Elite Penguin Troops Launch – Accused of Bot Use

Hello everyone! Sorry for my temporary absence from reporting, but I had other thing’s going on. In this article you will see how the EPF’s EPT’s first event went, and the controversial claim they used bots. To read more, stay tuned for more!

Note: This post contains no bias, and was intended to contain no bias.

However, this does contain controversial content. Read at your own discretion, and comment your opinion.

The EPT (Elite Penguin Troopswere created April 17th of this year by Lord Pain. Their goal was to rise quickly, swiftly, and become “one of the most feared armies in the community.” Lord Pain even said himself that he wished the EPT to become so massive, that everyone would want to join on sight. 

They began by opening just a few short hours ago* and began immediately with an unscheduled. The reason for the early launch was due to “enormous” chat size, they had over 25 on the chat. Their event however was a fluke. They may have maxed 22, but they couldn’t seem to get more than a few good (over 1/2 the army doing them) tactics. According to an anonymous insider, Lord Pain was “frustratingly screaming at his troops,” as they were unable to pull of a successful tactic.

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 8.00.23 PM

EPT Chat Size.


The most controversial aspect of this army however is the alleged use of bots. In the picture below, you see a few green penguin miners, along with two random green penguins. According to 4 eyewitness’ they report not being able to click on the penguins, and that the penguins did almost everything exactly the same in rapid succession. Two out of these four people wished to remain anonymous, however the other two who believe seeing this were Djgtjvgyhxgy and Sol De La Mancha.


In this picture, you see 3 mining penguins.

To finish my post, I have an interview with Lord Pain and two poll’s below!


CPAC: Hello Lord Pain

Lord Pain: Greetings.

CPAC: Do you agree your army did well today?

Lord Pain: Yes,we maxed 20+ and I was very happy with our performance.

CPAC: How do you feel you performed tactics wise?

Lord Pain: Tactics were a small issue, but tactics are usually always one of the issues in new armies.

CPAC: People have reported that EPT used bots at the event, is this true?

Lord Pain: No, there were no bots. Anyone who says so is a liar as hardly anyone spectated.

CPAC: Any last comments?

Lord Pain: Check out EPT, and join at http://www.xat.com/elitepenguintroopshq

What do you think? Is EPT Going to rise? Did Lord Pain use bots? Respond in the poll and comment below!

-Cpt Awesome3

14 Responses

  1. First!
    Second (wary)


  2. I doubt that they used bots.


  3. First byw.


  4. The miners can’t be bots. 1 miner is the person who took the picture. And the two others are not even doing the tactic at the same time. It is possible that they could be rouges but bots are unlikely.


  5. Cool, the early part of the first Lextro movie seems to be coming true now!


  6. This post was so awesome i’m surprise it was you who wrote this. Obviously EPT used bots and it wasn’t just rogues. This post should be stickied due to it being so awesome and relevent, this post is the best post ever.


  7. Lord Pain even said himself that he wished the EPT to become so massive, that everyone would want to join on sight.

    Because that’s worked before. Idiot.


  8. Ept has alot of troops from many different armies…


  9. This would not be the first time Pain has tried to cheat to make his armies successful.

    The only thing that he accomplished here was making himself look like a complete fool, but still.


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