SWAT vs. Romans: The War is Over

ICE BERG- This short war between SWAT and Romans is now over. An agreement has been made between the two armies, I will provide an analysis of this reasonably short war and will conclude with an interview.

This war began on April 28th following a post made by Stars34 stated that SWAT needed to get active and that the best way of doing so was by declaring war on the Romans army. The Romans were a disappointed by this as they thought SWAT could just ask for a land grant or practice battle, but SWAT refused to back down; they wanted war.  So, this war got under way…

The first battle was fought on Shiver. This battle was a little disappointing for both armies as sizes only really reached their average sizes. At the start, SWAT only had 1 soldier on the server and towards the end Romans grew larger until they outnumbered SWAT forces with around 15 on CP.

swat romans

Ganger90 admitted SWAT’s failure to invade Shiver successfully in the following quote:

“Romans win, SWAT will be back”.

SWAT had also scheduled to invade Blizzard, this was a rather controversial move as Romans accused SWAT of being sneaky, scheduling another invasion but not telling their opponents about it. They were also accused by tempeh, Romans leader of ‘playing dirty’.

Romans were still prepared for the defence of Blizzard and SWAT’s so-called ‘dirty playing’ didn’t seem to put them off.

Both armies on the offensive.

Both armies on the offensive.

Both armies fought bravely but I the end, Romans managed to pull off a second win to the delight of the leaders:

“Today the great Roman Empire defended its walls against the Enemy: SWAT. Romans averaged 11 and maxed 14. SWAT on the other hand averaged 10 and maxed 14. SWAT says they won but how can they if we had the same size? Starz aka SWAT Leader came on during the last 5 minutes of battle saying they won when they barely even had 7 on. ST came on and friendly raided while that was fine since it gave Romans a distraction to take out SWAT. This is just sad how SWAT can go from a top 5 army to this”

This war was firing up.

SWAT also attempted to invade Belly Slide but later that day, Joker made a post quoting:

“Hello guys, Joker here. Well we lost the battle of  Belly Slide. Now I don’t care if we lost. I just wanted to have fun. But I am disappointed at the moderators. They didn’t want to log on and have a good fight. Some logged on but were AFK. Its a shame seeing how this army is crumbling with unloyalty and AFK people. I was shocked when i saw Romans getting 17+ and they don’t even have a UK force. I want to congratulate Romans on winning this. SWAT UK Force surrendered the battle because of the things troops did. Not logging on, not doing tactics, going AFK and so much more”

It is obvious that this war wasn’t going the way SWAT first anticipated.

On May 5th, the agreement I mentioned above came into affect, this war had finished.  The terms are listed below:


  • Romans win the war.
  • Romans get Zipline

(SWAT refused to give more servers)

  • SWAT and Romans share Blizzard 50/50
  • Ceasefire until July 1st
  • Alliance with SWAT.
  • SWAT Apologizes
  • If either army declares war before the ceasefire, they lose all their servers.

Romans claimed to have won this war by 3 battles to 1, however, SWAT claim that it finished 2-1 in the Roman’s favour Either way, it doesn’t make a difference; from my battle analysis I’m sure you’d agree that the Romans just had the edge in terms of sizes and tactics in battle.

I interviewed Spikey, SWAT 2ic:

Me: Do you think the accusations of SWAT ‘playing dirty’ are fair?

SWAT did not play dirty at all, I don’t even know anybody that said that.

Me: Do you think it’s right that SWAT didn’t give ‘enough’ notice to the Romans prior to the invasion of Belly Slide?

Romans have had reasonable amount of time to set up their defence. In the past, SWAT has had a lot less notice and still came out victorious in other events.

Me: How will you solve the issue Ganger mentioned about troops being disloyal? Will your new war with AR solve this dilemma?

SWAT has had some activity issues these past few weeks. Every army has some inactive spells but ours will be sorted out soon.

So Spikey believes that SWAT were playing fair and that these accusations are illegitimate. Will their new war declared recently with Army Republic.  What do you think about this war? Comment your thoughts!

Adro3 SMAC Co-Head

12 Responses

  1. 1st and this post seems on the bias side don’t you think. Also, this is CPAC, so don’t have only SMAC in your sig :/


    • I am entitled to post on here due to CPAC and SMAC being partnered. Therefore, I am not a full-time reporter here so I cant use CPAC in my signature, my main title is SMAC Head. I don’t really think it’s biased as I am not in either army.


  2. It’s a good post, my only gripes are minor.

    1. The Title MUST MUST MUST always have correct grammar/puncuation. First impressions count, and the title is the viewer’s first impression of your post. (In your case, vs needs to be either v. or vs., and the semicolon should be just a regular colon, though I understand the mistake because most people do not know how to correctly use a semicolon).

    In addition, always proofread. I found a few errors on my first readthrough, and I didn’t even look that carefully. The names of people/leaders especially need to be correct and capitalized (in this case ‘tempeh’ needs to be ‘Tempah’).

    Otherwise, good research and writing style, and a good post overall.


  3. This makes me moist.

    The SWAT are known to play dirty (examples include disregarding treaties, throwing in the Blizzard invasion without notice, etc), so either this 2ic was full of crap, or ignorant.


  4. Starz is an idiot he surrendered the war


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