Servers; a massive mess.

The laziness and greed of some armies leaves some servers claimed by many armies.

Table of Contents:

  1. Why are servers claimed by so many armies?
  2. What can we do to make them more accurate and prevent them from getting even worse?

*This post contains some of my opinions and is not completely free of bias*

Why are servers claimed by so many armies?

Servers. A vital part of CP warfare. Without them armies wouldn’t have land to defend, armies wouldn’t have anything to invade and CP Armies would for sure be a lot less fun if we were only able to play on 1 server. Yet servers are currently in a mess of epic proportions. I’ll use Mammoth as an example. Mammoth has historically been owned by the ACP, this server was shared with the Pirates according to the Pirates nation page. Then SWAT invaded Mammoth and made the server their own. Mammoth was then lost by SWAT to the Nachos following a treaty. Therefore you’d think that Mammoth belonged to the Nachos and only the Nachos would have Mammoth on their nation page?

Erm, no, not quite. Of all the armies mentioned the only army without Mammoth listed as part of their nation is ACP. The Pirates still have Mammoth listed as shared 50% with ACP, SWAT still have it listed as their capital despite handing it to the Nachos and the Nachos (rightly) have it listed on their nation page. Well why wouldn’t Pirates and SWAT remove Mammoth for their nations? I don’t know. The main thing that springs to mind is laziness.

The main problem with armies being lazy with their nation page is that it creates massive confusion. If Army A doesn’t own Breeze but hasn’t taken it off their nation page and Army B go to war with Army A  and take Breeze you now have Army A and Army B all claiming Breeze as theirs along with Army C, the rightful owners. And from there it can go on and on until you have a ridiculous amount of army’s claiming to own the same server.

Another reason behind the cluttering of servers is ‘cleansing’, cleansing is when you challenge all armies that claim to own your server by posting a cleansing event on your site, the main problem with this is when cleansing you don’t actually tell the armies you’re trying to get rid of that you’re staging the cleansing and it ends with one army thinking they have cleansed a server and another with no idea they’ve apparently lost a server.

Another major problem is server hoarders, armies that claim masses of servers without trying to check if they are already claimed. I’m going to be mean and pick on SWAT again, they claim to own SIXTY servers, yes SIXTY. As I scrolled down the nation page I noticed they have listed Summit, despite them having an invasion of Summit scheduled on their site. I’d say at least 40 of their servers are claimed by other army’s and that just creates a massive problem with proving who owns what and who can invade what.

SWAT with their servers

Overall it’s a massively frustrating issue for me, armies seem unwilling to update their nation page and unwilling to try and get it sorted, before I retired I remember seeing a page of servers which served as a good guide of what servers were owned by who and I think we could benefit from something similar being re-created, but I’ll go into that in the next section.

What can we do to make them more accurate and prevent them from getting even worse?

I’m not sure there is a sure-fire way to sort out the problem, and even if there was it would need full backing from the Top 10/15 armies to get it running, some ideas that spring to mind are –

Mass Relinquishment – Every army relinquishes their control of every server bar 5 servers they wish to keep, they must then find any other army in the Top 10/15 that also claims the server and inform them that they want to battle for the server, from this an accurate servers page could be made on CPAC and as armies start to claim servers CPAC would be completely on top of everything. A massive problem would be getting all armies to agree to this.

Mass Cleansing – I could go through the whole Top 10/15 armies nation pages and make a new Server page, from there armies can invade others who claim to own their land.

Server Cap – Add a cap to the amount of servers an army can claim to own, I doubt you’d ever need more than 10 myself but a huge con would be getting every army to sign a bill to confirm this.

These are the only idea’s that spring to mind as I write this post, if you have any ideas yourself please feel free to add them or comment on the 3 ideas listed above.

I mainly prefer to report on battles but this is an issue I am passionate about and feel needs to be sorted, apologies if this is long or unclear but I hope you get the gist and enjoyed the post. Thank you for taking the time to read.

-Tempah Head Reporter

26 Responses

  1. Firstt bitchesss

    tempah is god


  2. Firssttt bitchess


  3. it’s a complete mess UMA owns all our servers and we have since September 2012, yet armies like SWAT, DCP, HSA, LT who haven’t even been alive since we got them claim them..


  4. Get that ugly ass picture off this post please. Ruins a good post.


  5. Claim as many as you actually own. I agree with straightening out servers, but I don’t agree with a server cap.


  6. nice picture at the end.


  7. Well, you present alot of valid points in this post. However, I’d just like to clarify why the servers page was removed in the first place. Firstly, the CP Army Council was being formed, which aimed to become the official voice of server ownership. At this time the council is basically dead, but it could be reborn at any point in time. Also, the page was way out of date. And due to that, armies would say “well CPAC says no one owns this server, so I can invade it” — while, infact, someone did own the server, our page was just outdated.

    However, if there can be solutions to this, I have no problem getting the page up and running once again. Very good post, this hasn’t been debated in awhile, and I think it’s good to get it back into the eyes of the public. Keep up the good work, Temp.


    • I wasn’t slating you removing it mate. Yeah I’d be happy to help out getting the page back up and running, I may make a post with all the servers and which top 10 armies claim them so maybe they can invade their servers back off of the army that claims it.

      Maybe there could also be penalties for not keeping your nation page up to date such as point losses on the Top 10.

      I don’t know tbh.

      Thank you for the praise.


  8. Also I would like to say Hot Sauce Army owns Mammoth too


  9. I say make it a CPAC tourney. Have every army claim what servers they believe they own, anytime two or more armies claim the same server, BAM we have a battle scheduled by CPAC. But armies will claim armies they do not have just to get a chance to gain it. I think that would make it more fun! If an army claims too many, the can’t juggle all the battles, they wind up with less then they came in with. And server cap is a horrid idea. No no no no no n


  10. Let’s just leave the servers issue as it is. Last time the Council tried to cleanse everything, it resulted in a complete mess.


  11. Since when was the Pirates red?

    Also, SWAT never gave the Pirates or ACP any notice about invading Mammoth. Nachos own ACP’s part of Mammoth, not Pirates.


  12. This issue has been turned into a post many times before. If people actually cared about these server disputes, then they would have been fixed by now. But evidently, nobody does. So what’s the use?


  13. Swat are just retards


  14. All of this is way too confusing


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