The Importance of our Creators

Evening all. I got bored so I decided to write a post on something that I thought of a while ago. How important are our Creators to us and how have they influenced armies since?

Over the 6-7 years of Club Penguin armies, there has been many army creations. Most armies flop within a week or reach a size between 5-10 and are then long forgotten. Not just the armies, the Creators. These people create the armies and are never remembered by the majority of us.

However, some Creators are deemed legends. Examples and role models for us all to aspire to be. These guys created big armies and were successful, something we’d all love to have on our resume. The most famous creators in all of Club Penguin are IceyFeet1234, Oagalthorp and Pink Mafias. Yes, there are many more famous Creators but these 3 seem to be the most remembered.

Yet, these 3 have hardly anything to do with their armies anymore. Pink Mafias has been seen a few times in the past few years but never stuck around for longer than 1-2 hours. Oagalthorp will come on ACP chat once in a while but doesn’t stay much longer. Iceyfeet1234 is the most common sight of the 3, he comes on a few times every fortnight but doesn’t have a massive amount to do with IW anymore. However, these 3 armies have continued to thrive, admittedly, the UMA has dropped off but is still alive and doing respectable.

Let’s look at a different example. The army I have chosen to focus on is the Light Troops and their Creator Ioioluk. Ioio created the LT and has lead them to numerous successes. Massive wars, countless invasions and defenses. The army has seen a lot through it’s time. Not long ago, ioioluk retired from the LT and left the leadership to Roberto. Roberto is a well-known figure within the LT ranks, so it wasn’t like a new foreign leader had been brought in to lead the army. This was a guy that everyone new and liked within LT.

Yet, LT began to fall. Their first few events since Ioio’s departure were appalling. They lost more than half of their size and freefalled down the top 10. Ioio came back a few days later and the army was restored to their previous success. No hubbub about it, the army just bounced back up. Ioio has since left the LT as leader to focus on other endeavors, the army has not seen their previous sizes but have maintained a somewhat healthy figure.

I decided to interview two people to see what if there was anything evident in my points.


I haven’t been in the CPAC game for a while now, so excuse me if these interviews suck.

Interview with 122344a ~ Army Republic Creator

How important do you think Creators are to an army?

Well basically, they are the foundation of the army. They can be viewed as a role model by soldiers, or even the current leaders. They did engender the creation of the army after all.

Do you think armies can fall if Creators do not stick around?

No, armies with experienced and very good leaders will stay around without their creators. Examples can be ACP, Nachos, UMA, etc. What the creators do, or make sure to do before they leave is build a type of system for the armies to stick around the future generations to come, without the creators assistance.

How reliant is the AR on you?

Well over time, I made sure to cut off their dependence on me. I started going on less and less so they wouldn’t depend on me as much and they began to grow a sense of dependence upon Burr and Vinny. I did this so they could go on without me and not have to rely on me for everything.

Do you think the return of Creators can benefit an army or damage them?

When creators return to their army, it has a temporary effect to create an idyllic environment in the army. However, overtime the sense of “OMG OUR CREATOR IS BACK. EVERYONE JOIN!” wears off. When the creators come back, it only has a short benefit.


Interview with Albert147 ~ Ice Warriors Main Leader

How important do you think Creators are to an army?

Well I think they’re pretty important since they’re usually the ones who have much experience in creating a successful army in the first place.

How did the Ice Warriors stay alive so successfully after Icey declared his retirement?

Well I pretty much learned his of how he kept IW in a stable condition and then put them into use.

Were the Ice Warriors dependent on Icey in his last few months as much as they were in the past? Was IW eased into his eventual departure?

Yeah, I believe his army was dependent on him like the past. Over time, we got used to the fact that he was retired and that I was here to carry on his legacy.

If Icey was to return to the army as a leader, do you think this would benefit the army or damage them?

I think Icey would benefit the army if he returned.

Do you think any creators returning to their army’s as leaders would benefit or damage them? Any examples?

Well I think some army creators like Wwe Best Fan would benefit his army DCP if he returned. I don’t think there are any bad ones, at least I can’t think of any as of now.


As you can see, both of these 2  believe that creators can benefit an army if they return yet there is no clear definitive if a return is potentially bad for the army. I believe that creators can do both for an army, allowing growth and development but sometimes restricting these things for an army.

~Bid Now

Note: I haven’t posted something like this in a while. Gimme some criticism please.

