Top Ten Armies: 04/21/13

It has been an extremely interesting week, and now it’s time to see who comes out on top in another edition of the CPA Central Top Ten. I’m Bluesockwa1, rankings were done by yours truly, while descriptions were written by Bluesockwa2.

Top Ten Armies


Note: The Doritos are not included in the Top Ten this week, due to Carter’s deception of CPAC last week. They will be included the coming week.

1T. Nachos [+0] [93.88]

1T. Dark Warriors [+5] [93.88]

3. Hot Sauce Army [-1] [92.75]

4. Special Weapons and Tactics [-1] [89.88]

5T. Army of CP [+0] [84.75]

5T. Army Republic [+1] [84.75]

7. Ice Warriors [-3] [77.35]

8. Light Troops [NEW!] [63.75]

9. Water Vikings [+0] [61.82]

10. Metal Warriors [+5] [54.88]


Close to the Top Ten:

11. Fire Warriors [+0]

12. Romans [NEW!]

13. Miners [+0]

14. Pretzels [+0]

15. N/A


1T. Nachos [+0]: The Nachos remain tied for first again this week, coming off of a successful war with ACP. They started the week deeply embroiled in a growing conflict, with many more invasions planned for the week. The first maxed 30 at an unscheduled event, and then maxed about 18 and then 17  at two UK events. They invaded Down Under with sizes of 20, and then announced the final phase of the wa: Operation V. Another UK event passed, this time with sizes around 13. In the highly disputed Battle of Klondike, the Nachos maxed around 25 and claimed victory. They maxed 15 at a late night event on Cloudy, and then maxed 35 at the Battle of Snow Globe, which set the coup of Kingfunks4 in motion. Following the removal of Funks, the ACP surrendered the war and accepted a treaty with the Nachos, who are celebrating today. Nachos remain tied at first this week. BREAKING: FUNKS REINSTATED; SOURCES SAY WAR IS ON.

1T. Dark Warriors [+5]: DW is back on top, in a little-noticed rise this week that has left armies stunned. They started off the week slow, maxing only about 10 at a training session Monday night. At the next event, they saw a great improvement, maxing 25. They had another very similar event the next day, maxing 26 at a training. An Australian event saw a max of around 13, and then another training a max of 25. Another Australian event, this one unscheduled, maxed 13. DW come in tied for first this week.

3. Hot Sauce Army [-2]: HSA is knocked from their spot at first by DW this week, but still manages to beat out everyone else and retain third. They maxed 10 and 11 at two events on Sunday, when Xat was severely glitchy. They also maxed 23 at an event later that day. Tuesday saw an unscheduled, maxing 25. They maxed 27 in a PB against the Ice Warriors, whom they defeated. They also maxed 18 and then 25 at two training events. Finally they maxed 13 at an unscheduled event, then tied with SWAT in a PB, maxing 25. HSA comes in at third this week.

4. Special Weapons and Tactics [-1]SWAT is also taking a slight fall this week. They began the week coming off of a disappointing event and Ganger’s demotion of all troops to member. They started with a tiny max size of 6 at a UK event, but then picked up a bit, maing 15 on Deep Snow. Sizes once again jumped, with SWAT maxing 27 at a PB with HSA, which they tied. They are now planning their rise back up to the Top. SWAT comes in at fourth this week.


5T. Army of CP [+0]: ACP has managed to stay tied for fifth place after a chaotic week. They started off with a massive blow: newly-appointed 3rd in command Dj resigned, underscoring mounting tension in the ownership. They then battled the Nachos on Snow Fort and Snow Globe, maxing 17 and then a poor 15 at each. They maxed 16 again at the Defense of Cloudy, and then saw the surprising defection of longtime 2nd in command and former leader Kenneth1000 to the Nachos. They went on to max 18 at the Defense of Cloudy, and then 19 on Down Under. They then lost a defense of Down Under with sizes of 13, and appointed several new owners to replace those who had left. ACP maxed 15 on Klondike, then fought again for the same server and for Cloudy with sizes of 15 at each. They then maxed 25 at a recruiting preparing for the final days of war. Finally, they hit 30 at the Battle of Snow Globe, but still lost. Following the battle, the events leading up to Funks’ coup took place, and by the time the day had ended Swimmerboy was the sole leader of ACP. ACP comes in tied for fifth this week, as they begin a time of rebuilding. BREAKING: COUP IS OFF, FUNKS REINSTATED.

