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The only interesting part of this post for the readers is the partnership with SMAC, which I have put at the top so that you don’t have to scroll down to find; if you are a staff member, however, please read the whole post.

Partnership with SMAC

Club Penguin Army Central and Small and Medium Army Central will be partnering together once again!

No, this is not the first time that CPAC and SMAC has partnered together. The first time happened under a deal between Funks and myself, and the second under Blue and Bepboy. While the two previous partnerships have been terminated without much happening, I am certain that this time around, CPAC and SMAC will be able to cooperate together in a lasting alliance that will bring numerous creative projects and events to the Club Penguin army community.

Here are the main features of this partnership:

  • Co-hosting events: over the following months (especially during Summer), CPAC and SMAC may be co-hosting tournaments and events together. With the cooperation of both the large and small-medium sectors, we can bring you the largest events CP armies has seen yet.
  • Future projects to benefit the army community: Similarly to the events, the cooperation of two of the largest media sites in armies will be able to bring to you new and ambitious projects that will be hard to achieve alone.
  • Podcasts and other multimedia: CPAC and SMAC may be using new forms of media to bring more entertainment to you soon.

That’s pretty much all that may be interesting to the reader, so if you are not a staff member of CPAC, you may scroll down to the comments (to write one if you have any) or you may close this post. If you are a CPAC staff member, please read on.

CPAC Evaluation Week

Here is what CPAC Evaluation week is for you if you are a CPAC reporter:

Please write one post between Monday, April 29th and Monday, May 6th.

Yes, it’s that simple. The reason that we are making it required for you to post between these two dates is because:

  • We need an activity check: We’re not sure that all our staff are active at the moment. By posting during Evaluation week, you are confirming your activity.
  • We want to give you feedback: Every post written during Evaluation week will be given a thorough comment containing detailed feedback. This comment will talk about many aspects of your post, from your formatting to your grammar to how much detail you put in.

Now, this feedback isn’t supposed to be scary: we’re simply going to talk about what you’re doing well (all of us love a compliment) and what we think you should improve on.

The scary part about Evaluation Week, however, is that if you do not post between these two datesyou will be asked to leave CPAC. *sound of thunder* However, if you cannot post, you may give an excuse on the CPAC Staff Site (more on that later) and you will be allowed to post at a later date.

That is all Evaluation week is. Give it your best shot!

I’m certain that this will be the Blue Brothers’ reaction when they read your posts.

CPAC Staff Site

If you are a staff member of CPAC, you may have noticed that a while ago, invitations to a CPAC Staff Site was sent out by myself. Basically, the CPAC Staff Site was created by Woton last year, but has since gone inactive. In order to make staff communication easier, we will be bringing in back.

Please make sure that you accept the invitation to the CPAC Staff Site. (If you haven’t received one, please notify the Blue brothers or myself so that we can add you on). Currently, we’re working on writing some guides on the CPAC Staff Site so that we can make your job easier for you 😉 . Please make sure that you check the CPAC Staff Site periodically to keep yourself updated on the internal affairs of CPAC.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment!


CPAC Vice President

18 Responses

  1. Splasher ❤ Good to see SMAC's evaluation week being introduced here too!


  2. So we have a few years to write the post, then?


  3. I’m glad that the partnership is back. I’ll get to writing my post as soon as possible.


  4. I was going to ignore this and not post, but you know what, I want to. I’m conducting the Minecraft server experiment this summer. (Specifically in late May when I am free)

    So I’ll get an official announcement up to the community.


  5. I didn’t get invitation to CPAC staff site… (wary)


  6. My reaction.


  7. mary janes last dance


  8. How the hell does Global Defenders manage to get into every banner


  9. Technically I’m not a reporter, but I’ll post for fun


  10. What about me D:


  11. What about me D: D:


  12. Add me *wary*


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