The “Perfect Isolationism” is About to Be Broken?

LIVE UPDATE @ 5:34 PM EST IW apparently voting on who to declare war on. Romans are rumored to be the frontrunner from several key hints such as this one:

SUB ZERO – Yesterday Albert, IW leader who is public about leaving in the summer, announced that the Ice Warriors would declare war on an army soon in his recent post. The Ice Warriors have not been at their best recently, normally sitting around 6th on the CPAC top ten. However, they did jump to 4th on the latest top ten with sizes of 20-25. The question is, who will the Ice Warriors declare war on?

Albert said that “one of the things many people complain about us is that we’re never at war with someone” and followed this up by saying “I have taken upon the decision to prepare for this occasion [IW’s 6th anniversary] now, because we won’t have time later”. From looking at the post, it appears that the Ice Warriors have not been rising into the top three because the troops have become bored and left the army due to a lack of wars. Their last war came when they helped allies ACP and formed “The Alliance” (also known as “The White Alliance”). This alliance defeated the Black Alliance several times at the start of 2013 and end of 2012. Since these wars, the IW have been having weekly practice battles and training sessions. The question on the IW’s troops mind was, what are they practicing for?


A picture of their latest PB, this one with the Water Vikings.

There are still two unknowns to this announcement that we are not being told. Who are they attacking and when are they going to do it? For the question of when, the post hints at them declaring war next week, as Albert said that he “REALLY want[s] to focus on building our forces up this week” which could suggest that they are building up for the war to start next week. On the other hand, he also mentions the IW’s 6th anniversary being just under a month away, which could suggest that he is ready to declare war on the IW’s anniversary day. In either case, IW’s declaration of war is imminent on one army.

After looking at the IW ally list and the the latest top ten, the armies that could be at war with the IW are the: Water Vikings, Romans, Shadow Troops and Light Troops. Unless the Ice Warriors decide to invade an ally, or invade a much smaller army than them, it clear that their options are down to two. The Romans and WV have consistently been near the bottom of the top ten, but the ST are known to be big risers and the LT are just one place bellow them. The Ice Warriors have had previous with the LT, being on opposite sides in the WA vs BA wars.

The Light Troops have been in many wars of late, including the: AR, FW and HSA in the past month. They still remain in the middle of the top ten and are currently winning the war with the non top ten army, Fire Warriors. However, a war with the Ice Warriors would be a very tough task, with the IW having strong forces on all three fronts (USA, AUS and UK). The Light Troops are also known for having strong forces on all three fronts, but with smaller sizes than before this has been a hard task for the LT to maintain. Could we see the LT and IW at war again? I interviewed Alicia, IW 4ic, on the upcoming IW war.


Interview with Alicia – IW 4ic 

What do you think about Albert breaking Isolationism?

Well I think it’d be good for us, since we don’t have many wars and in my opinion I think we’re ready.

After my research, I’m linking LT to the war with IW. Is this true?

Honestly, I’m not sure.

Ok, did the troops want war?

Yes, the troops did want war.

On another topic, who do you think will get IW leader in the summer?

Well, honestly I think Aqua and Ben will lead IW together after Alb retires.


What do YOU think about IW’s sudden move to break what was described as “Perfected Isolationism” by Mchappy of CPAC? Will the Ice Warriors declare war on the Light Troops, or will they invade someone else? Comment YOUR opinion on the upcoming IW war.


103 Responses

  1. When has someone ever stuck to an allies/enemies list?


  2. Benjarkin?


  3. R.I.P IW, Icey retires and now Alb is leaving in the summer with people leading like Ben and Aqua?



  4. Romans have just exited the war with SWAT.

    I am going to hope we’re not the army getting attacked by IW.


  5. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT LEAVE ME!!!!!! I CANT FIND ANY OTHER BEST FRIENDS!!!


  6. Nice post bby


  7. The IW troops have been trained for a long time I have no worries about Alberts replacement. I’d also be able to seriously say they’re one of the most mature and organised armies.


    • AM I THE ONLY TROOP THAT IS WORRIED BOUT THE FUTURE WHEN ALB GOES AWAY FOREVER? All my friends leave me 😦 they decide to quit something or.. they retire… why can’t alb just stay? heck, my birthday’s in the summer, why let him leave in the summer?


  8. WA never defeated the BA. If you’re talking about a AW army beating a BA army in a battle, then yes, but BA won ww6

    apart from that, THIS POST SUCKED.


