The Ballad of Kingfunks

UPDATED 5:41 PM EST: Swimmerboy speaks out. —->

BREEZE, ACP Nation — A controversial act of deceit and distrust has rocked the already-shaken Army of CP.

Note: This post is intended to be unbiased and factual.

Note: Merged elements of Cpt. Awesome’s previous post with this one.

The Ballad of Kingfunks

The coup d’etat that removed incumbent ACP leader Kingfunks4 from power has been reversed.

 “What you have just heard on main chat has not been true. Everything you’ve heard over the past few days concerning Kingfunk’s coup is a LIE. The ACP leadership has been lying to you over the past few days to try to get the ACP out of the war. The point of all of this chaos was to get out of the war. Why? We’ve never done this before and we’ve been in far worse situations. We’ve been on the brink of collapse, where despairity has led to even worse leadership changes like the coup of Dr Nono Jr or the failed coup of Flipper 7706. This however was none of that. This was pure LIES, spoon-fed to you by the ACP Leaders themselves. Let me run the whole thing down for you step by step…”


Kingfunks himself has stated the coup was in fact fake, and that it was only a ploy to get ACP out of war with the Nachos. His defense to keep the treaty in effect is that it says nowhere that he cannot be reinstated; though it surely looks like a violation. Former leaders Mchappy and Flipper are outraged at this situation.

Conditions to end the war were:

1. Nachos return the servers of Breeze and Klondike to ACP. / 2. Nachos keep any prize servers they earned. / 3. Kingfunks4 is removed from power. / 4. Nachos and ACP cannot attack each other until June 7, 2013.

In response, the Nachos have re-declared war on the ACP and stated their intention to continue war until Funks is permanently removed from power. However, the ACP claims they will ignore any invasion on the ACP’s servers until the end of the treaty; June 7, 2013. The Nachos claim they will raid and attack until the ACP submits.

Enough of this corruption; violating treaties, no democracy.


Meanwhile, a huge ACP rebellion made up of former and current soldiers has erupted in reponse to the return of Kingfunks. Led by ST aficionado Ziro7, it’s goal is for “a free and democratic ACP” and to “restore ACP to what it should be.” This rebellion claims to be the true ACP, and is strongly against the current Kingfunks regime.

This rebellion is currently aligned and supported by the Nacho Army, who share the common enemy of the ACP.

Comment what you think of this confusing pile of idk.


16 Responses



    • ACP are breaking condition 1 of the negotiation. I think ACP will do horrible without Funks and ACP’s main division: UK will die. Swimmer is inactive and Funks is UK.
      I just wonder what will happen to ACP Leadership and who will reply to me raging.


  2. ACP will die now….


  3. My head is spinning there is so much going on right now.


  4. oOOOHh I disapprove


  5. If Funks is overthrown, ACP will die. It is so obvious. There is no one fit to lead ACP, except Foldez.


  6. LOL. “ACP will ignore all invasions until treaty is over” They broke the treaty when Funks came back into power. It is no longer valid…


  7. ACP is right, Nachos got screwed but ACP is right.


    • ACP is not right lol. The picture proves that Funks was never really couped and that he was leader all along. One of our terms to end the war was that he needed to step down which never did. ACP screwed themselves.


      • Whoever thinks ACP was right obviously didn’t read the treaty or is so blinded by loyalty that they become angry at anything that denies their ‘glorious’ leaders “righteousness.”


  8. Down with Funks.


  9. Four words sum up this entire post:
    Shit has gone down.


  10. So the ACP make a contract and get the Nachos to sign it, one condition being that Funks must leave… Then the ACP bring back Funks and say that all invasions from the Nachos don’t count? What is going on…


  11. If you really think about it, since they only were pretending that Funks stepped down/was couped, the Nachos have the right to invade.


  12. “However, the ACP claims they will ignore any invasion on the ACP’s servers until the end of the treaty; June 7, 2013.”
    ACP clearly violated the treaty, which means it is invalid. God, the ACP Leadership is so dense these days.


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