CPAC Special Report: Djgtjvgyhxgy – A Farce All Along?

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – The long-running tale of the great Explorer7777, creator of the Romans, who is said to have returned as Djgtjvgyhxgy to lead the once glorious army back to victory has finally been brought to a close, as new evidence comes to light regarding what really happened to the creator of the Romans.

DISCLAIMER: This is my attempt to prove facts that I believe to be true by compiling the most complete history of the Romans to date. I do not by any means know that all is correct, or that this is a complete history, but based on my research I present everything to you in good faith of its accuracy. 

First, a brief history of the original Romans Army, as retold in June 2010 by Boomer 20. A note that, because the Romans army is so old, few records exist and most if not all history is at best incomplete.

The history of the Romans dates back about as far as the roman helmet has been on Club Penguin.  They began as a clan, simply a group of rogue penguins wreaking havoc on the server of Mammoth.  Stories tell of an early war between the Romans and two other strong clans, the Vikings and the Agents.  The Romans were the strongest of the three and their influence was widespread, however they lacked basic organization and did not have any single leader.  It wasn’t until a penguin named Explorer7777 founded the first organized group of Romans on the Miniclip Forums in the fall of 2006 that the clan could be recognized as an army.  Unfortunately (possibly due to a moderator named RFS, who shut down ACP’s original thread), all of the old Club Penguin threads on the Miniclip Forums were deleted, so no records of these early threads exist.  After this occurred, armies were forced to move to the new Club Penguin Miniclip Forums, which eventually banned army activity anyway.

Building on their success on Club Penguin with their new-found leadership and center on the Forums, the Romans grew fast, soon overtaking another army founded around the same in size, the Army of Club Penguin.  The Romans, feeling threatened by ACP’s growing size, declared war.

“Within a few days, he [Explorer] had assembled an army that outnumbered us 4:3. The power got to his head, and he threatened the ACP, saying he’d ‘grind us into dust’ if we did not surrender.”

~Taken from The ACP Saga

On October 13, 2006, the Romans met the ACP for battle, marking the beginning of WWII.  After three hours of fighting, ACP defeated the Romans in The Battle of the Igloo, a video of which can be seen below.  Famous ACP legends like Oagalthorp, Koolaidman7, David Shawn, and Gorond can be seen in the clip.

WWII continued into December of 2006.  During this war, more modern tactics were developed, as Oagalthorp, Leader of ACP, broke the trend of stationary warfare in order to more effectively attack the often larger Roman army.  Hit and run tactics were employed, as ACP moved from room to room to recruit, regroup, and strike again, as well as using the first instances of organized charges.  The Romans were defeated, their organization began to fall apart.  Many clans still existed with some strength on Club Penguin however.  They can be seen here [Pic 1] [Pic 2] in a battle with CPR, CPAF, and UMA dating back to March 11, 2007.  In Pic 2, you can see Angel G8i, a future leader of UMA, as well as ALI, the beta, in Roman uniform.  Despite their presence on Club Penguin, they lacked a solid central leadership.

-Boomer 20, CPAC Historian, June 2010

After some six months of disorganization, the first known Romans site was created by a soldier called Djgtjvgyhxgy (it can still be seen here, and here Dj himself can be seen with the Romans in January 2008) . His own bio, taken from the site, is seen below.

hi im dj ( djgtjvgyhxgy ) im the leader of the romans and heres my story i started clubpenguin about 3 months after being made back then i was just a regular penguin then came world war 2 i joined the romans and worked my way back to the top when it ended the romans dissappeared me and another roman made the army again then he wanted full contral and attacked me after that if was in the uma for a week then i joined the romans again then a month later the leader quit and i became leader 2 months later i made this site and well here we are

-Djgtjvgyhxgy, Romans Leader, June 11, 2007

So, the supposed creator of the Romans, upon his return and the creation of the army’s first WordPress site, doesn’t even bother to mention that he actually made the army? Dj also says that the Romans were led by several others and died several times during his career, and also makes no mention of ever having previously led the army.

