6/8/13: Revenge of the Ranger Troops

Guess who’s back? 

If you said me you’re technically correct, but as you can hopefully discern from the title, the answer I’m looking for is the Ranger Troops. Remember them? Yes, on June 8th 2013, the red comes back from the dead. RT veteran Paco is returning as Commander in Chief, sharing the reins with ex-UMA leaders Mach and Aaronstone42. The administration is confident that they will be able to surpass their prior achievements and become a mainstay in our very own Top 10.

They have already made quite the impact by transforming the UMA’s old website–which was used for a rebellion by Aaron–into their own, new website, which is currently under construction. The UMA does not seem to have taken kindly to this, as they have released a statement concerning the recreation of RT, expressing in no uncertain terms that “The RT will die the second they get a server”.

CPA Central managed to reach Paco of RT and Coolster114 of UMA for their comments on the situation:


Paco (RT Commander in Chief)

Whose idea was it to recreate RT?

Aaron and Mach initially, they PC’d me to help them with site and chat so I did.

What are your goals for this generation of RT?

[Top 5 army]. Got to 40 on CP last summer, can’t be too hard.

How do you feel about UMA?

I’m neutral with UMA, there are rumors I was part of some rebellion while I was watching the Pacers kick the Miami Heat’s ass, but that is false, however I was gonna ask the leaders if I could take the site back to make the RT site which I did.

What would you like to say to the readers of CPAC?

RT likes boobs and other armies don’t. Join RT 6/8/13!


Coolster114 (UMA General)

What is your opinion on the leadership of RT? 

I believe the RT’s a weak army. Their leaders are merely power hungry.

Do you believe Paco played a role in the rebellion against UMA?

Indeed he played a role, as he was the one who handed the site over to Aaron. He played as much of a part as anyone else did for them.

How long do you give RT to survive if things go your way?

Several days. Maybe a week.

Any final comments?

Okay. Let me say: What Aaron did today was wrong, he shall suffer. That is all.


It will certainly be interesting to watch how this whole saga pans out. RT could break in to the upper echelon of armies, or their flame could be swiftly distinguished by the UMA. There is a distinct possibility that this generation of RT could be a failure: the warriors in red will be fighting an uphill battle with a Top 10 army on their back before they even launch.

But in a sea of “could-be’s” and “might’s”, one thing is for sure–the Ranger Troops won’t go down without a fight. No Defeat, No Retreat.

You’ve heard both sides of the story, so comment below and tell us what YOU think!

26 Responses

  1. hai cool


  2. rt better not like servers


  3. The second RT get a server, UMA are invading. Simples :mrgreen:


  4. I love how you guys post about this army. But there are different armies that came back, Are doing way better, and you still don’t post about them. For example the Fire Warriors. They have had events with 20+ and still no posts. Look at RT. Still not much events and already a post.


    • We leave our reporters the freedom to post about whatever topic they find important to armies at the moment. We try to cover everything, but sometimes, not everything is covered. In the case of the Fire Warriors, I would point to the fact that during their creation, there was much more prevalent news going on at the time. Apologies.


    • RT hasn’t even opened yet. Facepalm


  5. Lol, Aaron can’t even lead. Spring break I was there for UMA, just watching, and Aaron didn’t do anything. Only Coolster did. Good luck Ranger Troops, the only thing I noticed Aaron do was fire and hire people, and get other armies mad.



  6. “Got to 40 on CP last summer, can’t be too hard.”
    Oh yeah I remember that…rogues are great.


  7. The biggest little crap of armies, our very own Aaronstone42. Who is a fat little boy, seeking revenge on the army that kicked him out for the better of their own future.


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