The Funnies 8 – I 8 a very nice sandwich

Before we get to the funny stuff, I am going to introduce a new segment to my posts. They will be called “Lord of the Comments”, and be placed at the top of the posts (Above where this is), in big letters like this:

Lord of the Comments – “Name Here”.

All you gotta do is be a certain comment. For example (1st comment, 100th comment)… Stuff like that. This time around, the person who makes the 20th Comment will earn the title of comment master. Here are the simple rules:

  1. You cannot win Lord of the Comments 2 times in a row. You can win once, someone wins another time, and then you are eligible to win again.
  2. You cannot post more than 3 back to back comments [to try to bring up the total].

Those are the rules to the Lord of the Comments segment. Now, click read more for a very hilarious edition which involves a story about Bluesockwa1 & Bluesockwa2.

Once upon a time, there was a very ugly looking, known as Bluesockmom at the hospital about to give birth. Bluesockdad was holding her hand while she was trying to shove out two fat, alien-looking babies.

The Bluesockwa brothers at birth.

But finally, after 3 hours of hard work, and the doctors vomiting, they finally made them look like this:

They were bleached to look American.

So, their mother Bluesockmom took them home after 2 weeks of being in the hospital. They needed to check if there was some sort of infection in her uterus which made her offspring so ugly. Then they pieced it all together. The reason why is because Bluesockmom and Bluesockdad looked like this:

Bluesockmom and Bluesockdad

Anyway, they went home with there parents, who raised them and have raised them up to now. But when the Bluesockwa brothers were almost three years old, they both said their first word at the same time.


And since they were jinxed, they didn’t talk for two more months until Bluesockmom realized you had to say their names three times to un-jinx them. Technically, since they were born at the same time, there was no “Bluesockwa1” or “Bluesockwa2”. But when she picked up the one we know today as Blue1, and said his name three times, he became the first Bluesockwa. She un-jinxed Blue2 afterwards. But shockingly, Bluesockmom lost weight, and Bluesockdad gained some weight and grew some hair. But ever since then they haven’t been so close.

Bluesockmom and Bluesockdad.

The Bluesockwa brothers went to school at age 5, and began to live a boring and average life. But things started to change. They were no longer as close as they used to be, and began to join different social groups. Bluesockwa1 joined the Elementary Bloods, and Bluesockwa2 joined the Elementary Crips. Brother and brother began to fight and deal drugs in the street.

But they got back together when they turned 6 years old and joined CP Armies. This was last year (2o12). They decided to join CP Army Central, and make posts using words they pulled off of They then chose random presidents they were learning about in 1st grade to portray. Some of the words they learned were put up in their classroom.

But now, they run the most successful news website in club penguin armies. And according to recent results, there are around 200 people in cp armies in total. Only a handful are actually important. But the Bluesockwa brothers did something very very very very very important.


And that’s pretty much it. Time for the quote of the post:

“Yo” – Lord Pain (ALL HAIL PAIN)

-Mach (iLoL)

31 Responses

  1. HUZZAH… First


  2. I’m onna win dis


  3. Their correct names are Momsockwa and Dadsockwa. I know because B2 told me personally.


  4. Actually, it’s Bluemomwa and Bluedadwa. And I don’t have a problem with the fact that this post makes fun of me, I just think you’ve had other, more funny ones. I guess my advice is, don’t make a post until you have good material.


  5. I agree wif blew. Da puhst ain’t not no funny. I only b cumminting 4 da title o Lord o da cumments.


  6. 11th


  7. It’s at 13 ya nitwit


  8. Lrn2cnt 15


  9. (Ono) I SKIPPED 14!!! well now we at 14 den


  10. Im gonna help someone else get it by commenting.


  11. i think i will win


  12. DO I WIN?


  13. Stupid jokes Americans call funny. Every post Mach makes always involves a Mexican…… the point is?


  14. We should be holding the next Comment Master for the most sassiest comment master. It’s waaaaAAAAAAAY better.


  15. yuri, not all Americans like this bull you know.


  16. My man boobs smell like shit


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