Through the remained of 2007, the site remained the headquarters of the Romans army, with others soon joining on with Dj. A history taken from an old army blog, maintained by Reallyred53 in late November 2007, makes a passing reference to the Romans in a news update about PRA (People’s Republic Army).

The leader of the Roman Army is going to try to help the Spartans take Australia.  The PRA were told to surrender their land, and were also told that if they tried to fight, they would lose.  I think that the Roman Leader thinks his army is big because a lot of people wear the Roman Helmet, but just because you wear it, doesn’t mean that you are part of that army!  I was just very recently informed that the Romans weren’t a gang, and that they were an army, so they must be a pretty new establishment.  That means that right now they are biting off more than they can chew!  And the Spartans only have around 5,000 hits!  That means that they probably have no soldiers!  Someone is getting a little big in the head!

Reallyred53, Blogger, November 13, 2007

In the following days, a few more references to this Romans/Spartans collaboration are made. Looking to the site of the Spartans of CP, Dj’s bio further suggests that he is not, as he had claimed, Explorer7777.

Hi I’m Djgtjvgyhxgy or Dj, your leader, along with Blaze. I am an Army Legend and a WWI veteran. I’m the founder of the 4th and 6th generation Spartans. Im also the founder of the 2nd generation Romans, which after two years, got hacked and on October 20th, 2009, was shut down. But it was because of this I was able to found the 6th generation of Spartans. However, we died, then me and Blaze brought us back, as the 7th generation(lol). I have a very short temper, Im like an atom bomb waiting to explode. So I can be your best friend, or I can blow you… up. Im normally on the Rpf chat, if you want to talk with me.

-Djgtjvgyhxgy, Spartans Leader, February 2010

Once again Dj does not reference himself as the creator, rather, this time, a bit more definite of a role: Creator of the Second Generation of the Romans, and a soldier from very early on in their history.

Eventually, going forward further in time to April-May 2008, we find that the Romans and Spartans eventually combine onto the same site, and that the army was undergoing a time of poor sizes and disorganization. As the Romans try to rebuild, we see some of their first written histories and records pop up. One is titled “Tundra Romans: the Forgotten Romans”, and gives a history of how the army returned from its dark ages.

PART 1 KRA[:] Wanna know how the Romans returned? I’ll tell you about one group of Romans that was forgotten. Around the time of March two unknown penguins created the KRA. N0 clue what that means eh? Well it stood for Klondike Roman Army. This marked the first sign of the Roman return. Quite unknown eh? When one of the unknown penguins found out the news by acting like a normal penguin saying “The Romans are back!” In Klondike there was a retired UMA troop. This would reveal to the KRA that they had other armies. This sent them to make a full attack on the server Mammoth. After serval of failed attacks and ambushes the KRA failed. After their failure the Romans had  no where to go but Tundra. Your still thinking that this Roman group was small eh? Actually… I grew. We returned to Mammoth and recruited. The UMA attacked us but they failed. We were strong.

PART 2 A Division

As the Romans grew bigger, but soon traitors would come. The Romans were divided into two Roman Groups, Mammoth Romans and Tundra Romans. This divsion would seprate Communist from Monarchy. What do you think the Tundra Romans were eh? The were actually the Communists also known as Dictatorship. The Monarches were lead by Snup Man and Icysky67. This marked the sign of the Roman Revoultion. Battled over land and leadership. Nickpooch known as the Biggest Roman Traitor. He captured the queen many times and fought against the Romans who hated him. As soon as the war was a climax (Almost ending) the leader of the Tundra Romans quit. Nickpooch couldn’t run the Romans so the original had ended.

Lets get some extra facts here:

1. Dj current leader was a Tundra Roman Lord

2. It was Nickpooch’s idea to have Lords.

3. The Tundra Roman quit in early May.

4. Nickpooch quit the Romans shortly after

PART 3 Tundra Romans Return as democracy

On June 15, 2007 the Romans had returned. But in an odd way. The land was already ruled by the Vikings. Nickpooch returned to the Tundra Romans and had fought against them. He had recruited many Romans and had over 20 Romans by the end of the day. We stayed at base and attacked the enimies. We had guards every  where. We had three leaders, Nickpooch; kater Mon; and Mew Meow. The remaining Vikings joined the Romans. This had brought a newer form of a “Roman Colony”


PART 4  A Failed Colony

It was a few days later when one of the leaders Skater Mon took his troops to Mammoth to help Icysky. This had ended the Tundra Romans.

