The Grab for Troops

MIGRATOR – The Pirates, who are hanging onto a top ten spot and with Water being questioned about his leadership, have called for all troops in SWAT, DCP or WV to join them. None of the three armies have responded as of yet, but with two of these armies currently ranked higher than the Pirates on the CPAC Top Ten, is this a risk for the Pirates?

Although neither of these three armies have a huge UK force like the ACP’s or Pirates’ at their heights, they could still challenge at these European times while easily winning at USA times, due to the poor results of late from the Pirates. Water had strong words to say about the situation in SWAT, with words that could anger new leader Starz.

“Ok SWAT. Your Fuhrer, Ganger90, has retired from SWAT. He lets Starz take his place. Obviously things aren’t working out with him in charge. I mean, you guys were in the Top 5 but got defeated by an army that is 9th on the Top Ten! Starz excuse was pathetic considering back in the golden age of Spi, Ganger, Reece and Crazy’s leadership SWAT always had massive chats on a Friday night.”

Waterkid, who appears to be the leader of the Pirates once again, clearly thinks that Starz will not do well as a SWAT leader and already they have lost a battle to 9th placed Romans with sizes of around 10. They did have a good week previously to this, reaching 4th on the CPAC Top Ten, but now they have only been able to reach sizes of 18 (at an unscheduled event). On the other hand, they have not had a weekend event yet and armies can not make an accurate judgement about the way they are going. This is what Water has tried to do and has tried to attract SWAT troops to join the Pirates.

As already previously stated, the Pirates also targeted the Water Vikings. The WV have not had the best of weeks as of yet, only really hitting 10-15 and this included a defeat to the Ice Warriors in a PB. Again, like the SWAT, it is hard to give  an accurate reading on if the WV are rising or falling as they have not had a weekend event yet. Water didn’t have much to say about this army.

Zak left. Blue1 is leader. Do I really need to say more? No point in trying to become a big european army, because that’s the Pirates. Why not just join us instead?

Similar to the SWAT, he has no faith in the new leader of the Water Vikings and the influence of their creator is too big to be left out. King Blooy, an influential 2ic, also retired this week.

Nice E+8

The third army, the Doritos, are a different case to the other two armies. The DCP have not been in the top ten for a while and Mustapha returned to the army shortly after his retirement. This week they have only had sizes of around 10, which would be good enough to get them near the bottom of the SMAC top ten. Although the other two armies have not shown their potential at the weekend events, the DCP have not done better in recent weeks than their midweek event.

Oh no, Mustapha has dissapeared. Ooops false alarm, he is back. Don’t you hate it when he does this? It’s like a zigzag. How can you know Mustapha can stick with the Doritos or randomly vanish? Remember when he reset the chat and didn’t give anyone else main and you had to evacuate to another chat? Yeah, I am pretty sure you all remember. I have been in the Pirates since 2011, so for 2 years now. If you want a loyal leader who sticks with his army, then I’m your kind of leader.

Waterkid, who has left and returned to the Pirates around three times, clearly feels that Mustapha keeps on coming and going too much in the DCP. He says how he would be a “loyal leader who sticks with his army” and then says that they should join the Pirates because he’s their “kind of leader”. The DCP have not had a good event since Mustapha’s return five days ago.

Although all three armies are showing signs that they are struggling, the Pirates are also in a similar situation that could be seen as worse than SWAT’s. With the words of antagonism towards the three armies, there could be a war between the Pirates and either one of them (or two/three of them).After Waterkid linked me the “pedobear” song,  I interviewed him about his post.


Interview with Waterkid – Pirates Leader

Why did you think this post would be a good idea when the Pirates are already struggling?  Surely this will just give three armies a reason to declare war on the army. Some are also of the opinion that this will seduce no troops into the army as the Pirates are in an even worse situation than 2/3 of the armies you described. 

Well, I picked those armies because they are currently weak and have no power over me. 

