All Quiet On The Homefront

FJORD, District 2 of the Nacho Empire — After early embarrassments in the war, the Nachos have silenced their doubters.

Note: This post is completely factual and no bias is included nor intended.

All Quiet On The Homefront

After a week of holding off the Hot Sauce Army’s invasions, the Nachos turned to the offensive and hit the HSA right back home.

Their first — and final move was an invasion of their former capitol White House, which had been lost  a few nights prior.


After a brief fight, the Nachos emerged as victors with sizes of around 30-35 troops, retaking White House.

Afterwards, the HSA surrendered the war to the Nachos with these terms:

  1. HSA surrenders the war to the Nachos
  2. Nachos re-gain full ownership of any servers taken or claimed by HSA
  3. Nachos receive the servers of Yeti and Flurry from the HSA
  4. The treaty will last until September 2, 2013 and any acts of war until then will result in the aggressor losing all the servers to the attacked

After embarrassing the Nachos in one-sided battles at the start of the war, the Hot Sauce Army has slowly cooled down as the Nachos began racking up successful defenses. Heated arguments began, with accusations including multilogging and editing media such as comments and photos. and  The rivalry has extended even further than this war; the Nachos defeated the HSA 41-33.5 in an Army Warfare League match.

Historically an offensive army, the Nachos have shown how defense can win a war. Wearing down their opponents is usually how they fight their wars. Being on defense almost the entire war helped them achieve that goal, much in the way the Confederate States of America attempted to wear down the Union in the American Civil War.

The war began when the Hot Sauce Army declared war on the Nachos following weeks of tension between the two armies. The Nachos made several moves, including apologies and even assigning HSA leader Freezie as a third-in-command to avoid war, all which eventually failed. Despite it not being them who declared the war, they came out with the win.

The controversial Australian division of the HSA was used against the Nachos on several occasions, most notably capturing White House. Although completely legal and semi-honorable, it has been criticized in the way the Nachos’ hidden invasions were.


As a remade and rather new army, the HSA has much to learn before it can sit along with superpowers such as the Nachos or ACP. However, a valiant offensive campaign shows they have what it takes to make it there soon. Along with the Dark Warriors and Water Vikings, they are one of few remade armies that survive and prosper for more than a week or so.

The recent retirement of leader Dxdzn is believed to be unrelated.

In other news, the ceasefire between the Nachos, HSA, and ACP expire tomorrow, marking the almost one-month anniversary of the end of the ACP-Nachos/HSA war.


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  1. Awesome post.. but I do think Dx leaving is relating.


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  4. Really Awesome post! (WHO SAYS U CAN’T AD A REALLY INFRONT OF IT CAN OF JUICE) btw burn


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