.
  • The Fire Ninja is a medium fighter. Not as strong as the Water Ninja and not as agile as the Snow Ninja. The fire ninja’s power card summons fire down from the heavens and burns the snowmen. In my opinion it should do more damage to them because fire melts snow but it doesn’t. They also stun all snowmen in their Power Card radius for one turn. When they have a combo with another ninja all snowmen in their radius also get burned and take damage for a couple turns. Apparently they didn’t listen to Blaine and have a burn heal.

  • Snow Ninjas are the last of the three and personally are my favorites. They are agile and have massive range and are the only ninja’s that can heal other players. That said they are best played in the rear where they can reach enemies and teammates. They have very poor attack power and cannot heal themselves. Another thing is that they have the least amount of health. Their Power card’s main effect is do some damage to enemies, no where as much as the other two, and give all players in the radius a full heal. When in combination with another ninja, they also grant a shield to all players in the area of effect that prevents them from taking damage for one turn.

This game has many unlockable items and movies making it the most rewarding Card Jitsu Game to date with 24 items. The ice ninja items at first, then if you continue playing you can get the Black Ice Items, which are a headband, armor, training plates, sandals and ice bracers. You also get, if you are persistent enough, the weapons in the game. I do think that if they fix the lag issues that I encounter when trying to play the game, I will play this the most.

Now I bet many of you reading this are wondering what items are unique to this party only? Surprisingly very few. For members who were at the 2011 card Jitsu party, you have the snow headband and snow training plates. Returning from 2011 are the fire and water training plates and the respective headbands. We also have many snow related items being sold by Sensei to pay the rent. Many things are open for all players and will continue to be open to them after this party is over. As of May 9th, Card Jitsu has become fully open to all players, and that means I know what I will do in my spare time. Gotta get my suits so I can be able to stalk my bosses and lay traps for them. One final question, why does no one use the Ninja Suit anymore?

RPF recruiting while I got pictures for this post.

16 Responses

  1. The new dojo updates didn’t run anything in fact. The dojo was already ruined back in November 2008, and now they just changed it to something better looking. Before the party, we neveractually used the dojo, in fact the ice berg has become the new fighting ground. To finish it off, I am happy that they graphically updated the dojo. It was already practically a slump with the place mats, now it looks more realistic to a real dojo.


    • some armies did use the dojo as a place of war. Now it is impossible to fight and how can it be a real dojo? Sensei already has a ton of debt and now he has to pay for water and fire damage.


      • Armies could make a flipped L shape in a corner and if some soldiers don’t fit in the flipped L they could make a ‘bump’ going around the door to the Fire/Water/Snow Dojo and make as much as they can of another flipped L.


  2. “Apparently they didn’t listen to Blaine and have Burn Heal.”



  3. We should stop playing Club Penguin and transition to Webkinz or Barbie Online Armies.


  4. that idea sucks beyond suckness.


  5. The title seems misleading. I thought this post would be against the party but seems very much for it.


  6. I hate the parties on Club Penguin lately imo, thanks Disney for ruining all the fun 😮


  7. Seeing the dojo change is a real knife in the heart knowing that it use to be so awesome back in 2008.


  8. I like these posts, and hope they continue.


  9. RIP Dojo


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