HSA v. Nachos Practice Battle

WHITE HOUSE- Yesterday on May 12th, the Hot Sauce Army of Club Penguin defeated the Nacho Army of Club Penguin in a practice battle. They fought on the server White House for 30 minutes. The Hot Sauce Army won this practice battle, due to the fact the Nachos were “no-shows.” The HSA averaged 35 during the entire match, and maxed 42. The owner’s of the HSA were overjoyed with these statistics, and offered a promotion to almost anybody who came. Here is an excerpt from the HSA site:

Dx Edit: God damn, great job today guys. We Made HSA History. We were able to max a whooping size of 42 AND AVERAGED ABOUT 35 THROUGHOUT THE BATTLE! Most tactics were perfect and I’m not surprised since you’re perfect troops! COMMENT TO RECIEVE YOUR PROMOTION!

As you can see, the HSA were very happy about winning the event and their sizes. They say that they started off in the Forts, and bombarded the Iceberg before finishing in the Mine Shaft.

HSA doing an E+9 Tactic

HSA doing an E+9 Tactic

The Nacho’s however, are a different story. Nacho’s did not show up to the event. They have yet to mention this on their own website, however HSA claims they refused to come. I now have an interview with Nacho leader _________ and HSA Leader Dx below.


Edd64 said this regarding the Practice Battle:

It wasn’t very much of a Practice Battle. I would call it more of a “HSA forced us to post about it or they would declare war” battle. I admit HSA did good, and we weren’t on because nobody really wanted to get online.


CPAC (Me): How do you think HSA did at the Practice Battle?

Dx: Amazing.

CPAC: Why did Nachos not go on?

Dx: Obviously because they had a 0% chance of winning. They didn’t want to waste their time getting the sh*t stain (wary)

CPAC: Ha. How did your higher ranks perform? 

Dx: Tremendous! They recruited, and gathered many to the chat to keep it fun and entertaining. I’m proud of not only them, but every troop.

CPAC: Did you have any doubts before the battle?

Dx: Nope, zero.

CPAC: Anything else you would like to say?

Dx: swag swag like caillou 


 What do you think of the event? Will HSA stay in the #1 spot for a third week? What is happening to the Nachos? Comment your thoughts in the comments section below!

-Cpt Awesome3

13 Responses

  1. 1st now STFU


  2. swag swag like caillou 


  3. 1 word,
    Sexy. Bye.


  4. The Nacho Army just need to rebuild it might take a while.


  5. Dx: Obviously because they had a 0% chance of winning. They didn’t want to waste their time getting the sh*t stain (wary)



  6. Wow, those are great sizes.


  7. Cant wait till they die!


  8. Yet.


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