AR vs. SWAT – War Ends – The Final Battle of Toboggan

TOBOGGAN – Today at 15:30 Eastern, SWAT Soldiers laid siege to the Army Republic Capital, after a failed attempt of taking the capital Lord Starz promised the AR Leadership that SWAT would return to Toboggan, and make it theirs. AR has so far has won eight battles, while SWAT has only won three. On Tuesday, the 7th of May, Army Republic and Special Weapons and Tactics tied on the server which they fought on again today, Toboggan.

But before I shed some light on today’s event, it has been confirmed by both SWAT and AR Leaders that the war is over. Earlier today Spikey the SWAT 2ic released this post:


Posted on May 12, 2013 by spikeyswat

Hello SWAT troops, Yes you read the title right we are officaly not at war with AR. During this war SWAT has had lost sizes and server’s. This war is pointless with SWAT and AR agreeing, Today I asked the AR Leader’s about a treaty to end the war. After today’s invasion (the last battle of the war) It will be over. When Starz [SWAT Leader] came online we had a discussion and decided it was the right thing too end the war. The following picture below is proof of the end of the war.


Now it is time for rebuilding of SWAT and once again rise too a powerful army. Hell will be unleashed!

– Spikey SWAT 2ic

Toboggan will continue to be AR’s Capital Server without any threats,for now.

Battle of Toboggan

Maximum AR Soldiers: 25-30

Maximum SWAT Soldiers: 3


AR:9 Wins

SWAT: 3 Wins


Total: 13 Battles

SWAT reeks of defeat,but do not worry viewers they will be back and better than ever.

AR great job today continue to make your leaders proud.


Later, I interviewed both Emperor Jay the current AR Leader and Spikey one of the several SWAT 2ics:

Hello Spikey.


What did you think of this war? Did you ever think that it would be cut short right before you invaded one of the most important servers in the AR Empire?

I think the war with AR was pointless. However the invasion was still put in place due to leader’s orders.

Did you have any doubts when the war first began?

Well I knew we had some active issues. I wasn’t 100% about this,yet again leader’s decided but I knew it would come back to haunt us. Especially with AR that recently getting big sizes.

What will you do, now that the war is over, to bring SWAT up now that you are tied with AR on the Top 10?

I and Starz agree to have a full recruiting week.

Will you ever face AR again in the future?

Life always brings up surprises and twists and you can never say what is going to happen in the future.

Thank You for your time.

Thank You.


Hello Jay.

Hello There!

What was your reaction to this war?

Well,at the beginning honestly I was nervous. But when started a few events I saw that we would do better then I imagined.I was very shocked about this war and it was a fun war to be in.

Were you surprised, when you realized how many battles AR won?

Yes that was the exact reason I was surprised. When only lost a few because of UK Division Leader couldn’t come or we just didn’t have a very big chat size.

Did you have any doubts when the war first began?

Yes,actually. I was nervous to see if AR could pull through it but we did it well and won the war.

Is AR planning on going to war with another army

After growing and training a bit we will be declaring war on an army I will not say for army purposes. All leaders have decided who it is.

Will you ever face SWAT again in the future?

We are not going to be facing SWAT again,only in PBs or tournaments.

Thank You for your time.

No problem.


It is a shame this war ended so early, I was looking forward for more battles and treachery. This war could have sparked the rebirth of the Black Alliance, though sadly Funks’ theory of  another World War has been cast out of the window like garbage and excrement in 17th Century France.

Speak of falling excrement, it seems Rome has begun to fall once more….from the Top 10! Do you think they can make a comeback along  with their ally the Nacho Empire? Discuss in the comments below.

I Bid You Adieu.


12 Responses

  1. 1st now gtfo


  2. One thing, you said on the top we tied at the battle, isn’t it pretty clear we won? xD


  3. The Black Alliance could possibly return in the summer…


  4. ✓+


  5. he crappin 4 me i ge check prus


  6. Nice post, Jacob.


  7. SWAT lose again, awesome job Starz.


  8. How the fuck is that a tie


  9. I made it quite clear that the tie was on May 7th…Take some time to process the information displayed before you.


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