FJORD, Nacho Empire —The Nachos seek revenge on the Army of CP for their act of treachery with running partners HSA jumping into this fiesta of sombreros, controversy, and scandal.

Note: This post in intended to be factual. No bias is intended nor included.

From Fjord With Love

With the war back on due to a shrewd move by the ACP involving a coup d’etat of Kingfunks4, the Nachos have quickly moved back on offense. The Nachos absolutely thrashed the ACP on Klondike, retaking a server they would have kept under the treaty. Dominating the battle with about a 8-soldier size difference the entire battle, the Nachos had a rare undisputed event.


Nachos and ACP facing off in the Forts

On the other side of the front, the Hot Sauce Army has aligned itself with the Nachos and also declared war on ACP. Following the battle of Klondike, the HSA dealt another blow to the ACP on Snow Globe, winning undisputedly in clean fashion. The HSA has allied with the Nachos for the war, offering to defend each other’s servers.

HSA and ACP clashing despite huge size difference.

The ACP is having serious internal conflicts, including an apparent falling out between Kingfunks and Swimmerboy after a highly controversial coup d’etat with questionable motive and truth behind. The leadership, in a state of crisis, has waived it’s previous doctrine of ignoring the Nacho invasions due to acknowledging their violation of the the treaty.

The Nacho/HSA — ACP war will rage on as long as the factors of morale, size, and valiance allow. For now, we will have to see how ACP can turn this war around with their internal issues burdening them beyond comprehension and battle power declining. But, who knows, we’re talking about ACP, who has endured entire campaigns of Black Alliance attacks. That aside, this makes for an intense war that reminisces of the highly entertaining war in July which was a turning point in the history of both the ACP and Nachos.


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  1. Firstttttt

    Go nachos go 😮


  2. First, booyah! :mrgreen:


  3. Choo Choo


  4. Yeah I usually put hot sauce on my nachos.


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