Tap vs. Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013 + Upcoming Events

.!. Disclaimer I apologize in offense to all the Marvel fanboys if it seems like I am putting down Marvel because of the fact I prefer DC over Marvel I do like Marvel quite a bit though, and I am well versed in it’s history. .!.tap vs marvel

Combat skills a bit rusty? Dead End Job bringing you down? The old ball and chain yammering in your ear day and night? No wait that’s me. Anyway you must be here for Combat Training, no? Wait, you aren’t? If it is about the child support check next door. It’s not? Oh you must be here for my review of the Superhero Take Over. I actually like this one because it looked like they put some effort into it. Yeah, a lot of stuff from last year but at the same time a lot of stuff new. The thing this party brought to the table was the sheer quantity of member items that made you look like your favorite Marvel Super Heroes. Now all but a couple unimportant rooms have redesigns for this party either from a former redesign such as the pet shop, or they decided to redo the rooms because they have put most of their resources into this one party. This is all I can really say about the party since it has ended. You got a couple hoodies and a couple pairs of gloves for free.

Now since I can’t put out a 231 word post, I better add in some new stuff coming to Club Penguin. Card Jitsu is finally being updated so us Non-members can get our ninja gear. Armies related to Fire, Water and Ninjas are rejoicing. May will still keep with the 1000-1300 time era, but instead of Knights we have Samurai and ancient Japanese art style. I do not object to it, I do enjoy Ninja and samurai weapons, but I wonder, why get rid of the Medieval party? May always had the Medieval party, April has Earth Day and April Fools. March and June were clear, and Disney had to change the party schedule.

To top off this post, I will explain why I was late in getting this out. My grades are currently borderline passing for English, I am lousy at papers and the reason I took up the job in CPAC back in August/September was to improve my writing skills. In the 4th quarter, my English Grade has been at an E from all the stuff I have had going on. From recovery from robotics, to doctor’s appointments and mandatory field trips, I have been too busy to get all the stuff I wanted to do for CPAC done. When I did have Free time, I invested it all into my homework and that is a huge reason for the late post. I am graduating in 2 weeks, and to be completely honest, I want to stay with CPAC as long as I can writing my party posts and rare philosophy post.

Until next Time

By the way, am I the only one who sees this as a uniform for AR or IMAF?

20 Responses

  1. Good post.


  2. A bit late but I agree with Apollo.


  3. hwo cud u mess wit marvl u n000bbb!!!!!!!!!!1111shift11


  4. DC >>> Marvel


  5. how do you get an e in school


  6. If you want to be technical, March always had the St. Patrick’s Day parties until 2010 when it was cancelled due to people not all people celebrating it. June had the Summer Party in 2006 and 2007 (2008 also if you count the remake of the Water Party, which has a similar theme). After that there was the Adventure Party for a few years. The Medieval Party didn’t start until 2008, but at this point I guess that can be considered old. Earth Day didn’t start on Club Penguin until 2010.

    At this point, the Christmas, Halloween, and Anniversary parties are the only ones that are truly annual, since they’ve been around from the beginning. While it wouldn’t surprise me if Disney chose to cancel them, it’s unlikely since these are usually the biggest parties and are pretty big events in the real world save for the latter of the three.


  7. the fact that disney made iron man’s helmet always up and made spiderman’s eyes and beak revealed is pretty stupid if you ask me


  8. Good post, Sons of Liberty. 😉


  9. «nice post!»
    『I wonder whαt the next pαrtγ would βe like 』


  10. tap dancer likes men


  11. WTF IS A GRADE OF D?!?


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