PART 5 Pooch Fights Back

After the Tundra Romans were taken away…. Nickpooch made several of attacks. Towards the end of July this marked the day when Nickpooch made Icysky67 surrender. This ended the Monarch Romans also known as the Mammoth Romans.

PART 6 Dj officially rules the Romans

After Nickpooch ended the Mammoth Romans. Now Dj was in total charge. Morsels in Fact was a loyal respected Monarch Roman when Icy and Dj shared power. An odd but interesting fact was uncovered…. Klondike is an forgotten Roman Base.

-Tundra Romans: the Forgotten Romans, 2008, Romans Army Site

As we are seeing, a common theme: histories reference other people as having been in control of the army BEFORE Dj, an impossible feat if he was truly the creator.

Continuing through 2008, we see a growing lack of events and chaos in the army. In the space of about a week, the Romans are “recreated” several times, mostly by Dj. This is also the time when the current site ( is created, along with plans to move the army to there. Chaos finally takes over, with completely irrelevant posts and advertised armies. The site falls inactive for more than a year. It was some time before Dj finally linked another site, found here, as the location of the ‘Official’ Romans (this was actually simply with a domain, but I am treating it as different because it has an archive of posts not currently found on the Romans’ site). A history found on this site speaks of the early days of the army.

…around mid 2006, the roman helmet came out, sparking massive wars and nearly the entire domination of clubpenguin by multiple, massive armies of romans. They were in a 3 way war, romans vs vikings vs agents. Agents, as usual, were getting in the way trying to stop wars, vikings wanted to keep there servers and, as we all know, romans were trying to take over clubpenguin. The romans were basically ” owning there asses”. When all hope seemed loss for all the vikings and agents, the romans fell. This was for a mix of reasons. One, the roman helmet was tooken out of the catolog ( possibly the mods noticed a lot of complaints about the romans, and got rid of the helmet. ) and two, basically all armies banded together, starting ww2 and taking out mainly every roman army. Around december 2006, the last romans dissappeared, leaving there mark in history, causing fear in anyone who was around back then heart when someone went around with a roman helmet or even hearing the word, the roman army. Romans were truely one of the most important armies in history.

Later though, in march 2007, a penguin named djgtjvgyhxgy, brought back an old roman army called the mammoth romans. This army was led by him, morsels, icysky67 and snupman. Dj became the emperor or main leader and icy became the second main leader or empress. Eventally, icy and snupman left, leaving dj and morsels the responceablity to lead the romans. One day, Dj discovered something, clubpenguin army blogs. Soon after discovering them, he made the site, ( this happened on june 11th 2007 ). Within two months, 50 troops were ranked and the small, unorganized army, became a large, medium size and became the most organized roman army and the first to have a site and not wanting to take over clubpenguin. Nearly 8 months later, morsels quit clubpenguin and the romans. A month later, i made a new site, now adays Sadly, two months after the site move, it was hacked and all the site were deleted. We pulled through though. It proceded to happen two more times, but we still pulled through.

-Romans History, August 2009, Romans Army Site

And once again we see it. Dj, a loyal, longtime soldier. But by no means, a creator.


For the next 4 years, the Romans wallowed in mediocrity, occasionally being recreated only to fizzle and die once more, their legacy slowly forgotten. In early 2013, the Romans were, as we all know, recreated with Djgtjvgyhxgy at the helm once more, and rose to the mid-Top Ten for a few weeks before effectively closing down several weeks ago. It was around this time, as Dj was once again worshiped as one and the same with Explorer7777 that Eyes/Daniel began to look into him. Dj, when asked for proof of being Explorer, came back 45 minutes later with a screenshot of the CP Login Page, showing Explorer’s penguin name and the message “Banned Forever”, which he claimed you could only get if you put in the correct passcode for the penguin. [Unfortunately, while I have seen the picture, I could not locate it at the time of writing. Will add it later if this changes.] The results of Daniel’s research are seen here.

