HSA- Nachos Battle for Fjord

PRE-NOTE: For the HSA ragers, I have not included a single piece of bias in this post. Yes, I’ve commented my opinion as a Nacho soldier, but these all are straight facts from the battle. Also, no one else was posting this, so I decided to do it myself.

On May 19th, 2013, the Hot Sauce Army had scheduled an invasion of the Nachos capital. After losing 3 battles the previous week, HSA believed the Nachos morale was crumbling. That was said until yesterday, when the Nachos were able to defeat HSA on White House, an extremely important server for them. Now this was the final strand. If HSA would take Fjord, the Nachos would take a devastating blow. On the other hand, the “Chip’s” previous victory gave them a tiny bit of hope………

Fjord 3:35 PM


The Nachos decided to log on first hence it was their capital they were defending. They immediately took the town, while the following HSA started off in the Forts.


Nachos performing E+9 at the town.

*No pictures provided by HSA from the Forts.*

The Nachos showed sizes of 30 with not so great tactics, while HSA getting 25 woth tactics I can not judge (as I was never present during a tactic).


Both army leaders agreed to begin the battle on the iceberg.

Fjord 4:00 EST

Both army rush to seize the most important room , the berg. However courtesy to the speed of the Nachos, over 30 of them make it into the berg, with HSA failing to get 20.


HSA bombs the rising Nachos at the berg.


Nachos perform an E+D tactic taking up 3/4 of the berg.

5 minutes into the battle of the berg, HSA decide to retreat to the town, giving the room victory to the Nachos.


Nachos circle the berg while performing the “toots”.

*HSA provided no pictures from the town.*

After a good 5 minutes of preparing for the final battle, Edd64 decides to consult with Dxdzn about a room change so that both armies could battle. Dxdzn decides to move to the Forest without telling the Nacho leaders, but Nachos soon find out through spies.

The Forest was by far the most intense room from the battle. Although the Nachos clearly had better tactics and size, the HSA gave a pretty decent fight.


Nachos decide to strike HSA first with a joke bomb.

HSA performing an E+1 tactic.


Nachos E+P bombs HSA’s joke bomb.

HSA’s joke bomb in line tactic.


Nachos decide to counter-attack HSA’s ice cream bomb by using ACP’s clovers.

HSA counter-attacking Nachos igloo bomb.


Nacho igloo bomb.

Fjord 3:40 EST

After 45 minutes of battling the HSA decide to move to the berg, with the Nachos immediately following. Although many believe this wasn’t counted to the battle, Nachos still dominated HSA’s diminishing sizes. The battle was finally over, as Dxdzn ordered HSA to log off.


Both armies claimed to have won, although the Nachos do have a picture of HSA’s UK leader admitting defeat, to which HSA claims was edited.

This is what both army leaders decided to say:

Amazing job today, Nachos!  We definitely proved ourselves as that dominate force once again!  It was, indeed, a great victory, but there is still a lot of war left!  We need to keep building on this, Nachos, and grow bigger and bigger!  Keep up the great work and effort, Nachos!

~Puckley, Nachos leader and legend.

Why we won: Both armies started in seperate rooms, town and forts. A neutral room was decided and it was moved to berg in which the Nachos won due to HSA moving to town to get people online. Nachos win Room 1. However, Nachos failed to follow the invading army adn left HSA in the town alone. Rooms are now tied 1-1. HSA then won the Forest from 4:20pm est – 4:30pm est. Resulting in the rooms being 2-1 final. Gg no re, get the d.

~Believed to be Jason or Dxdzn HSA leaders and legends.

An era of arguing soon began, as the Nachos tried to show their feelings on HSA’s result post, only with the HSA editing their comments. Both armies went on ACP chat and disturbed Shaboomboom until he cried 😮

Well, that’s it folks! Another great battle of the HSA- Nacho war, and more will be coming next week!


25 Responses

  1. Obviously since this was a post I was not able to give out my opinion, so I’ve done it the correct way by showing it in the comments:

    I just laughed at HSA’s reason to why they won. Why the fuck are the Nachos supposed to come and play hide and seek and move to the town? Both of the leaders agreed the battle was going to be at the berg, and yet you guys decide to go against this and move to the town? And now this counts as HAS claiming a room??? That is the biggest piece of butthurtness I’ve ever seen.

