Why We Fight

As posted on SMAC.

This post is named after World War Two propaganda documentaries of the same name. This article is, however, completely unrelated to World War Two or to propaganda films. I was recently left pondering the question, “Why do we fight?” It seems pointless, does it not? We log on to Club Penguin, run around using synchronized emoticons, log off, and bicker about who won and who figuratively owns particular servers, which in and of themselves are abstract. Sometimes we even go the extra mile and write about these “battles.” So why do we do this? 

Club Penguin Armies are, in many ways, a civilization, comparable to the city-states of Sumeria. We are, for all means and purposes, very similar. We all speak English, we are all computer geeks, and we all love Club Penguin Warfare. However, rather than being one unified entity, we divide ourselves into numerous lesser entities and govern ourselves. The reason for this is quite simple: what would we do as a unified entity? humans-enIn many ways, we are very primitive. Most armies have established little or no governmental system, relying primarily on autocracy. This was also the case in ancient Sumeria. Also, like Sumeria, we are constantly bickering and fighting against one another over petty issues, such as who figuratively owns a server. Additionally, like all civilizations, we are constantly evolving, innovating, and expanding. There have been numerous attempts to unify the Club Penguin Warfare community, such as the CP Army Senate (some of you may remember this), the CP United Nations, and the CP Army Council. We are, for the most part, appalled by the idea of someone governing over our armies, as was also the case in ancient Sumeria.

Club Penguin Warfare is an extremely unique community, which I have never seen anywhere else. It is the only community in which players completely organize themselves around a game and play this game the way they want to play it. CP Warfare is run by players, for players, with absolutely no outside involvement. It is a testament to the human spirit of togetherness, the fact that we as people will always want to band together. Although we bicker and fight, we are, ultimately, one community.

So, why do we fight? Originally, people are drawn to CP warfare for the fun of being in an army. As their influence grows, they become more and more interested and attached to the community. I, personally, was one of these people. I started out in the Nachos, drawn by their interesting sombreros. When I was given a rank, I felt proud to be a Nacho, even as a private.why-we-fight-2 I stayed in the Nachos on a promise that one day, if I worked hard enough, I could climb the ranks and eventually become a leader. This didn’t quite pan out. Instead, I founded my own army, the Global Defenders, and achieved my dream of leading an army. Eventually, the Global Defenders grew, and so did my influence. Eventually, I was hired by SMAC as a reporter. This was a pivotal point in my career, as it was the point at which I no longer felt that I could leave; I felt civic responsibility to both SMAC and GD. This sense of civic responsibility applies to many members of the CP warfare community, namely army leaders. While it is fun, I often feel too much responsibility to these entities. However, that same sense of responsibility keeps me here; it is why I fight.

The title of this post is, in truth, inappropriate, as there is no true reason why we fight, but rather, why you fight. Why we fight is different for everybody, and that is, in part, what makes CP warfare interesting and unique; we are all here for different reasons.

Why do you fight?

Let us know in a comment! There is no right or wrong answer to this seemingly simple question. While many believe people hang around CP warfare for fun, that does not apply to most people.


22 Responses

  1. I fight because it’s the only way to peace in the modern world. It’s also test of loyalty. Loyalty is an extremely important factor in CP Warfare because if you belong to a lesser entity within a massive entity of others who are extremely like you, its expected by your superiors that you fight for them, aside from a major group. I think that we should have one event for everyone, where we can wear whatever we want on CP, and we just have peace for ONE day. Go on, and celebrate the mass of players that we have put together. That would be a great way to show the true power of our group of “computer nerds.”


  2. 1/10 =D


  3. it’s all fun in role-play




  5. Why is it the SMAC guys that are extremely good at philosophy?


  6. Very interesting, and very true.

    What we’ve created here is impressive on many levels. Unfortunately, all this is … ah, negated, once someone mentions that it is on Club Penguin. Still, what we’ve built here is incredible, a mockup of a complex political and social warring society.

    Terribly unfortunate, then, that it must all remain secret.


  7. Mini Lord of the Flies


  8. I fight because I enjoy overcoming challenges and that sense of achievement.


  9. We’re heading for something
    Somewhere I’ve never been
    Sometimes I am frightened
    But I’m ready to learn
    Of the power of love

    The sound of your heart beating
    Made it clear
    Suddenly the feeling that I can’t go on
    Is light years away


  10. All I want is my 72 virgins


  11. I’m pretty much only here for nostalgic reasons.


  12. Nice post, I never thought about why we fight, in that way. I fight cause I love to work hard, and aim hard, and to be rewarded by moving up the ranks, eventually one day, becoming an owner! 🙂


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