As I said before, 2/3 of the armies you talked about are higher on the top ten. So you think that this will not anger the armies listed and that none of them will declare war, while the Pirates gain the troops from these three armies? 

If they declare war, then I will just fight back, but since the Pirates aren’t at full strength, I will fight back by playing dirty.

So you condemn other armies using dirty tactics, but in fact you will use them yourself?

I don’t condemn others if they use dirty tactics, I only condemn them if it’s against me. 

So you DO condemn others then?

If it’s against me of the Pirates, yes

Why did you say that Mustapha keeps on leaving and coming back to the Doritos when it is a known fact that you have left and return to the Pirates more than him?

That is because the Pirates depend on me. When I leave the Pirates, they almost die, DCP however doesn’t depend on Mustapha. The Pirates are under a dictatorship while the DCP is a democracy. They have four leaders. Pirates has one, which is me.


There were some tough questions in there for the Pirates Creator to answer, with him admitting that he will use “dirty tactics” if any of the armies declare war but then says how if the enemy uses “dirty tactics” then he will condemn them. Is this hypocritical, or just him trying to defend his army. It could be seen as both or either. The Pirates are struggling  but still creating a storm in CP armies by possibly angering three armies in the CP Army Community. It appears that the Pirates are still controversial, no matter what size they are at.

What do YOU think about Waterkid’s post? Will the WV, DCP and/or SWAT declare war on the Pirates or will they get away with it? Also, will this get new troops into the Pirates or infact harm the army? Comment YOUR opinion on the Pirates’ situation.


44 Responses

    • DCP replied to Waterkid, and DCP does depend on me because they got to 13th when I took a 5 day break, explain that you idiot @ Waterpig




  2. This is a fine ass post Funky King. Well done.


  3. Good post KF.


  4. Water went that low xD.


  5. Hypocritical sonnuva bitch, isn’t he?


  6. Romans defeated SWAT again. SWAT had to surrender because they maxed 7, Romans maxed 18.


  7. Wow, Starz actually does suck at leading. And what I dont!0’t get is that people who worked their ass off won’t get a high rank, but people who haven’t even been in the army for a year get 2ic or leader.


  8. These 3 could very easily gang up on Pirates and take their nation at US times, this is a very brave/silly move.


  9. True the 3 armies easily can but if they did and swat was in it i dont think i’d help because waterkid is one of my friends


  10. Hellna WV isn’t joining Pirates, and we have 2 more leaders, Brass and Bep


  11. LOL

    First off, good post Funks.

    Secondly, I find this all very amusing. All of Waterkid’s routes of influence are drying up. Club Warfare is not succeeding, and, as a controversial Pirates leader, he is making one last pull, begging for troops to sustain the army, and thus give him credibility once again as their leader.

    WV isn’t trying to become a UK Army, lol, before Zak and my retirement, 3 Leaders were US, and 1 was UK. Now, 1 US and 1 UK. WV is simply trying to rise, we’re not focusing on any sort of division, so don’t get too scared yet, Water.

    And, frankly, the large difference between WV and Pirates is that WV is actually enjoyable to be a part of, whereas, unless the majority of Pirates are just as annoying as Water and all get along because of their mutual faggotry, I don’t believe it would be a very fun army to be a part of.

    Good luck, Water. I’ve retired from WV, in case you didn’t catch the memo. But personally, I would like to see WV, SWAT, and DCP team up and screw over Pirates together.

    Just as opinion.


    • Blue1, that wasn’t an opinion, that was as fact.


    • “Secondly, I find this all very amusing. All of Waterkid’s routes of influence are drying up. Club Warfare is not succeeding, and, as a controversial Pirates leader, he is making one last pull, begging for troops to sustain the army, and thus give him credibility once again as their leader.”

      Firstly, that is wrong. Waterkid and I are trying to rebuild Pirates and we have attracted troops and a few of our former soldiers are coming back. This is not “one last pull”. A few from the 3 armies mentioned have come to us and a few others.