    Editing the Nacho comments on your site gives you absolutely no credit. I do believe Blue1’s post on whether “Tomato really admitted defeat” was pointless, as if you see the other Nacho comments stating idiotic things and seeing as how the Nachos claimed victory, you should have known that the comments were edited. The editing just shows how the Nachos truly won.

    Also, I want to point out the bias features a few raging HAS soldiers might implement:
    I posted less HAS pics than Nacho ones *ono*. Post more than 3 pics next time, and maybe post pics from different rooms. The lack of pics sort of shows how HAS did lose.
    Mhm that might be a massive bias feature. Yet I ain’t going to change it.

    Finally, everyone can conclude that based on the sizes and tactics, the Nachos had the pure advantage throughout the battle. Even in the forest, you can just laugh at your tactics and 4 consecutive joke bombs.

    It’s funny how HSA’s fun war involves in editing Nacho comments, raging over 2 small losses, and crying when Dxdzn oversleeps 😮


    • Once the battle started both armies headed to the iceberg but the Nachos got there first and pretty much locked us out, so we headed to the town and circled the town. The Nachos didn’t follow us so we were able to win the town so that makes it 1-1. I was the one that consulted Edd about the room change not Dx, I told my troops to go to the Forest and then like 3 seconds later told Edd, not like 4 minutes later where it was an unfair advantage, HSA had slightly better size and tactics when at the forest for the last 10 minutes. Count it all up, HSA 2 (Town and Forest) – Nachos 1 (Iceberg). And guess what yes this is a biased post, first off you’re in the Nachos, and you just made a huge pathetic rage comment after making an ‘unbiased post’. For the edditing comments, all armies do this during war. This happened ALL THE TIME during wars with LT-HSA and HSA-DCP, I don’t think it’s a big deal. Multiple Nachos were spamming our victory post, so people decided to edit the comment to have a good laugh, not a big deal. It’s funny you claim because we loss was because Dx fell asleep Saturday, but we were missing 3 leaders not just him. This is obviously a disputed battle if both sides claim they won, you cannot make an opionated statement saying the Nachos won, so another biased part to the post.


      • Lil penis Freezie 😀


      • No, I was the one who talked to you and suggested that we move to the Forest to fight. You were not in the Town for very long, and I when I tried to get in, I actually lagged out, and I had to log on again. Obviously, our whole army could not get into the Town which is why I immediately suggested to you when I got back on that we should go to the Forest.

        If both armies moved at the same time, it would be an equal battle in the Forest. You never even notified me that you were moving, but we found out anyway, and still beat you there.

        It was clearly evident in the battle that the Nachos won, and our pictures as well as your pictures actually provide further proof in that.


  2. Nacho Army won because of size.




  4. Right so lemme explain somethin’ to you: there is a reason why staff are directed not to post on controversial events that their army is involved in. I understand you tried to be unbiased, but unfortunately you were unsuccessful in that endeavor.

    Phrases like, “Dxdzn decides to move to the Forest without telling the Nacho leaders, but Nachos soon find out through spies”, “Nachos still dominated HSA’s diminishing sizes”, and “the Nachos tried to show their feelings on HSA’s result post, only with the HSA editing their comments” show clear favoritism to the Nachos’ view. The large ranting comment was a loophole, which, while allowed, is still unprofessional.

    Again, I understand that you tried, but when such an event has this kind of bearing on an army, it is difficult for members of the army to be completely fair.


  5. Whoa whoa I’m pretty sure I came to spend time reading the posts, not the comments


  6. So. Much. Controversy.


  7. I claim bias in favor of the Mighty Purple Republic.


  8. Man, how does HSA even claim victory on this event


  9. Nachos won. Go suck a dick HSA


  10. Somebody who isn’t in Nachos or HSA should have posted this.


  11. I also love how his red-orange words were mostly orange


  12. I feel this battle was the turning point in the war. Before this, Nachos were crumbling, but now they’re neck and neck at the least.


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