CPAC’s Statement Regarding the LT/IW and ST/DCP Wars


Recently, there has been a large amount of debate regarding conflicts between both the Ice Warriors and Light Troops, along with the Doritos and the Shadow Troops. On both sides of this war, armies have refused to recognize invasions coming from the army who declared war. LT denies IW’s invasions for the simple reason that “they do not care”, and the Doritos claim the Shadow Troops invasions are invalid due to the fact that they do not own two or more servers. While no action is being taken decisively, CPAC would simply like to clarify a few things.

1) The IW invasions against LT will be recognized as valid by those who work on CPAC’s servers page. LT does not even have reasoning as to why the IW invasions are invalid, they are simply choosing to ignore the war.

2) The Shadow Troops invasions will be recognized as valid by CPAC for the following reason: while yes, SWAT holds claims to many ST servers, SWAT claims many servers, some of which their ownership of is disputed. Now, in this case, if you want to assume SWAT actually does own all of the servers they claim, SWAT does not claim Wind Chill, and claims to share the server of Yukon with the Shadow Troops. This gives ST two servers, which is what they need to be considered an army.

I hope this clears everything up. This basically means that while CPAC is in no way the law, this gives our reporters to validate that both IW and ST’s respective invasions are valid in their news reports. That’s all for now.


CPA Central CEO

20 Responses

  1. Good Post


  2. Or we could just make a post saying invasions are only invalid if they aren’t twenty-four hours notice. Point, blank, simple.


  3. LT never said IW’s invasions are invalid. We just don’t care if they take our servers lol.


  4. Hello. [read more]




  5. It’s amazing how much authority CPAC has throughout the Club Penguin Army Warfare.


  6. Ioioluk said LT recognizes the invasions as valid. Respect

    It’s not fun though without someone to defend


  7. So DCP can claim servers not owned by our allies, or/and from our recent empire page? Ok, thanks for the info.


    • What we are saying is that in a sweep of the major army sites, CPAC has found what was stated above. The Shadow Troops generation did not die; a two-week period of inactivity does not mean the end of a generation. Applying what has been found here to different situations is irrelevant, and won’t help you in the long run. And we’re not saying you can or can’t do anything, we’re saying we will be reporting on this war in a certain way, since we’re damn tired of reporting on wars like these, with unclear and unreal results.


  8. Doritos are just being cowards they just don’t want to fight Shadow Troops.We have defeated them before I am sure that they know they as they have accepted the war and decide not to play.I would like to state Doritos should not have any wars with anybody because they’re cowards. Just like there leader Thirteen Year Old Noob saying “We would declare 6 month of peace with you” so that should mean that if they’re so scared they should just not be in Cp Armies that is all I would like to say.


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