Ice Warriors and Hot Sauce Army Duel in a Practice Battle

HALF PIPE- While ACP and the Nachos have been fighting in a heated  war at the same time of LT and AR’s intense hard-fought battles, IW and HSA have been keeping cool.  The two armies fought in a practice battle on the 17th of April.  Which army won?  How will this affect both of the armies?

The battle took place on Wednesday at 7:00 pm EST on the server Half Pipe.  Both IW and HSA had a well display of tactics and had sizes around 20.

Below, IW does the E+M tactic while HSA does the E+P tactic in the Snow Forts.


Below, HSA does the E+6 tactic while IW does the E+T tactic in the Snow Forts.

In the end, HSA had a slight size advantage, which resulted in IW admitting defeat with HSA being the winners of the battle.  Although IW lost, IW leader Albert417 was still pleased with the results, as stated in a post on the IW website:

Today we had an awesome practice battle against the Hot Sauce Army. Let me tell you all that it was a very close battle. We could have won, but the victory for HSA was to be decided with size. We didn’t win, unfortunately, but you guys put up a great fight against the army.

HSA was also happy with their performance and battle win, which was stated in a post on their site:

Great job today troops, we were able to max 24 and average just around 21 throughout the battle! Awesome job on the victory on IW once again! We have a very good chance of being number 1 again since we have been maxing more than ANY army so far! Keep up the good work!

The battle was very close with a great performance by both armies.

Comment with YOUR opinion on the practice battle?  How do you think IW and HSA did?  How do you think this battle will affect them in the future?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Associate Producer

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  2. *punches hole through wall* I’m… ticked… off… why do you always get the first comment?! @mch 😡 IM GOING TO RUN OVER YOU WITH MY CAR!!


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