Would you like some guac with those chips?

My job here at CPAC is to make you laugh, but sometimes I need to incorporate some seriousness into my posts. There have been no posts made today (April 19th, 2013) so I wont leave you guys hanging. I will probably get a spanking for making this, since i’m not a “reporter” 😦

Klondike – The Nacho and ACP war has burned on, and there have been some big events. Including the battle for Klondike. Which brings me to a serious question about Klondike.

“What would you do for a Klondike bar?”

Klondike Battle #1 

ACP ->

“Hey, Purp here! Today we had an amazing victory on Klondike,  maxing around 15 and averaging 12 with a lot of brilliant tactics. The Nachos had the same size, but they failed with less tactics and they were smaller for some of the time. The event was led by me, Funks and Swim while we did a great job on CP- well done everyone who attended! We had a nice victory.” – Purpleslime.

Nachos ->

“The battle we lost on Wednesday seemed to be a distant memory as we marched onto the server on Klondike, to defend our newly gained server. And, DEFEND IT WE DID! We won the UK battle of Klondike today, and we won it in style, as usual. ACP are faltering, their UK division is getting slowly smaller, and we are grinding them down to dust on the floor, where they belong.” – 6789cool




The results of this event were inconclusive, since both sides claimed they were victorious. But now we move on to battle number 2, which did have an agreed result from both armies.

Klondike Battle #2

ACP ->

“Evening, everyone. Today we maxed about 15 at our Defense of Klondike event. I’d have to say that our tactics were decent, and same goes for our size. Unfortunately, we lost this event. Here’s the pictures from the event.” – Tori

Nachos ->

“Earlier today, we successfully defended Klondike, but the ACP still “claimed” that they “won” since they are too stubborn to admit defeat.  In order to get ACP to see that they did not own the server, we pretty much cleansed the server tonight with great success to add on.  We definitely got back on the track with this event compared to earlier one’s in the week, so great job, guys!  We maxed up to 25+ and probably averaged 25+ as well.” – Puckley




The results to this event, both armies agreed the Nachos won this battle. It is still unsure who was invading, and who was defending. But the server is under Nacho control for the time being.

Nachos and ACP. I never imagined they could make such a good team. So why they fighting?  😥

9 Responses

  1. Why do people always post over me? gawd


  2. This post can’t seem to decide if it wants to be news or satire.


  3. Nachos obviously won. Look at the size, look at the tactics, and look how long they kept those sizes!


  4. LOL. All of Nacho’s pictures in the first battle were cropped. AND the sizes were always literally the same. Not to mention our tactics wrecked them.


    • They weren’t cropped, it was just the guy who was taking the photos, prtscrn’d around the nachos tactic and didn’t include the whole screen.

      As for your tactics, you guys kept doing the same as us.. E.G Doom bomb, joke bomb…


      • We did a lot of those tactics first, and remember, theres only so many tactics you can do on CP. We went through the list of possible emotes twice we were doing so many tactics.


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