Pirates Declare War as Doritos Enter Lockdown | Results of Battles

The DCP had planned to go under lockdown after a period of inactivity, but when an army’s declaration of war prevented them from doing so, the two fierce rivals entered an intense war.

Things for DCP hadn’t been looking so good.  They managed to reach 14th, not even in the top ten, before falling once again with a week of no events.  Because of the situation DCP was in, the leaders of the army agreed to put DCP under lockdown.  The following is taken from the post on the DCP website:

Hello DCP after this downfall of activity throughout the entire army and the lack of events that have been brought out the leaders and I have decided to put DCP into a planning period motion. Naturally this means all of DCP site will be down and put on lock-down for the next two weeks. Not only will this planning time give us the time to PLAN and put our ideas together this will also a extended break to all DCP troops and Staff. Shoot you could even consider this a vacation! Well anyways the basis of this plan is to focus on all problems head on where the leaders and advisors can all discuss and figure out the best motion to move forward as a whole. DCP’s indefinite return date will be set 2 weeks exactly from now and we are expecting all DCP to be in attendance (those who are left).

DCP was supposed to be under lockdown until June 1.  During that period the leaders would plan on the future of DCP and try to fix the problems the army faced.  However, the planning period was cut short when the CPPA declared war on them.

On May 18, the following was posted on the CPPA website by Pirates leader PcChip321 (Waterkid100):

The Pirates Empire has declared war on the Doritos, and by doing this we shall rip through their nation, making them regret doing the harmful things they have done. It is time to walk the plank, Mustapha.

The CPPA posted invasions of DCP servers.  DCP responded by posting their own invasions.

So far, five battles have occurred.  DCP has claimed victory in all of the battles.  CPPA has claimed victory in their invasion of Tuxedo but have not posted results for any of the other battles.  Below are some of the highlights of the war so far:

Image 1

When asked about the future of the war, DCP leader Mustapha10 replied, “I think the Pirates will soon surrender. Due to the fact that we are undefeated and they haven’t gotten over five on Club Penguin, even when Waterkid tries hard and even during UK times still beat them.”

Though it appears DCP may have the upper hand in this war, only time will tell how it will all end.

Comment with YOUR opinion on the war.  Who do you think is winning?  What will result in the end of the war?  Which army will come out on top?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Editor in Chief

7 Responses

  1. Silly Pirates, Doritos have much larger sizes than you.


  2. Tap hath returned?


  3. I laughed at the last picture.. :mrgreen:


  4. Pirates, y u no show up to events? You all make me very sad



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