Light Troops Experiencing Problems with Domain

ICE BOX — The Light Troops, who are in a war against the Ice Warriors, have been experiencing problems with their current domain today.  This post was updated at 2:30 pm Central Standard Time with new information regarding the site.

This morning at approximately 8:00 am CST, LT began to have problems with their domain.  Their site domain,, has expired and needs to be repaid for.  Upon going to the site right now you will find advertisement links for multiple military sites.

Their original url,, seems to be redirecting the original site to this page as well.  Supra, a retired LT leader, is working on the problem and claims that the site can be viewed via cache.  However that only shows a screenshot of the full site, not a fully updated one.

Even though LT have not been attending recent battles anyway, this gives the Ice Warriors a huge advantage in their upcoming invasions.  The leaders of the Light Troops now have no way to post to their soldiers in case they do decide to show up, or something else post worthy occurs.  Chat is always an option to communicate however recently the army has been introduced to a game called “At War: Afterwind”, an online strategy, war game.  Thus the army’s chat has not been the most active in the past few days.


News on the street is that the Light Troops got their site up and working again.  The domain no longer works and they have just gone back to their regular WordPress url.  Supra was very relieved when he got the site back to working condition.

What do YOU think?  How long will it take for LT to get their site back up and running?  Let us know in the comments below!

~Vice President, Mchappy

9 Responses

  1. Just need one more post ’till forty.


  2. Yeah, I said this on ACP chat yesterday to you. You’d think they’d make sure they paid. :S


  3. Mch the ACP Crew told you this D:


  4. LT is too addicted to ATWar to give 2 fks


  5. Why exactly is the domain YT Army? Should it not be LT :S


  6. Little does the little crap who made this post know that i’m the one who bought the css and domain and took the css away.


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