Dark Warriors Declare War on Nemesis — SWAT

MAMMOTH — as of 6:04 pm Eastern Standard Time, on April 21,2013, the nation of Dark Warriors have announced invasions on Special Weapons and Tactics‘.  This post was updated with information on April 23, 2013, regarding the war.

Note: This post is meant to be factual. No bias is included nor intended.

Bear with me as both armies represent the color black on Club Penguin.  Upon being tied for first in the newest installment of the top ten, the Dark Warriors declared war on SWAT.  DW and SWAT have been to known to have a rivalry; this not being the first time the two go to war against each other.  Elite 910, adviser of the Dark Warriors, took on the liberty of scheduling invasions of their war enemy.  Here is what he had to say,

They have been a thorn on our side for too long and must be stopped. It is time for Operation: Der Krieg der Rache also known as the War of Revenge to commence. Our vengeance shall be swift and shall cripple SWAT  to their weak stage of surviving.

As said before, the armies do not coop together very well and often are standoffish.  The invasion post contained seven times, with many being servers of great value and home of historic events: Mammoth, Tuxedo, and Fog.  Today, April 22, 2013, Mammoth is being invaded from the SWAT, a server that was taken from the once dominating force known as the Army of Club Penguin.

SWAT, on the other hand, have some other call to action — completely ignoring the invasions and responding with a lonesome picture.  The picture (seen below) shows the Dark Warriors and Special Weapons and Tactics creating a treaty that would last three months.  According to Reece, SWAT second in command, the treaty was only made two months ago.  Thus this violates their compact.  Now taking it upon my liberty to get all 100% factual information, I double-checked, and no where in the last two months have the Dark Warriors and Special Weapons and Tactics been at war.  During January of this year SWAT went to war against the Army Republic and Army of Club Penguin.  In February of this year they went to war against the Doritos.  Note that I did not check March, so I am unaware if they went to war against the Dark Warriors during that time period.


An agreement between DW and SWAT to not attack each other.

It is unsure how the Dark Warriors will react to the lack of targets at the battles of this war.  Unfortunately no DW leader was up for an interview this evening.  We’re looking forward to seeing a big war that doesn’t involve ACP.  SWAT, who are currently ranked fourth, have the potential to give DW a fair challenge.  If the SWAT decide to respond to the invasions, it could be a fight for first place.


The war has been put on hold as both armies decide to go separate ways.  On April 22, 2013, Elite 910 made a post addressing the Special Weapons and Tactics of their decision to ignore the invasions.  The Dark Warriors were able to pull information that SWAT themselves called the Doritos “shit” for justifying that SWAT’s invasions were invalid due to a treaty (April 12, 2013).  Thus the SWAT were called hypocritical for now pulling the card themselves.

DW decided to go ahead with their event on Mammoth but formally changed it from an invasion to a raid.  When the results post was released the war was officially called off.  Once again Elite 910 made an agreement with Mattg, one of SWAT’s leaders, to post pone the war for the time being without there being chaos, causing of confusion in the two armies.

The conversation was pictured and framed.

Moving on, the Special Weapons and Tactics army have decided to invade Summit alongside a friend of theirs — the Shadow Troops.  As of right no it is unclear how the allies came to this decision, but it is set to be held on Thursday.  Hopefully more information is to follow then.

What do YOU think?  How will the war play out?  Is it okay for SWAT to ignore the invasions?  Let us know in the comments below!


10 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:


  2. Werent SWAT the ones saying DCP were pussies for pulling up a treaty? Hypocrisy at its best


    • DCP were pussies before pulling up a treaty, I don’t know what SWAT means.


    • This fellow is correct, and I find it extremely amusing that SWAT calls out DCP on something and then has the audacity to do the same not weeks later.


  3. I laugh at SWAT. The same army that declared war on DCP and called them out for using a treaty to get out of the fight.


  4. keep calm and let swat die


  5. Nachos do own mammoth you know.


  6. I like how one of those terms is “no loopholes”. 😐


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