  9. I know who IW is declaring war on, and to them I tell you this:

    Watch your backs.

    Oh, and WV are IW’s allies, so don’t worry Dash, ily.<3


    • You are pathetic and so is Ben, making a post on the declaration of war on HSA then deleting it and trying to cause chaos by making lies about it being Romans or SWAT, I even have the email Ben stupidly wrote because every post you guys make it gets sent to my email which gets sent to my phone..idiots, here’s the whole post title : “Declaration of war – Hot Sauce Army”, what post says: “As of May 5th, 2013, the USIW is in a state of war with HSA.  We have initiated this assault in order to show the world that the Ice Warrior Empire is not a joke.  Heil Albert. Heil IW.


      -Ben” straight after this was made Ben deleted the post, nice one.


      • Why would IW be a joke if they’ve existed for 6 years, and in the Top Ten every week?


      • LOL YOU IDIOT. THAT IS OBVIOUSLY A JOKE. “Heil Albert” “Heil IW”


      • Jessie calm down HSA loves IW ❤


      • Firstly, LOLOLOLOLOLOL secondly okay I will admit that I was wrong to say all that shit about IW but are you trying to say I did not start CP armies in 2007? Do you want proof? Gordy if you knew who I was you would know for sure without question that I started then, I started IW way before you even started xat ask Alb, Hersh, Honkzo, Icey..etc thirdly, LOLOLOLOL “you lowlife horseshit” because I can be a lowlife on CP armies yes, ofcourse.


        • No crap I want proof Dataco


        • Now it’s coming to me, you’re Gill.

          Or Dataco trying to be a fag.


          • Gill is not such a prick


          • No use of YOU trying, you only started in 2011 so I doubt you would know.


            • I started Feb 2011, I doubt if Gordy knows you, I wouldn’t.


              • LOL OLOL LOL OLOL LOL OLOL, WOOOW plsplspls staph staph staph, you badass you started feb 2011 LOOL matematemate Galaxie started before you just think about that, also Gordy does now me for sure just because you and him and others do not know who I am does not mean he does not know me.


                • Alright:

                  1. Galaxie is a huge noob, in which I seriously doubt he didn’t join 5 months ago and just got lucky within ranks

                  2. You need to work on your Grammar, its like a 5 year old with down syndrome wrote it.

                  3. “You and him and others do not know who I am does not mean he does not know me.” ?????? So are you saying if he doesn’t know you, and if I don’t know you, and if others don’t know you, then he knows you. Logic.

                  Seems to me that you wont stop arguing, so can we just settle this instead of b*tching with each other comment after comment?


                  • Ohhyay you can count, let me try your way of giving your points too.

                    1. Galaxie might be a noob but trust me, I know this for a fact that you are the biggest, let me repeat that THE BIGGEST noob I have ever seen, you think that because you are a 2ic or an “owner” of an army you are big stuff you think that you are have actually done something for IW, no Galaxie has done more stuff than you will ever do..ever. And no Galaxie did not start 5months ago and just get a “lucky” rank, he started about a month and a half before your sorry ass, its okay to be ashamed its the same way you thought YOU started before ME…THE LOLSSSSS.

                    2. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL O M G, HOLD UP HOOLLDD UPPPPP, did you just say that LOLOLOLOL firstly wasn’t I the one that was correcting YOUR “grammar” LOOL plsplspls stop I’m done, you don’t realise what you are typing do you and you say I type like someone with down syndrome LOLK.

                    3. What I was meant to say is that Gordy does know me, if I tell him who I am right now he would know instantly.

                    5. No I will not stop arguing with you until you realise that you are nobody, stop thinking that you started before me, stop thinking that you know everything and plsplspls stop thinking that you have more experience than me you worthless piece of shit.


  10. Egads.


  11. I know the two armies they wanted to declare war on, although that may have changed. If they do pick one of those armies, it will be a shock to everyone.


  12. It isn’t Romans nor Swat nor HSA nor WV.

    Stop making up fake rumors.


  13. I can’t help but laugh at the immaturity of these comments. Good luck Ice Warriors with whoever you’re going to war with.




  15. woo over 100 comments.


  16. […] – The Ice Warriors, who are likely to break away from isolation very soon, and who are preparing for the big day, dueled out against the Hot Sauce Army for a fairly good […]


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