Top Ten Armies: 04/28/13

UPDATED 6:36 PM EST: Switched Romans and CPPA.

UPDATED 5:55 PM EST: SWAT, similarly to what DCP did a few weeks ago, has been shown to have attempted to pass off two events that date to before the dates they are alleged to be from at legitimate. Thus, they receive a two-week banishment from the Top Ten. Thank you and good night. 

We’ve seen retirements, wars, treaties, and enough negotiation to last a lifetime in the course of the last week, and as we begin anew, here is another edition of the CPAC Top Ten Armies. Sorry about the shortened descriptions, the author kept changing this week and I only got word very late that I was to write this, so I kept things short. To make things simple, I listed the 5 (if there were that many) best event sizes of each army, along with a brief summary of their week.

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: CPAC wishes to reiterate once again that we will not recognize any even held on any server which is not an official Club Penguin server, whether that server be private, public or otherwise. While we have no issue with the use of these as fun servers for army parties and the like, no events which take place will be counted as legitimate shows of sizes or tactics. 

Top Ten Armies


1. Nachos [+0] [95.88]

2. Hot Sauce Army [+1] [86.75]

3. Army of CP [+2] [83.75]

4. Dark Warriors [-3] [79.75]

5. Ice Warriors [+2] [74.88]

6T. Army Republic [-1] [68.88]

6T. Light Troops [+2] [68.88]

8. Water Vikings [+1] [64.92]

9. Romans [+3] [59.76]

10. Pirates [NEW!] [57.22]


Close to the Top Ten:

11. Fire Warriors [-1] 

12. Shadow Troops [NEW!] 

13. Doritos [NEW!]

14. Elite Penguin Troops [NEW!] 

15. Midnight Raiders [NEW!] 


1. Nachos [+0]: Once again Nachos retain their spot at first this week, and, after maxing sizes of 35, 30, 27, 18 and 11 at several events, they brought the mighty ACP to its knees and forced their surrender in their war. 2 2. Hot Sauce Army [+1]: HSA moves just closer to the top this week, after maxing 30, 25, 20, 28, and 27 troops at several of their events and assisting in the defeat of the ACP in the Nachos/ACP war. 3. Army of CP [+2]: ACP has jumped to a several week high of third, reaching the Top 3 this week coming off of a disastrous week of retirements, battles, and a leadership change, however they still pulled off sizes of 31, 18, 15, 20, and 25 this week.  4. Dark Warriors [-3]DW takes a fall this week, with lessening sizes following the leave of creator/leader Elite910. They maxed 31, 20, 17, 15, 17 at several events. 5. Ice Warriors [+2]: IW rose back to more normal placing for them this week, after maxing 20, 20, and 25 at their events this week. IWRECRUITING2 6T. Army Republic [-1]: AR took a slight fall this week as they claim to have finished up their war with the Light Troops, maxing 20, 17, 18, 7 and 5 at some of their many events. Thermal07 6T. Light Troops [+2]: LT rise to tie with their enemy AR after a long and costly week of war. They maxed sizes around 15, 13, 10, 7, and 6. 8. Water Vikings [+1]: WV retain their spot this week, maxing sizes of 20, 25, 15, and 16 at several events, including a PB against the IW. 15 doing the tactic!

9. Romans [+3]: The Romans make their first appearance in their history in the CPAC Top Ten, a late addition after the discovery of SWAT’s dishonesty. They reach the Top Ten with sizes of 17, 13, 11, and 8.

10. Pirates [NEW!]The Pirates are back in the Top Ten this week, maxing sizes of 15, 12 and 8 at several events.


New Poll every Sunday!


Once again, sorry about the lateness of the Top Ten this week, there was a lot of business and confusion over here at HQ and it got pushed to the side. In other news, CPAC has partnered with SMAC for some events that are coming soon, and we are now selling sponsorships, which you can PC myself or Blue1 about for more information.

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CPA Central CEO

74 Responses

  1. You have some events that took place last week.


  2. That pic of SWAT is like from 1-2 weeks ago…


  3. SWAT used an old pic..


  4. lolwut FW got 20+ at 2 unscheds wtf is this lol


  5. Good top ten, but I think the Romans should be 10th.


  6. Yayz ACP rose up by 2


  7. SWAT used old pics, other than that great top ten 😀


  8. The DW pic was taken today, so wouldn’t that count for next week’s Top Ten?


  9. How is there a 10 point difference between HSA and Nachos when we were practically even…


  10. good top 10, good job Romans, let’s climb higher.


