SWAT and Romans Battle for Shiver

SHIVER- Following SWAT’s declaration of war on the Romans which took place on the 28th of April, the two rivals found themselves in a fierce and competitive battle on the grounds of Shiver.  With SWAT attacking hard and the Romans defending strong, which army took home the server along with the sweet taste of victory?

The war began last Sunday when SWAT leader Stars34 declared war on the Romans in a post on SWAT’s website.  The following quotation was taken directly from the post on the official SWAT website:

We officially declare war on the Romans of Club Penguin. At the end of this war, no servers will be returned unless otherwise stated.

The Romans were quick to react to this news.  Romans 2ic Cpt Awesome3 responded to SWAT’s war post on the 1st of May with a post on the Romans’ website:

Hello all Romans! We are now on Defcon 1 as the SWAT are attacking us to “Get Land and Get Active.” I honestly believe that if they wanted either of these things, we could just give them land grants and a PB- but **** me, right? They aren’t backing down. It is MANDATORY to attend.

While SWAT was banned from the most recent edition of CPAC’s Top Ten Armies, they have recently been seen performing well in events.  The Romans have been on the rise recently and made their first appearance in the top ten in all of their lifespan, ranked at ninth.  Going in to the war, both armies were ready to fight.

The first battle of the war, SWAT’s invasion of the server Shiver, took place this evening at 8:00 pm EST.  The battle was mainly for the USA and Canadian forces of both armies. 

Below, the Romans do the E+T tactic while SWAT does the E+G tactic on the Ice Berg.

Below, the Romans do a joke bomb while SWAT does the E+8 tactic in the Town.

In the end, SWAT did not have as many troops as planned and ultimately surrendered to the Romans.

When asked about SWAT’s performance, SWAT leader Stars34 responded:

Well, it was a late battle, plus people are usually out on Friday nights/afternoons.  That’s our reason.

After this battle, the Romans cheer in victory while SWAT prepares to make a comeback.  Tomorrow, events for both USA and UK timezone troops will take place.  Only time will tell where this war leads the two armies.

Comment with YOUR opinion on the battle?  How do you think the armies did?  How will the future battles go?  Who will be the winner in the end?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Associate Producer

15 Responses

  1. 1st and Romans won


  2. Romans won. SWAT admitted defeat.


  3. is this a joke?


  4. Yay Romans!


  5. Swat vs Romans? Im dying XD


  6. Romanus Surge, go Romans!


  7. Maybe not as big as we wanted by without Dj I’m happy with how we did, Stars’ excuse of them not doing well is stupid considering HE scheduled it.


  8. seriously is noone that commented yet WITH swat?


  9. Gangsta the romans killed


  10. Good job to Romans.


  11. Romans won again on Blizzard.


  12. Shivertoe should’ve reported on this


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