Fire Warriors Declare War On Light Troops

Recently, Fire Warriors have declared war on, Light Troops. Who will prevail to be the winner?

Hello CPAC, recently the Fire Warriors have declared war on Light Troops. The Fire Warriors max 15-18 sometimes 20+, while the Light Troops max mainly the same or less. The Fire Warriors scheduled 14 invasions on Light Troops, which is safe enough to say a lot of invasions. Also, the Fire Warriors are facing a defacing to their site.

Epic Size

Fire Warriors

I was lucky enough to find a picture of Fire Warriors before their site was defaced. Anyways, it shows FW 15-18 with a perfect joke bomb in line. The FW have consistently been getting ranked #1 in SMAC’s Top 10 missing CPAC’s Top 10 again for another week. I can not really tell more on FW since their site is defaced, which might effect them at war.


Now, Fire Warriors have been getting consistent sizes for this past 2-3 weeks, but after their defacing to site, it might cause some problems during the war unless they get it fixed quickly. Light Troops have also been consistent lately, but might have an advantage now.

Light Troops

The Light Troops look to have a little less than Fire Warriors if you compare the 2 pictures with each other, but they both seem to have spot on tactics. The Light Troops also are claiming their nation back from, Army Republic, which they are almost done with. They seem pretty busy this month.

Now that I have showed you both armies at one of their events it looks like it might be a close one, but maybe an FW win if they can recover from deface fast before the invasions begin. The LT also have a win advantage to this war also with FW’s site down right now.

❗ My Prediction!: ❗

Well, this is something I am used to doing a lot during war posts, so I thought of doing one, again. Well, both armies have a tie already with spot on tactics and both armies seem pretty close in size, but FW have a lean towards them if they can recover from a little deface. I will have to go for Fire Warriors on my prediction because it is only a little deface that I am sure they can recover from if they fix it fast.

The Light Troops are busy actually right now since they have 2 important defenses scheduled for today. My prediction is a FW win. Tell me who you think is going to win. Until next time!


31 Responses

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  2. Curious why you only made such a brief mention of the defacing story, as that could’ve been incorporated nicely. Otherwise, well done post.


  3. Awesome post! I honestly think LT can pull out a win.


  4. Fire Warriors may have the size while Light Troops have the experience. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.


  5. I think LT will win.


  6. Probally LT


  7. LT will kick FW’s ass.


  8. I say LT since they are more consistent. I will probably banned on FW chat now but -.-


  9. somehow
    ACP wins


  10. Lt Will Win


  11. It’s going to be interesting to find out who will win. I think the Fire Warriors will win. But, that is just my opinion of course. I look forward to finding out who wins.


  12. I swear if LT loses their leadership will be getting a dick slapping.


  13. Extremely bias post, but it was alright.


  14. 1st, I think, anyways the winner is obvious, it’s going to be Rambo, Rambo always wins. Accept it mortals.


  15. Nvm about the 1st thing, just noticed that the comments didn’t load so I assumed there were none.. I Blame Olivia.


  16. LT is winning so far just saying…


  17. Good post Joey. It seems like you’ve improved from when I evaluated you on SMAC. Anyway, here’s a few tips:

    -Starting the post: quite a few reporters choose to start the post by writing the server the events happened on (or the capital of the army) in bold caps followed by a summary o the post.

    Really, this post is pretty good, so I would say that you’re doing a good job.


    What kind of reporter are you if you make the text impossible to read? You’re supposed to make posts that are easy to read. Good lord…


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