Hello everybody.

Today I am going to tell you the tale of somebody […] who wants to be somebody who created Romans, Djgtjvgyhxgy. Although we all know before he so-called rage quit as Explorer because Oagal was supposedly on his back he smashed his head on his keyboard and made his new pseudonym. “Explorer7777″ also known as Dj, is supposedly 100 percent real and people don’t question on how real he is, now I’m about to call him out on how real he says he is.

Dj claims that when Oagalthorp, known for creating the Army of Club Penguin, defeated Romans. Explorer also known as Dj couldn’t take anymore of it and decided to leave, now keep in mind he said he only came back to lead the Romans under this name, now this is false. Dj didn’t come back to lead the Romans at all, in fact it wasn’t even his first army. UMA was, when he came back he joined UMA INSTEAD of Romans, here’s a quote from Dj’s site.

well here’s my story i made my penguin about the end of 2005 and for a while i worked as a swat unit until i became a member and heard of the romans then i joined the romans and i was shiped to ice burg for about 2 weeks then the war ended about half of the romans went to blizzard and the other half went to mammoth and for 2 month i was a cop again then the thing i regret the most happened (gulp) i joined the uma for a week i quit because they were going to take over clubpenguin and i thought they were good So i rejoined the romans worked my way up made allies and killed thousands of uma and worked my way up to tiny private to a roman lord and here we are and soon the uma will be destroyed for good


What I also find funny is how when you got asked to prove you were explorer, you spent 40 minutes editing a photo of  the text that said Bad Password, for “Banned Forever”. Not only did you try to take credit for the creation of the Romans you also made a fake website (fake comments, posts, etc,) to make people believe that you are actually explorer. You may have pulled a blind eye over just about everybody in Club Penguin Armies but not me, I am well-grounded who see’s past you stupid lies. This post sums up that you didn’t join Romans and you proclaimed when you came back to supposedly lead the Romans, you lied once again. And I’d also love to ask you that you film yourself logging into your banned penguin, which is supposedly banned forever.

I can also debunk his penguin being banned, which is still very much here, he just doesn’t have access to “his” penguin, but yet he has access to all of his accounts that don’t even associate himself with Explorer.


Dj, exposed.

-Daniel, May 2, 2013

The final nail in the coffin came with Oagalthorp’s visits to the ACP over the last few days (and yes, we have confirmed that he is actually Oagal). As the person who Dj claims originally caused him to leave and change his name, Oagal would be a definitive source on what really happened. Daniel asked him this, and this was the result.

This seems to be the final bit of proof. So, let’s review. He also says that the picture here proves Explorer7777’s penguin isn’t actually banned.

Based on my research, I’ve come to these conclusions:

  1. Djgtjvgyhxgy is not Explorer7777
  2. In actuality, Dj was part of the very earliest Romans generation in 2006-2007, but was not a leader until he recreated the Second Generation in late 2007.
  3. His recent claims to the contrary could have been for many reasons (fame, prestige, pride for the army, etc.), and granted he was there at the very beginning, but he and Explorer are by no means one and the same.
  4. Let me make clear that I am not saying the Dj who returned to lead the Romans earlier this year is fake: on the contrary, I believe he is the real Djgtjvgyhxgy, but that Djgtjvgyhxgy is not Explorer.


Granted, since the Romans are now dead and Dj doesn’t seem to be around much, this may have all lost its relevance by now. But I think we can say definitively that while Dj was a longtime loyal troops who did a lot for the Romans and many other armies, he was NOT an alias of their creator.

What do YOU think about all this? Comment YOUR opinion!

♣||»Sιя Bℓυєsσ¢кωa тнє 2η∂«||♣

CPA Central CEO

33 Responses

  1. That was a long fucking post.


    • Dayummm, good research! It’s like PinkMafias (2011) all over again, but this time it’s Dj claiming to be Explorer, hahaha.



