Battles Review: Light Troops vs. Fire Warriors

ICE BOX, Ioioluk Enterprises – After the Light Troops finished up their war with the Army Republic, they face yet another war, one against the Fire Warriors.

Note: the statistics and facts stated in the post are not meant to be biased since the FW website was defaced, not much information could be obtained. 

After a major crisis between LT and AR, where LT claimed to have won back nearly almost every server, with the response of ignorance from AR’s side, the LT have set their sights on the Fire Warriors. Amidst the war, the FW website had been defaced, around April 29th.


On May 3rd, LT had logged onto Walrus, but as they claim, the FW didn’t log on for the battle, therefore making LT the victor. As the FW website has been defaced, it’s impossible to know what they stated.

Jack Frost/Boots

For Jack Frost, LT claim that FW stated they won because LT departed for the Ski Village, though in all honesty, LT outnumbered FW in the course of the battle. Afterwards, LT state that FW didn’t show up for Boots, automatically stating themselves as victors.

FW 10 and LT 13-15


Throughout the battle, LT surpassed FW’s max with a mere difference of one or two troops, and also claim that FW’s leader, Taco, approached the AR chat for help in the battles. LT managed a good 8-11 while FW managed 8-10.

FW max 7-8 while LT max 7-8 as well

Therefore, the rest of the events have vague interpretation, as LT have yet again stated that FW didn’t log on for the remaining battles.

Interview with Drmatt

I will be blue and he will be red.

Me: Why did LT declare war on FW?
Matt: FW actually declared war on us and I’m not sure why they declared war on us. In my opinion, I think they declared war on us because we went to war with AR. FW is pretty much all of AR.
Me: Throughout the course of the battle, FW haven’t showed up to many events. What do you think about that?
Matt: I think it’s a foolish choice for them to not show up to events because that makes them scared to fight us.
Me: When you saw Taco trying to get help from AR, what was your first thought?
Matt: My first thought was, “Wow, I can’t believe he said ‘no allies’ as a rule of the war and now he’s asking help from the AR.” That’s pretty stupid.
Me: What more do you expect?
Matt: I probably expect the war  to be over soon.
Me: Anything else?
Matt: I also probably expect for LT to win the war.

What do you think will be the outcome of the war? Comment with your opinion.

 ●||»๖̶̶̶ۣۜмιѕѕ pιĸα мιcнαєℓ נαcкѕση ℓσνєя«||●
CPA Central Reporter

13 Responses



  2. I want FW to win, but so far LT has the spot light(no pun intended).


  3. If the Fire Warriors got a few more soldiers, and actually showed up to the events, then it’d be a pretty close war.


  4. 1. What is “Ioioluk Enterprises”?
    2. What’s the picture at the end?


  5. We are so gonna win this war


  6. hi, and me and my friend have made a new army called the diamond penguin warriors (DPW). We need recruits as we are the only ones in the army. and our only server is brumpy. And nachos: can we shelter on your website?
    Join now!


  7. i think lt will win


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