CPAC Weekly

With CPACs social media growing we decided to start our Youtube account back up, starting with a weekly overview video of the week. Please read on..

Before you watch this, please remember this is the first edition and the future videos will be a lot longer and better. This is not the only youtube feature CPAC will be running as we will be including more things in the following weeks. For some reason there is a sound bug halfway through but we’ll fix that Im future videos. Anyway, onto the video:

~Bepboy9.CPAC Associate Producer~

16 Responses

  1. First.


  2. Nice, Bep!


  3. FIRST


  4. Add some music next time.


  5. you should voice over as wrll as typing


  6. There should be a ‘Ask You’ part, where you select a special group of people so that, every episode, they voice their opinion. Great piliot!


  7. That supposed ‘image of Blue1’ was totally fake.


  8. ^ That was so funny


  9. MUSIC
    I can’t watch a penguin standing there for 3 minutes.


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