Top Ten Armies: 05/05/13

Welcome to another edition of the CPAC Top Ten. It’s been another very close week, and now it’s time to see how armies stack up. Order this week is by Bluesockwa2, with help on the descriptions from Kingfunks4. 

Top Ten Armies


 1. Hot Sauce Army [+1] [93.75]

2T. Army of CP [+1] [90.88]

2T. Nachos [-1] [90.88]

4. Ice Warriors [+1] [86.75]

5T. Army Republic [+2[83.88]

5T. Light Troops [+1] [83.88]

7. Dark Warriors [-3] [79.75]

8. Shadow Troops [+4] [75.00]

9. Romans [+0] [72.75]

10. Water Vikings [-2] [69.88]


11. Night Warriors [NEW!]

12. Metal Warriors [NEW!] 

13. Chaos Army [NEW!]

14. Midnight Raiders [NEW!] 

15. N/A


Notable Drops


Fire Warriors [Defaced] [Former: 11]

Special Weapons and Tactics [Banned] [Former: N/A]

Doritos of CP [No Events] [Former: 13] 

Pirates [No Events] [Former: 10]


 1. Hot Sauce Army [+1]HSA have reached the Top, defeating their first allied and later rival army Nachos and surpassing the ACP. HSA began on a high note, maxing 28 at an unscheduled event. They then maxed 34 at a recruiting session, and 16 at a UK event. They defeated SWAT in a practice battle, maxing 32. Then they practiced battled the UK divisions of both armies, also a victory for HSA, who maxed 14. They had two more recruiting sessions, maxing 32 at both. Their Austra-Asian division also maxed 21 at a training session, and 28 at their final unscheduled for the week. HSA comes in at first this week.

2T. Army of CP [+1]: ACP are rising closer to their former glory as they tie for second place with the Nachos this week. Their week began with the promotion of Mchappy, spreading new hope in the army after a crushing defeat at the hands of the Nachos. Their unscheduled event, maxing 30, seemed to tell of a new era. Another event, ‘Terrorizing the Citizens of Breeze’, ended with a max of about 25. They defeated the Army Republic in a practice battle as well, maxing 30. Finally, ACP maxed about 23 at an Austra-Asian event early Sunday morning. ACP comes in tied for second this week.

2T. Nachos [-1]: The Nachos fall from first for the first time in weeks, tying with ACP. Their week began on a high note, following the defeat and subsequent surrender of ACP in the Nacho-ACP War. They maxed 27 and 25 at two recruiting sessions, then maxed about 32 at another recruiting/training. They are battling HSA in a PB today. Nachos come in tied for second this week.


4. Ice Warriors [+1]: IW rises up to fourth place, after a successful week with consistent sizes. They began with a US training session, maxing just over 20. Their first ever Austra-Asian training session ended with a max of 8. Another US event, once again with a max of 20. The Austra-Asian division also showed improvement with sizes of 13. IW’s final training of the week was also their best, with a max of 28 troops. IW comes in at fourth this week, a slight rise from last week.


5T. Army Republic [+2] The Army Republic had two events of a good standard to reach fifth this week, in both having around 20-25. These two events included a uLead session and a recruiting session. They also had several good Australian events, hitting around 10. However, they didn’t perform well against the ACP in the weekend practice battle and only managed a disappointing 15, in a battle which they lost. Burito also said that the AR moderators and owners needed to “get their act together” and said that any of them could get demoted if they do not get active again. Although the AR went up a space in this weeks top ten, they still only managed around 25 this week. AR comes in tied for fifth this week.


5T. Light Troops [+1]: It is the AR’s enemy that is tied with them this week. The LT ended the war with the HSA and are now in a war with the Fire Warriors. While they did not hit 25, they consistently had 20+ and the biggest sizes came at the start and end of the week, including an unscheduled event in which they maxed around 23. They had several automatic victories due to the Fire Warriors not turning up to several of them and they say that they are winning the war against the FW. They have several upcoming invasions and defenses against the army that is not in the Top Ten. LT comes in tied for fifth this week.

7. Dark Warriors [-3]DW has taken a fall to seventh, after a busy week. They first maxed 10 at a UK event, and later announced the return of their creator Ambrosha. Another Austra-Asian event ended with a max of 14, and then 20 at a US unscheduled. They are working on recruiting and growing the army back to the heights it reached a few weeks ago. They come in at seventh this week.

