Army Republic and Dark Warriors Practice Battle, then wage war against Fire Warriors

WOOL SOCKS — The Australian divisions of the Army Republic and Dark Warriors faced off in a friendly battle of will to see who had the stronger division.  The two battled it out on May 18, 2013 and there was only one army who could call themselves the victors, leaving the other in a major defeat.

In the end DW won the battle with a tremendous ratio of soldiers compared to AR.  The black army, who showed up with about fifteen soldiers, easily managed to catapult the army to victory, as AR only showed up with four lone soldiers.  Crazy, Dark Warriors’ Australian leader, was extremely proud of his army’s victory:

Today we had that PB with Ar which Ive been boosting about. Overall AR didnt really give us a fight as they maxed 2 and we got 18. We logged off around after 10 minutes after AR surrendered 3 minutes in. Good job

On the other side, Superaalden (Australian leader of AR), showed great sportsmanship despite the terrible loss.  He went on to congratulate the Dark Warriors on their victory:

We surrendered after a while seeing the impossibility of winning, and it was only right to show sportmanship sportssheepsheep. Wool socks will one day be taken >=D BE WARNED. The word wool in it’s name says it all D: Thanks everyone who came 😀 AND CONGRATS DW

The battle was not very long, seeing as the Army Republic surrendered early, so the town and snow forts were the only entry points.  Congratulations to both armies on a good fight.


In other news, the Dark Warriors declared war on the Fire Warriors today (May 18, 2013).  The Fire Warriors have yet to be aware of nine invasions on their nation.  Flo, DW’s main leader, had this to say about the war,

The FW have been mad at us for attempting to go after SWAT. Our owners have said they are mad at us in general. I am not sure, but we just need a war.

Flo went on to post multiple invasions, using his army’s timezone divisions to his advantage.  There appears to be no hope for the Fire Warriors at this point; HOWEVER, Flo did mention that they might have a change of plans in the future.  “Yes, they may be a bit small, but we may declare war on another army later on“, who is this army that Flo has in mind?

Unfortunately there was nobody on FW chat that I could get a response to.  In my opinion, the Fire Warriors don’t have a real chance against the Dark Warriors (who have been on a sharp rise recently).  Nevertheless good luck to both armies.

What do YOU think?  Will DW win the upcoming war?  Will the Fire Warriors upset the Dark Warriors?  Let us know in the comments below!

~Vice President, Mchappy

11 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:


  2. 3rd


  3. I’m confused how you can have an AUS battle at 7 EST


  4. this post sucks testicles

    i am joking.


  5. “The FW have been mad at us for attempting to go after SWAT. Our owners have said they are mad at us in general. I am not sure, but we just need a war.” >attempting to go to war with swat> FW is in war with swat. Also FW and DW war was called off. Aint nobody got time for that


    • Taco, l was raided SWAT chat for a reason. But your owners end up being mad at me and wanted to raid out chat[DW] and go to war. FW and SWAT are mad at me for “raiding” swat chat. That’s why your owners told me, so l told DW leader. Lmao. Please think before you start comment again about that.


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