Bots Disrupt Nachos Event

EDIT: The bots are now banned. Hooray!

NOTE: The same bots attacked a battle between CPND and DC a few minutes later.

NOTE 2: The programme used to make the bots is Follow Bot, which returned on Saturday.

AURORA – Bots, created by an unknown player, attack the Nachos at a recruiting event, vastly outnumbering them! Press read more to discover what happened.

The Nachos had scheduled a UK training event on the server Alpine. After several server changes, the event began on Aurora. As the Nachos began tactics, some bots attacked them. These bots kept returning in the event, each time with bigger sizes. No one knows who these bots were. They claimed that ACP had sent them several times. Is this true, has ACP broken their treaty with Nachos?

Nachos, who have just finished their war with HSA, have started to have recruiting and training events. They had scheduled a recruiting event for the server Alpine, but changed the server minutes before the event began due to Alpine being full. Once they had logged on to Aurora, and gathered in the town, they began to start their tactics. No one could have suspected that they would be attacked by bots. Soon after the event began, six clones appeared at the event, slightly smaller than the Nachos. They then broke through Nachos chat bar line and disrupted their tactics. They claimed to have been sent by ACP, but if this is true ACP would have to give up all their servers, as stated by their treaty.

The bots claim to have been sent by ACP.

However, on several other occasions, they claimed that they were controlled by other people. In an effort to get rid of the bots, Nacho leaders prepared to change rooms so the bots could not find them. However, moments before they did this, the bots left. This could mean that the bots were controlled by a Nacho on chat. Why would a Nacho disrupt their own event? They claimed that Ads, a Nacho leader was the one who controlled them. They also later claimed that Shadow, a former leader controlled them. As unlikely as this seems, it could be a possibility. In an interview with Ads, he said it is funny how they claimed this, because why would he ruin his own event? The bots left several times, tricking the Nachos into thinking they had left for good. But then returned with larger sizes.

The bots claim they are controlled by a former Nacho leader

When asked if he believed the bots were ACP, Ads said they probably weren’t, but it was suspicious how they kept spamming ACP. Also, Ads said that they will most likely return, but hopefully not. If bots attacking Nachos became a regular thing, it could have a big effect on the army’s events. So Ads said he will try to ignore them, and maybe have a little fun by battling them. That would be interesting, Nachos vs Bots with unlimited penguins.

The bots tell players to not join Nachos

In conclusion, the bots are likely to attack Nachos again, which would not damage the army, but could stop them from recruiting in-game. This recruiting event was pointless, as everything Nachos said was covered by what the bot’s said. In my opinion, these bots are just a rogue soldier, and not ACP. I think that a Nacho controls them, as he/she did the same tactics as Nachos seconds before they did and also they left moments before Nachos were going to change rooms. This is probably because they were on Nacho chat, therefore they were probably a Nacho themselves. I also think that the bots WILL return, but Nachos will stop them. Of course, if you see any bots, report them straight away.

What do YOU think about this? Who are these mysterious bots and why are they attacking Nachos? Tell us in the comments below!

~Pjgpjg, CPAC reporter

26 Responses

  1. First! Thanks to Blue2 for helping me


  2. Nice post, really highlights what the main stats are.


  3. Omg, out of all the events I miss, I had to miss THIS one…. Grrrrrr


  4. Great post, but have a section for the interview at the bottom so people really pay attention to it and understand what it means. Good job overall!


  5. Well I can tell you now that they have no association with ACP.


  6. We had some bots in an acp event that kept spamming the Town. We had to move to the Iceberg.


  7. toti must think he’s a real haxor now


  8. Hello I am main leader of DC (Dark Champions), Snowskitter. We were at an event with CPND (Night Divers) but soon bots appeared saying Tot is our leader and whatever. We accused Night Divers for getting bots. However, the bots didn’t only come to our event. They came to a nacho event saying ACP sent us. That is odd because in DC vs CPND event they said Tot is our leader and in nacho event, they said acp sent us. Both armies are innocent.
    It must be a normal player who wants to trick cp warfare. Look out! They might return even though they are banned


  9. I have 100% authentic evidence of who the culprit is, they aren’t very creative. Hit me up on RPF chat


  10. In the bottom pic, I saw the names Stripez13, Stripez14, Stripez15, Stripez16, and Stripez17 underneath some of the bots.


  11. Hello how did you think of my bots nice eh? well i will show you our real identity!
    I have figured the ways of the Walrus and the Bird.Our strength can ban your army we only need some usernames to test it.Challenge us the republic which isn’t purple.i have been to nachos but i am not a leader of nachos i have no rank in any army at the moment…


  12. RPF was attacked by bots too but the names were like Avarice. I don’t know if these were linked or not. The amount of cheating, lying, and sabotage is disappointing and disgraceful.


  13. Who ever voted for Nachos who made the bots, why the hell would they make a bot say “Don’t join Nachos”


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