8. Shadow Troops [+4]: ST are back in the Top Ten after a long absence with leaders Slimy102, Cargo and Veolata. The ST hit decent sizes of 15+ at the highest, with good tactics. Their best event came in a raid of a SWAT vs Romans battle while they also had sizes of 10+ at a training session prior to this successful event. Cargo said that his “goal for the Shadow Troops is to make it to at least Major in the CPAC Top Ten before the start of summer” and it appears this has already been achieved with the ST coming in 8th this week. However, he did say that he was “tired of all of you [ST Troops] inactive, lazy, unloyal Troops”. ST comes in at eighth this week.

ST Loves Puffles!


9. Romans [+0]:  The Romans have remained in the Top Ten for another week and are currently winning the war against banned top ten army SWAT, who used old pictures to try and gain a good Top Ten spot. The Romans didn’t hit fantastic sizes and really only managed 10-15 at a training session near the beginning of the week. They have several invasions scheduled against the SWAT including an invasion of legendary server Mammoth, which is claimed by multiple armies.  During the week, they also claimed that the Romans invasion of Blizzard was not valid as they were not informed within 24 hours. A decent week for the Romans, having 10+ consistently. Romans come it at ninth this week.


10. Water Vikings [-2]: The WV hung barely onto a Top Ten spot this week, dropping from 8th to 10th. They had a disappointing week, barely reaching 10 on CP but they had perfect tactics and with this poor week in CP armies it was enough to achieve a tenth spot. They only had this one event to get them in the top ten and the lack of competition put them in 10th. They had several events scheduled but only one was barely successful and with the retirements of one or two retirements they have been poor this week. WV comes in at tenth this week.




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59 Responses

  1. ohdamn


  2. second nearly first


  3. Yolo


  4. 5th yolo


  5. Nice to see ST back in the top.10.


  6. ACP tied for second, yay!




  8. Yay, great job shadow troops!!!!


  9. Top ten was sort of the way I predicted it. I’m especially impressed with HSA, since I never thought they would stabilize themselves in the top. They could very well become the new hogger of the #1 spot, the previous being the Nachos. However ACP is right behind their tails too with Mch getting them back on track.

    As for CPPA, meh.


  10. Forgot to mention Romans leader Dj is temporarily gone, so Cpt Awesome3 has replaced him.


    • “They have several invasions scheduled against the Romans”
      We’re invading ourselves?
      Romans also maxed 18 this week, but otherwise a great Top 10.


  11. Romans maxed 17 on last Sunday AFTER top ten. We also maxed 18 earlier this wedk. Here are our sizes in orfer of when they happened: 17,16,15,18,14. You may wanna check our site again.




  13. Also we defended blizzard succesfully romans winning the war 3-0




  15. shadow troops ftw


  16. Nice to see WV being able to stay in T10 despite Zak retiring 🙂


  17. The LT description “ended the war with HSA and at war with FW” didn’t you mean to put AR?


  18. “They have several invasions scheduled against the Romans”. Do you mean against SWAT? :$


  19. I think somebody is mad because we made them retire :O


    • Don’t be a faggot, please, good sir.


      • Gah funks was supposed to rage at mee… YOU HAVE RUINED THE TRUEE PLAAAAAAANNNNM.
        Btw, I thought the order was done by funks. I retract my statement seeing as it wasn’t xD


  20. i just wished you used a pic of nachos circling the iceberg.


  21. I love how 8/10 of these armies have their pictures taken from the iceberg.


  22. Night Warriors! (:
    Also may someone please update the “Armies” page? Since Night Warriors are not dead anymore. Current leaders are me (Live Love1/Gabby) and Red Gush24. Thanks.


  23. Yeah ST my ass, I liked it better when I was ST 2ic and we were 1st on here, then Pain came and killed us.


    • Pain didn’t kill anyone, individual people did it themselfs, for one Vetsd got rid of most of the good leaders


      • I liked Vetsd to some degree, and Pain was just awful, he tried to get me to recruit during the superbowl and wanted me to take off my stealth, yeah he’s a Pain all right, a Pain in my ass!


  24. 47th! Hoorah!


  25. 48th! :mrgreen:
    Aww nachos went to 2nd, well to be honest, I was kinda expecting that. I think HSA deserve 1st =)


  26. Great top 10.


  27. Is it just me or are these sizes rly small for CPAC, it looks like what you would have seen on SMAC a while back…


  28. well im just here to let everybody kno that the rangers are back we are finishing up cleaning up the site and we are working with swat at this time so come on and join and represent us im also a raider we going big


  29. Why is HSA alive…?


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