5T. Army Republic [+1]AR rises up to tie for fifth, after a week embroiled in a little-noticed war. The AR began the week with a  controversial declaration of war on the much smaller LT, who they promised revenge on following the last Light-Republic War. The first battle, Sleet, was a draw, with AR maxing 13 due to glitchy chats. They maxed 4 at an Australian invasion, and then defeated LT on Frozen with a max of 26. They maxed about 10 at the invasion of Crunch, and then smashed LT on Berg with 25. They maxed about 23 at the invasion of Ice Cold, then 6 at the Aus Invasions of Mukluk and Sleet. AR comes in tied for fifth this week.


7 Ice Warriors [-3]IW takes a fall after a week that has further cemented their reputation of neutrality. They had first a PB with HSA, maxing 22, which they lost. They had another training, maxing 20, and have now planned events to secure their rise. IW comes in tied for fifth this week.


8. Light Troops [NEW!]: LT return to the Top Ten in the midst of a war with AR. They began the week with the Defense of Sleet, maxing about 18. They defeated AR at the UK invasion of Ice Cold, maxing 10. After a speech from creator Ioioluk, they maxed 15 at the final of SMAC’s Spring Smash, and were defeated at the invasion of Ice Cold with sizes of 15. LT then took Thermal with sizes of 15. The war with AR continues, and LT comes in at eighth this week.

9. Water Vikings [+0]: WV remain at 9th this week, even after a catastrophic site hack which left them crippled for several days. They had only one event, an unscheduled maxing 18. WV comes in at ninth this week.


10. Metal Warriors [+5]: MW rises and finishes off our Top Ten this week. Starting the week with a successful invasion of Belly Slides, maxing 15, MW went on to also prepare for a final battle with LD. When LD died a few days later, MW claimed victory in the war. MW comes in at tenth this week.




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Sorry for the lateness of this, we’ve been very busy over the last few days here at CPAC.

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CPA Central CEO


CPA Central CEO

59 Responses

  1. FIRST? :O -worships self-


  2. Thought ACP could have been higher considering we did well in a few battles against Nachos and are sizes were OK, but considering what’s happening right now I’m just glad we haven’t been destroyed yet




  4. I say, IW and AR should be WAYYY over ACP


  5. Nachos Ftw


  6. Nice post!


  7. Nice top 10


  8. 1.13 point off from #1… =(






  11. Descriptions are misleading regarding HSA’s:

    There should be a indication of what event is a UK, AUS and US which would obviously show the fluxuation between the sizes.

    Monday: HSA maxed 10 at UK Training / HSA maxed 23 at US Training

    Tuesday: HSA maxed 23

    Wednesday: PB vs IW, maxing 27

    Thursday: UK Training Maxing 18

    Friday: US Training Maxing 25

    Friday/Saturday: Unscheduled AUS training – Maxing 13

    Saturday: Maxing 25 vs SWAT


  12. DW first without Saw and Unk, theyre here to stay


  13. Nachos did way better than dw , nachos maxed 35 while dw only maxed 26. Wtf blue1?


    • DW got 30 unscheduled in their first event of the week, not sure why he hasnt mentioned that. Plus DW was more consistent and had better tactics


  14. Plus the nacho pic is way bigger than that of dw.


  15. HSA maxed 23+ when the xat friend lists were glitching then maxed 25-37+ later the same day. You guys got it wrong. You said we got 10 when it was a UK session.


  16. HSA should be first


  17. Hmm,, Thought AR did better than a few above us, whatever.


  18. definiton of cpac


  19. not bad top 10


  20. Go DW and HSA 🙂


  21. Nachos got 30+ unscheduled also.


  22. AR should’ve been at least 4th we dominated LT


  23. IW will surely be falling into the Top 15, unless Albert417 does something!
    On another note: GO ROMANS!!!!


    • If you haven’t noticed, which is clearly alright since you never use your brain, Albert is trying his very best to keep IW running, alongside the help of Icey, Ben, and I. Also, judging by the fact that you did a complete mass banning and got yourself fired, I wouldn’t be in a position to be saying Someone should do something. You should’ve done something about it, instead of making fake excuses about having basketball practice. Since when in gods name does basketball happen all year round, every day? Yeah, exactly.
      And on another note: Mara took your 3ic spot


  24. Wow Metal Warriors have done amazing. A croatian army in the top 10. Unbelievable.


  25. MW have done well For now


  26. Looks good nice post


  27. Water penguins in 5th in smac 15th in cpac?


  28. next thing i see is IW in the top 10th :mrgreen: IW better start doing something


  29. What does the decimal number after every army mean? Like the [93.81]. Please reply. Thanks!


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