Prehibernation Week

HALF PIPE, Special Weapons and Tactics Enterprises — Following their war with the Army of the Republic, the SWAT has been temporarily deactivated following disappointing performances. (Short informational post.)


There was this old man and this kid. The kid said “I wanna be successful.” The old man said “we’re going out to the beach.” The old man said “get in the water.” The kid thought the old man was crazy. The old man asked the kid “I thought you wanted to be successful?” the kid said “I do.” The kid got into the water. The old man held the kid’s head into the water until he was about to pass out. The old man lifted the kid’s head out of the water and said “If you wanted to breathe as much as you wanted to succeed, you’d be successful.”

-Starz, SWAT second-in-command, in a motivational post

The SWAT have gone into temporarily “hibernation,” as stated by leader Ganger90.

Prehibernation Week

Go figure.

Following sudden drops, the army has made attempts to rebuild in the last week. The war with the AR, which kept them active, ended on the 12th of May. Although they rose back into CPAC’s Top 10 armies tied for the 4th spot with their rival AR, their power and land remain damaged as the war with AR took a massive war on them. It is reported that no single party won this war, as it was decided by a treaty. No other terms of the treaty are present, other than ending of the war.


Recent SWAT performance on Ice Berg

In other news, the SWAT 2ic Domsamillion recently retired. No successor has been named at the moment.

Before temporary closure, the SWAT was holding several recruiting and training sessions to prepare for a “big war” in the near future, supposedly in Summer 2013.

During this temporary shutdown, the leadership of SWAT will be discussing ideas on how to repair SWAT’s ongoing internal issues. The SWAT will return on May 22nd, 2013.


25 Responses

  1. Lets play the sentence game! I’ll start off the sentence and everyone else continue it.

    Last Night,


  2. new sentence game

    I like to…


  3. Because this hasn’t happened before. Not once.

    …I don’t know why they bother.


  4. Once again – SWAT fails, they just shut down. Shows how people can’t admit defeat.


  5. you should update this post and include how uma just declared war on Swat and are invading 4 of their servers


  6. I don’t see the point of shutting down an army temporarily. Guess it’s just me.


  7. swat dies yet again, lemme guess its 600th gen is coming


  8. im as fresh as blue1’s teeth


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