HSA Defeats SWAT in Practice Battle

HALF PIPE – It appears that HSA seems to be training and utilising their UK force well in a practice battle against SWAT, and while Hot Sauce Army maxed 14 whilst averaging 11 during the battle, it seems that SWAT were only able to max something around 7 whilst averaging 4-5.

Below, SWAT 2nd in Command ‘Spikey’ announces that SWAT lost the practice battle –

Read on for more on this battle.

Well, this post will probably not be top quality as writing reports is not my top domain, but I will give it my best shot, and so, without further ado, I report in further detail on the battle with perhaps a little bit of study into the meaning of such a battle.

It appears that, throughout the battle, Hot Sauce army were able to dominate their opponents, with some very good tactics as shown here –

And it appears that, in actual fact, most of, or in fact, all of the battle took place in the stadium, which is not always the main battling arena of choice for some armies, although recently in their battles, HSA have taken a certain liking to it, or so I might think. I can remember that not too long ago when they began rising in the top 10, their top 10 picture was a scatter in the stadium. Unless I am of course, mistaken.

SWAT seem graceful in defeat during this practice battle, as GoodJoker, Euro leader of SWAT, says –

 Maybe HSA is the 2nd strongest in the Top 10 but we have good defense. :D Also I want to congrat HSA for amaizng joke bomb. Nice job guys.

Well nice job guys. I’m sorry if ,at the end of the battle, I ragged on you for not pc-ing me pics or doing tactics. I am really sorry. But what all matters is that we had fun. :D

It seems, after a recent scandal SWAT were involved in, which included them faking pictures for the CPAC Top 10, they seem to be understanding after all that things aren’t always meant to be taken so seriously and sometimes, these things are just meant to be done for fun! In my opinion, this is a great philosophy to follow in armies and in life. I commend SWAT for this way of thinking.

It is, perhaps, not surprising that SWAT have not done extremely well in this practice battle, seeing as recently they have been experiencing some troubles with leadership, first with the retirement of Dom hitting the army hard, and then the retirement of GoodJoker being thrown into the equation, although this was later decided against.

return time

This seems to be SWAT’s current motto at the moment, but the question is this – will the fallen, really return?

In contrast to SWAT’s performance, Hot Sauce Army seemed to have performed exceptionally well with a very good performance from their UK force, executing swift and neat tactics to show SWAT what they’re made of. Recently they seem to have gained a lot of momentum in their UK division, with sizes of 15-16 demonstrated in what was described as, ‘Strong UK training’. The entire Hot Sauce army will be put to the test on Sunday this week, as they face off against the Nachos in a practice battle. Things will certainly be heating up for this battle, folks.

It seems to be the trend that many armies are setting at the moment, to try and improve on their UK divisions. Lots of groups have realised recently that UK divisions can actually win the war for an army. ACP’s reasonably strong UK force helped them gain some ground in the ACP-NACHOS-HSA war which ended recently, although Nachos did an OK job of defending the threat of the ACP UK force. Other armies seem to be working hard at building up these forces, too.

That’s all from me this time, and I hope that you enjoyed this post. Feel free to leave (suitable) feedback for me in the comments section!

Signing off,

~6789cool – CPAC Reporter.

12 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:


  2. Bias post. Seeing how there is one picture from the Swat site. You either showed the HSA pictures or the end of the battle SWAT pictures. .


    • There was only 3 pictures so it was either 2 swat and 1 hsa pic or 2 hsa and 1 swat pic


    • I’m a nacho, why would I be biased? This isnt a results post so bias doesnt matter, and since HSA won the battle with much superior sizes, THINK anything would seem a bit bias. HSA’s picturres are the only ones showing the whole scene with armies, anyway, so it’s not surprising that I might choose them over SWAT pictures.


      • Do not worry for Starz. He is just a little grumpy. *wary* And sorry for not taking all scenes. I thought I don’t need to because HSA will have them.


  3. I am in the post. Hmm Cool you maybe saw that SWAT maxed 7 but last week we maxed: Tuesday 17 , Wednesday 10-11 (there was 1 rogue) and Thursday 8 (UK U-Lead). Btw nice post.


  4. Great post! Here are a few tips:
    -Post formatting: Put the post summary in the same line as the server name, and keep it to only one line. No need for the sentence ‘Read on for more of this battle’.
    -Center the image.
    -Are there a few issues with the size of the font of the last sentence?

    The content is great, so not much to say there. Keep it up.


    • Yeah I fixed most of that stuff, but Splasher’s right. Also don’t ever use Exclamation Marks (!) in the title. It’s unneeded and looks unprofessional.


      • Formatting’s kinda my weakness it seems xD thanks to both for feedback! learn something new every post 😀


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