Water Vikings Hacked by Qwerty

SPARKLE — The wave has come crashing down on the Water Vikings.  Today on April 18, 2012 the army was hijacked by a former, trusted, co-leader.

Note: This post is meant to be factual. No bias is included nor intended.

Qwerty ‘hacked’ the Water Vikings this morning.  He left the site with no pages and left a threatening post.  Along with the deletion, he changed the site theme and put up a background of a naked tattooed girl.  The message on his post taunted WV leaders.

This is the official death of WV.

Punishment for hacking my email and WordPress account.

Just for a domain.

Darkness always prevails.

18/04/2013. R.I.P WVArmyCP.wordpress.com

Water Vikings’ site domain has been paid by Qwerty for quite some time now.  Qwerty claims his e-mail was hacked to obtain the updated domain.  Everybody should be on the look out for Qwerty.


Interview with Bepboy9

What was your initial reaction to the destruction of the site?

Well I was shocked because honestly it wasn’t the first thing I would have expected to happen, but then again Qwerty had sent messages to us saying to back up our site and stuff.  Obviously hatred ran through my body.

Are you saying that this could have been avoided?

We must remember that he did own the domain so he could always reverse the domain to another site, but we were prepared as Bluesockwa1 saved the pages on his computer.

Who found the site first after it was tampered with?

The first person to find out about the site was an owner named Change.  He said to me that he saw Qwerty saying on the Army of Club Penguin chat that he had defaced WV site but unfortunately Change couldn’t do anything.

Any comments to Qwerty you’d like to publicly make?

Well, personally, Qwerty should watch his back.  I haven’t been on WV for an hour* and I already know numerous troops who are completely against him and have threatened to do certain things.  I wasn’t surprised he did this, I always knew he was like this and that’s why I never promoted him to leader in WV when he was a co-leader.  I’m not 100% certain but I’m pretty sure what he done was illegal or against WordPress’ terms of policy or whatever.

*post made at 2:50 pm Central

If you ‘knew he was like this’ then why would you give him control over the domain?

No comment.

Where do you [the army] move on from here?

The Water Vikings are going to hire a new leader soon which will hopefully make WV look like our sizes weren’t effected by Qwerty’s actions.  All I can say is that we really hope to show something off on Club Penguin this weekend.


Due to the hack, the Water Vikings are switching sites.  You can find their new site HERE; currently it is not fully updated.  The new site contains a post detailing the situation (by Bepboy9).

Yes, if you typed in watervikings.net and expected to be brought to our official site you were probably surprised- Q took everyone off of our site and changed everything. However, we have the pages backed up so this site should be nearly identical to the old one within the coming days. It may take us a short while to pick back up on size but for right now, things are still getting sorted out so we may only have an unscheduled this weekend. Also, I’m nearly certain what Qwerty did was illegal but I’m not 100% sure however he did take JedPen off the site, who legally owned the site but one thing is sure WV, we wont die.

Their leader did a great job keeping everyone calm and reassuring that the army will not be effected by the recent events.  The blue army is racking up soldiers in order to prepare for a tedious comeback for this weekend.

What is YOUR opinion?  Will WV be able to recover fully from the hack?  Will there be any punishments for Qwerty?  Let us know in the comments below!


34 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:


  2. Good post, and while Qwerty is a disgraceful sonnuva bitch and what he did was also pathetic, that’s beside the point. Unfortunately what he did was not illegal, because WV’s owners voluntarily (and foolishly) gave him control of the domain, which gave him administrator on their site as well.

    The best punishment WV can deal out to Q would be a full return, because then he and his attempt at ‘revenge’ (even though he was the one who acted like the little bitch he is and redirected the domain because he wasn’t given leader, which started this entire thing) will have failed.

    I’d also point out that this problem has cropped up several times in recent weeks: armies get one of these mass domain buyers with no real stake in the army to purchase a domain and end up paying the price when said buyer gets pissed off. I’d advise ALL armies to ensure their domain is bought buy a trustworthy person who actually cares about the army and won’t screw them over.

    Unfortunately, this issue stems ultimately from stupidity and a misplaced trust in people who obviously aren’t. For this reason, this problem can be eradicated quite easily with a little intelligence and caution, which I advise everyone to exercise.


  3. My email was hacked by WV. WP is on my side, the way bep lies is hilarious, other than that, ACP shall be next, then I depart from all stuff CP Related.


  4. You can never destroy the Water Vikings.


  5. Fear the wave.


  6. Well, this isn’t the Qwerty I know.


    • He changed his name to “Qwerty” his whole point of that was to get away from the name “Skater12312”, he used from 07-11 hes not the guy we use to know in WW am I right, and Disco where have you been bby I miss youu 😦


  7. It isn’t really hacking when you have direct access into the admin panel and have nothing standing in your way. Here imma hack, by going on microsoft word and typing a document. *Miracle*


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