  2. Copy and Pasta


  3. oshit


  4. It is true that Dj is not Explorer, for I remember him claiming not to be, long ago. However, he did play a part by leading the Romans once Explorer left, I believe, unless my memory is playing a trick on me, or he was lying in the past.


  5. next thing you know we’ll be hearing that Blue1 is fake


  6. im explorer


  7. 😐 This is too bad, eh?


  8. Dj is going to be pissed once he see’s this post.

    I think your conclusion is correct, however.


  9. Wow, just wow.


  10. Inb4 dj rage.


  11. I knew dj back in 2010 when I led a generation of the Romans with him. I knew he was Romans leader for a long time, but he never said he was explorer until recently, and I doubted it. I never challenged him, because I knew he has been in cp armies since 06-07, so it was possible it could have been him. Even though he was not Explorer, the creator of the Romans, he has ben and is still one of the most influential people in cp armies.

    I am glad this has finally ben put to rest.


  12. That was a very long, interesting, long, fascinating post. Oh and did I mention long?
    But putting the jokes aside, many people haven’t known the truth for ages, as it was hidden. Now the truth is exposed *DUN DUN DUNNNN* Thanks to evidence and logic.
    What Dj did, is like me saying that I am actually Jamesbond1, but my brother banned my account while I was on a 6 year cruise to Italy, and that I have returned under a new name.


  13. So he’s just a guy


  14. onto the next scandal

    im really seanehawk gaiz


  15. It’s all true. I’m actually Oagal.

    No, I’m really Commando.

    To be honest, I do respect the amount of research you put into this. This was a well written and thoughtout post, and despite predictions by some people, I am not pissed. The only thing that pissed me off was Eyes, who was only doing it to ruin me, not to expose a joke that went on way too long.

    Here’s what happened: Roughly two, maybe three years ago, when Harv was pretending to be Pink Mafias, as a bit of a prank, I decided to pretend to be Explorer. While I only meant to do this for like a week, two weeks at tops, I ended up getting too deep into it, and decided to just roll with it.

    So, really, thank you for releasing this. It really helped me get rid of the guilty conscience I developed of living a lie.

    Well, not really. I frankly didn’t care.


    • Understand, I’m in no way trying to demean you with this, I just wanted to sorta put this to be once and for all. I have the utmost respect for what you did with the Romans over these past years, and I think this lets people see a true picture and dispels the confusion and myths.


      • I know, I understand.

        In truth, back then, I was one of the major clan leaders that made up the main Roman force. My clan accounted for around 1/15th of the Roman forces. However, when Explorer left, so did about half of our forces, including many of my officers. So I simply fled Tundra and Mammoth, waited till the time was right, and brought the Romans back.

        And here we are.

        As I said, it was a prank gone wrong. In the following years, I saw myself as just keeping the memory of Explorer alive, as back then, not many people knew who Explorer was. Now, most people do. I’d say I accomplished my goal.


  16. Thanks for getting this out in the open, eventually, though I do believe about 99.9999% of armies knew he wasn’t Explorer777 by the time he vanished a couple of months ago. Anyways, a very clear explanation with undeniable evidence is always nice to see – we need more of these I’d expect.

    “Within a few days, he [Explorer] had assembled an army that outnumbered us 4:3. The power got to his head, and he threatened the ACP, saying he’d ‘grind us into dust’ if we did not surrender.” Funnily enough, this does sound very like something that Dj would say.


  17. whos dj


  18. Despite the fact that Dj claimed to be Explorer when he obviously is not, he still pioneered warfare to the point where we are today. Respect must not be lost for him. Good post.


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  20. Why did you go through a bunch of time to make this post? The picture with Daniel is obviously edited. Anyway, It’s cute how those who claimed “Oh yeah Dj admitted he wasn’t Explorer7777” are coming out now.


  21. Im your mother and Lord Pain in one.


  22. Wow- to be honest, I can’t believe Dj was believed to be explorer anyway. The real explorer is far too old for CP now. It’s disgraceful, and I believe posing was just a tool for him to get easy leader in armies.


  23. […] MAY 2013: CPAC Special Report: Djgtjvgyhxgy — A Farce All Along?  […]


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