I’m Right, He’s Wrong: An Observation on the Rules

Hello CPAC,

This is Weatherboy1 once again back with CPAC to bring you content on the amazing world of philosophy. I’ll skip the introduction and let you the reader construct my own introduction based on the stories I tell you, but today I’ll discuss a massive issue in CP armies today, the issues of rules and battle conduct. It’s been a surprisingly underplayed issue which is bound to tear us apart our fragile system we have today.

When I first joined ACP on February 13th 2011, we had a far different system of deciding the victor, and arguable more accurate system of deciding a victor. This system was the “5 room system”. This meant you had to capture 5 rooms in order to declare yourself the owner of that server. It works a lot like the “supremacy” system we have today where you have to have superior size and or tactics (I’ll get to that in a moment).But in April of that year the Club penguin League of Nations meet up.

For those who don’t know of the League of nations, Let me teach a quick history lesson. In March of 2011, there was a massive controversial decision made by the big 3 at the time (ACP,IW,Nachos). They were going to start cleansing of their servers from the small and medium army communities, which was strikingly similar to Order 67 but was actually going to happen, which started up a massive protest from the Small and Medium communities. This Order was named “Operation Sour” and was eventually shut down before it could be enacted. Somehow, I can’t excatly remember how this came to be, but it was eventually agreed that this council would be formed. For a more detailed scope of Operation Sour, please refer to the League of Nation’s site: http://cpleagueofnations.wordpress.com/2011/04/11/eminence-of-the-bitter/

Regardless, in May they met up and got rid of the 5 room system and reinvent the system to allow more flexibility in the battle system you can also read the full deceleration here: http://cpleagueofnations.wordpress.com/2011/05/19/meeting-results-05-19-11/. Now I believe this was the beginning formation for the mess of the mess of rules we have now. This was the last agreed rule statement that was passed and agreed on by a majority.

Now that you finally understand the background on the rules and the rise of League of Nations, I can finally confidently go on with this post. The issue today we face is a stage of utter chaos in our rule system. As a challenge to you, the reader. I want you to name 1 rule besides the 24 hour rule, that is nearly universally agreed upon. 

If you can’t, that’s is beyond fine. It should be expected, but not welcomed. You see today we have so much lying, manipulation, and straight out denial of some of the “rules”. You see, now it’s been over 2 years since the last major rule conference, every single day I see  every single army manipulating their rules to favor them. This has been done with so many armies. Nachos, HSA, ACP, Pirates, and countless others have created their own rules or said “You can’t do X!”. Such rules as allies, timings, trying to hide invasions, and so many other disgusting acts.

This will eventually just destroy our ultra fragile system that we have in place. This “Mob rule” system is not going to hold for the next few years seeing as we’re seeing more and more manipulation and slight changes in the “rules”. Eventually I think armies will get to a point of where no one will agree on what the rules are. Heck, even I don’t know what they are universally

In the perfect world…

We would have a form of the council, but different, I’ll discuss my ideals behind my theory another time (I assure I will not personally recreate the council or attempt!). This is an issue we have to solve eventually or else our battle system could be destroyed.

Next time, I will tell you about the Order and Chaos theory I have. But I’ll save that for next time!


17 Responses

  1. I hope to enlighten you to my ideals. I hope to give you an intelligent conversations!


  2. Sorry for posting over you.


  3. Dude, you use too much vocabulary xD
    But yeah, good post.


  4. If the other army doesn’t show up within ten minutes of the event, then they automatically lose.
    I feel like this rule is universally agreed upon. I also agree with you extremely! We honestly have no order right now, and we need to fix that.


  5. I agree with you!


  6. I wish there was council.


  7. Just an ACP noob who’s mad because ACP isn’t first.


    • Sir, I was a part of Black alliance… You know the alliance that intended to wage war with ACP, yeah that.


  8. In my opinion, extra rules that are added can be added ONLY if both armies agree. One army can not simply say that the other cannot bring allies, that is just stupid. The basic rules are:
    X No Bots
    X No Multi-Logging
    X If an army does not show they lose (5-10 minutes).
    X 24 Hour notice must be provided and EASILY VISIBLE.
    X The biggest army wins unless they have the crappiest tactics ever.
    X If neither army logs off, they have to wait for an hour and then there is a clear winner.
    X If there is no clear winner of an hour they can either logoff or debate the crap out of eachother.


  9. The 24 hour rule doesn’t apply to me because of the fact I banished it 😛


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