      • I find your what you’re claiming is amusing considering a few things. Firstly, Pirates are no longer the strongest European army. Heck, most armies’ UK divisions can pull off larger sizes at this point. Secondly, there are 8 soldiers who have currently commented on the Pirates’ active count — which, I grant you, has only been up for three days yet — and the last three events held by the army reached sizes of 10-15, with the 20 claimed in the majority being maxed, if you’re lucky. Thirdly, we’re not here to trash the Pirates. We’re here to say that the controversiality of Waterkid is bringing down the armies’ reputation.

        It’s ironic, because the Pirates are becoming just like their greatest enemy: the ACP of only a few weeks ago, prior to the leadership of Mchappy. Enveloped in leadership scandals and always claiming their events are larger than they were. The fact is, Pirates have fallen. They are no longer a superpower, if they ever were. One last pull? That’s pretty much what this is. It’s a pussy move, really — Water is throwing other armies and leaders under the bus, and, according to what you just said, it has gained the Pirates few troops. Besides, many of the claims Water is making aren’t even factually informed.

        The largest irony of all of this is that the sensible, strong, smart people in CPPA are too scared of losing their greatest salesman — because, honestly, that’s one of the best ways to describe Water — that they’ve thrown in the towel on a sensible administration.

        Pirates can still make a comeback, but the fact is that just as I stated, Waterkid’s influence is drying up. This is one last chance for him to prove himself as the leader the Pirates want before the, what, 5,000,000,000,000,000th rebellion inside CPPA gets rid of him for good?

        I find it all well and good that some of your soldiers are coming back, and some others are screwing over their armies and coming to the Pirates, but, at the end of the day, the move Waterkid has made is a new low for him. That’s all I’m saying.


        • Pirates need troops. You get that right? This is a method of grabbing troops and it has worked. Yes he is dissing a few armies in the process but it has worked. I’m not even going to bother retaliating against those points and opinions as I simply do not have the time or energy.

          One thing I would like to say is that there has been 3 rebellions within the Pirates since the beginning of March. I know that your statement was hyperbolic but it makes you look silly. (:


          • Bid, correction, there were only 2 rebellions, which were successful. Maybe you should think exactly why did 2 of the most LOYAL leaders rebelled.


          • If Waterkid was a good leader he wouldn’t be trying to STEAL troops like a little pussy, instead he would be recruiting. Bid you’re an idiotic follower.


    • DCP has replied to Pirates could you post it up?


  12. To me this post just talked about one thing: Waterkid100 is hypocritical.


  13. “So you DO condemn others then?
    If it’s against me of the Pirates, yes”

    Then may he condemn WV….


  14. Is this kid on drugs? First off, Mustapha never reset the chat. He took a leave for a few days but he forgot to give Bam and me the pass. Second We don’t have four leaders, we only have Musta as leader. And if you think your pathetic excuse for an army of butt pirates would have a chance against all three armies, you are sadly mistaken. Just wait until DCP rises once again.


  15. There’s Waterkid, being the faggot we all know him to be. The truth is, no one’s joining the Pirates BECAUSE of Waterkid. They’ve become the most infamous army in warfare because of him. He’s an arrogant and hypocritical little bitch like we can see in his interview. Warfare would be better off without him and his whining.


  16. I think you guys doubt and underestimate Waterkids actions. I’m a retired Co-Operative leader, and whenever I get the chance to, I spy on armies and gather intel for my clients. Granted that isn’t very often because I’m very unknown, I’ve collected quite a bit of information from the Pirates, that is classified at the moment. Waterkid may seem like an irritating little bitch, but he’s very intelligent when it comes to this stuff. His dirty tactics are more than tactics, they’re infiltration weapons.
    If he’s stealing any of your troops AT ALL, he’s doing something right. Swat, I recommend you keep a sharp eye on Waterkid, he knows what the fuck he’s doing.


    • He’s backing out of CP warfare, everyone has always hated him anyways. He’s pathetic and he’s messing with the wrong people. Last time I checked, I declared war on Pirates like 5 times and they ran every single time.


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