  11. The FW look bigger then the pirates in all the pics….


  12. Personally, I would have made the top ten like this.

    1. Hot Sauce Army
    2. Nachos
    3. Army of CP
    4. Dark Warriors
    5. Ice Warriors
    6T. Water Vikings
    6T. Light Troops
    8. AR
    9. Pirates
    10. Romans

    I actually think HSA deserves 1st for once, someone other than the Nachos. And AR’s week was crap.


  13. Good Top Ten.


  14. yah yah yah


  15. Just wanted to point out that the Romans have been in top ten before… it’s just been a very long time.


    • That’s possible, I just couldn’t recall/find an example of such.


  16. Interesting top ten but In the War AR beat Lt


  17. Our site got defaced and we restored it you faggots.


    • ‘Restored’ it by posting an event that was clearly taken before the date you claimed, since had that picture been taken on the 27th as the post stated, there would have to be Marvel Party Decorations in it (as the party started on the 25th) so clearly that was an attempt to lie about sizes with a picture taken before the stated date.

      And I’m even more amused by how you tried to say you had a PB with HSA, when, as HSA’s leaders so kindly informed me, you had nothing of the sort. Upon closer investigation I found you had reposted the ONE AND ONLY picture posted by CPWI at the close of their tournament on the 13th. I’m especially amused by how you didn’t even pick an image from a large batch; it was the one and only picture, impossible not to notice. It seems you can’t even manage to tell lies right, can you?

      So, please, tell me more about your ‘restoration’ of the SWAT site. I’m sure we’d all just love to hear it.


  18. The quality of armies is depleting again.
    A month ago, WV would have been 11th/12th.


  19. ACP as third? Awesome! :mrgreen:


  20. 1T HSA
    1T Nachos
    3 Acp
    4 DW
    5 AR
    6 IW
    7 WV
    8 Light Troops
    9 Fire Warriora
    10 Romans
    I think tht would be a nice top 10 i was brosing through these armes and saw that the FW got 20+ in pictures. alot better then the un orginized pirates ones


  21. Nacho size: 35, 30, 27, 18 and 11

    HSA size: 30, 25, 20, 28, and 27

    We deserve 1st…


  22. This is a Lazy top ten.


  23. How do you write these Top Tens? Is there some technique to it? Whenever I try of thinking of making one in my head, it’s completely the other way around. How do you do it?

    P.S : Nice Top 10.


  24. Good top ten, I thought it was a little strange our rating went down from last week and it doesn’t apear to be too close to the Nachos, but good top ten in general.


  25. Booyah, Nachos first again! Ten week streak. Also, it looks like ACP and HSA are improving each week, so they are also quite close to the top.
    P.S Nice Top 10 :mrgreen:


  26. Ravex is boss.


  27. A fair top ten this week! Keep it going chaps :D!


  28. LMFAO, you see it’s not stereotyping if it’s true… (from a previous debate about SWAT)


  29. SWAT didn’t even use any old pictures, we got defaced, and we were in the process of restoring. Please un-do this wrongfully convicted crime and banishment from the Top Ten for 2 weeks.


    • Ganger that’s the thing that makes people hate you your a sneak a liar and a kiss ass


    • If you’d please read my response to Starz above, you will see how I can prove my claims.


  30. “defeated the mighty ACP”

    ACP haven’t been mighty in a while


  31. Honestly, this top 10 is a bit sloppy blue I mean even if it was really late could of scored them a little better and put more thought into it I mean I would say Nachos and HSA should be tied for 1st Acp 3rd IW 4th LT 5th AR 6th DW 7th WV 8th Pirates 9th Romans 10th if you look more carefully at the pics and scores you’ll see what I mean and as a reply to the people who are going to complain im a moron for putting DW so low, I have high faith DW wont recover their fall and no offense blue that I called it sloppy but just as everyone else who complains ill state my opinion as well and as for the part where everyone is saying CP warfare is weakening with population probally because everyone is having non-stop wars like idiots its not right for their to be so many wars and constant events that wont be fun for anybody the reason nachos and HSA stick around world power is for their great sizes and they retain their troops by having more fun instead of stressing and non-stop bitching at their troops.


  32. How did Shadow Troops get 12th? EPT and SR did better. I guess there is always next week.


  33. my top 10
    if wv maxed 25 then they should be higher


  34. Chaos Leader 32op here Please Add Chaos To Top 10 we get 14+


  35. Rem those days where Acp was always ranked number 1. on top of the top ten armies looks like it has changed as time has gone on


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