36 Responses

  1. My face.


  2. too bad pink mafias ditched his army for WoW, unlike nearly all the other creators.


  3. Not just creators, but also really successful leaders, like Boomer/Mchappy with the ACP, Person with the Nachos and Waterkid with Pirates (and so forth)


  4. Good possttt 😉


  5. Albert417 doesn’t get the credit he deserves. When Iceyfeet1234 was leader he went missing a lot which would cause the Ice Warriors to fall in the top ten. I believe Albert has done a very nice job keeping the army near the top five, making them stabilized.


    • Exactly. Iceyfeet gets too much credit, he’s a douchebag. He shouldn’t even be a “Warfare Pioneer,” on legends page… he got in by 1 vote. BUT that one vote thought he was voting for him NOT TO BE under Warfare Pioneer. Since the CPAC Head at the time LOVED Iceyfeet, he decided to not change that guys vote.




      • Iceyfeet is bad, iceyfeet is not a legend blah blah blah no. Iceyfeet deserves legend the most in my opinion because he has led IW by himself, on his OWNN to the top 10 to the top 3, he’s done way more than some people on the legends page he deserves it OKK, trickster sshhh :*


      • Ambrosha was denied access to the Legends page. Does that not say enough about f*cked it is?


  6. wai u no interview oagal!!!! jk lol


  7. in football people still sing the names of legends 40 years on, creators should be respected as much as anyone in the army


  8. Good post.


  9. No Commando? What is this?


    • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


    • RPF have had much success over the years but the RPF are hardly an army anymore. Commando created a successful army but if you asked people on most chats now a days, they would say the 3 most legendary creators were the 3 that I mentioned.


  10. No Seanehawk? What is this?


  11. Nice to see you again Mr Broken


  12. Amazing post


  13. Really? Iceyfeet? He’s not one of the “Creators” . Pink and Oagal mainly are, they started made cp armies kaboom to a community (yes, I just used the word kaboom). Iceyfeet didn’t do anything, but create Ice Warriors in 2007, AFTER many other armies were created.

    He gets too much cred.



    • I’d like to back Trickster up on this. Here is a brief history, in the simplest terms possible, on how Iceyfeet1234 contributed:

      “FIrst, there was Oagalthorp and Pink Mafias. They did not like each other. They went to war. Commando717 also thought Pink Mafias was a jerk, and turned his army against him. Oagalthorp and Commando717 became friends, finished modernizing armies together, and then retired. Iceyfeet1234 then joined the game.”

      Iceyfeet1234 is accredited with being the first to start an army with a “Warriors” based name. Other than that, he simply enforced what was already determined. He was not consider a legend back then, and I find it generous that he is considered one now. If anything, he should be considered a notable leader for having the success that he managed.

      – Commando717


      • If you read my comment below you will realize why he is considered a legend.

        The main reason he is in this post is because he is one of the most famous creators in CP armies. You’re famous to most of us that brushed up on their history or were around during RPF’s decent times. That is the reason he is in this post, I did not make this post about legends, just the most famous creators today.


    • A somewhat valid opinion. He is known the most since IW have been one of the largest forces in CP armies consistently. The guy ran IW for a longer time than anyone else has ever ran an army. The fact that he managed to keep IW not just alive but as a dominant force. That’s why he deserves his credit.


      • What he said ^^


      • I’m sorry, but no. Ice Warriors didn’t get huge until 2009, when Boomer and I and Person1233 came together and decided that we should be a “Mass Recruiting Session” for the Big 6. The Big 6 (the top 10 of 2007-2009) was Acp, Nachos, Rpf, Uma, Watex Warriors, and Ice Warriors.

        Ice Warriors were always 6th. They were small. They didn’t get huge until we did the Mass Recruiting Session. First we did ACP, this led ACP to having over 120+ on Clubpenguin. Then we did Ice Warriors, and Ice Warriors blew up. This is how IW and Acp battled for the Top 2 positions for many weeks.

        Icey was NOT the reason for IW being a “dominant” force, as Boomer, Person1233, and I were the reason. K?

        Anywho, Iceyfeet popped in and out consistently. He just didn’t step down.

        The only credit he does deserve though, and you’re right with this, is him leading for a very long time. Anything else, he does not deserve.



  14. Chuck Norris and Rambo are the only Legends you fools!


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