Nachos Successfully Defend White House From HSA’s Grasp

Note: This is my first post for the CPAC, hope you enjoy! 🙂

WHITE HOUSE – As the Hot Sauce Army attempted to seize one of Nachos key servers, the underdogs put up a fantastic fight and emerge victorious over the HSA.

The Hot Sauce Army and the Nachos battle it out for the fourth time in their current war against each other. Before this defense the Nachos were losing to their opponent 3-0, but they turned the tables today and made their comeback, making the score 3-1. The HSA have already snatched Cloudy, Deep Snow and Big Snow from the Nachos nation, leaving the orange army trailing behind with only one win.

The Hot Sauce Army are renowned for their 3 national divisions; their US division, their UK division and their Australian/Asian division. This asset give these red hot penguins a little advantage against the Nachos, as because of these divisions the HSA are currently winning the war.

On the other hand, the Nachos have possibly the most solid, consistent US force in the whole of the CP army community. They have formerly strived in first place, dominating the other armies. Only till recently have the HSA been competition towards the Nachos. This army in particular is notable for being a world power, and they could make a comeback and come out first in the top 10 once again.

Battle Summary

Maximum Nachos Soldiers: 27

Maximum HSA Soldiers: 18

Winner: Nachos

Current War Score: 3-1 (To The HSA)


Interview with Freezie, HSA Leader and Legend

Me: Blue

Freezie: Red

What do you think the outcome of this war between the HSA and Nachos will be?

I think this war will eventually end in an agreement for a treaty. I do think that HSA will win a majority of the battles though.

How much longer do you think HSA will consistently dominate in the top 10?

Well, that’s hard to say. I see no signs of the HSA falling anytime soon, so hopefully we can become a regular world power army.

What are your views on the Nachos claiming the HSA “betrayed their friendship”?

In my opinion I didn’t really see a friendship. There has been a lot of tension between the 2 armies in the past few weeks and I think that’s what started it.

Interview with Puckley, Nachos Leader and Legend

Me: Blue

Puckley: Orange

What do you think the outcome of the war with the HSA will be?

I am confident that we will continue to improve and glow throughout this war. We’ll rise to our former level of dominance again, and we’ll be able to defeat the HSA ultimately.

Why do you think the HSA declared war on the Nachos?

I’m actually not quite sure, and I was quite suprised that they decided to declare war on considering we were close allies. They probably saw a chance since we were on the decline a bit, and they decided that it would be the best opportunity to challenge us. 

What do you plan to do with the Nachos when the war with the HSA is over?

By the time the war is over, we should be getting into the very beginning of summer for most people. We plan to reach extraordinary sizes in summer as well many fun from contests to, of course wars. It should be great and fun times in Nachos, especially coming off a victory against HSA. 😉 Join the Nachos in our quest to defeat the HSA! There are many open ranks available, and anyone is welcome to join! 😀

After getting the views from leaders of each army,  it seems both sides are determined to be victorious. Only time can tell who shall win  this war, as both sides are strong, major armies. Make sure to comment your opinion on this post!


40 Responses

  1. wow, 1st


  2. Oh the old advertising in an interview.


  3. You do not need to color every time you say “Nachos” or “HSA”.




  5. What Burns said- try only to color the first “HSA” and the first “Nachos”, as it makes it loo more professional.

    Other than that, you’ve done great considering this is your first post 😀


    • I don’t see what the big deal is having to only colour an army name once. I think it’s an interesting way to do it, I do that with my posts. You should not focus too hard on that because it’s not a big deal. It’s not like he made spelling mistakes or anything like that. Some people take things way to seriously it seems….


  6. “Well, that’s hard to say. I see no signs of the HSA falling anytime soon, so hopefully we can become a regular world power army.”
    you’ll fall if your leaders don’t stop handing out ranks. “JOIN HSA FOR MOD”


  7. The Nachos maxed 32 not 27. Please get your facts right.


  8. Great post! In my opinion it was a close battle actually, as both armies did well, but this time the Nachos did slightly better c:
    Who knows how the war could turn out?


  9. I am a faggot.


  10. HSA Can’t win all battles…… HSA Claims victory because HSA’s Army is full of n00bs who wanna win all the time ._.


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