A Cloudy Descent?

CLOUDY – Yet another attempt by the Nachos to claim another server of the ACP.


As the war progresses, in the Nacho’s favor, what more could we expect? Just yesterday, former ACP leader and the then Current (if I’m right) 2ic, Kenneth 1000 betrayed the ACP for the highest moderator or 3ic rank in the Nachos and DJ leaving with unforgettable words sometime ago. Moving on, this event was a UK event, and it seems that both armies were equal, though ACP do say it’s safe to say ACP won. While the Nachos claim they won as well, though on the ACP website’s event tracker, it shows 3-5-1 (ACP-NACHOS-TIE)

(NACHOS’ WEBSITE) It’s been reported that the two armies logged on at around 6:45 PM GMT whereas, the official battle took place sometime afterwards. The Nachos charged into the Town, where the ACP awaited them, forming the letter L tactic. Both armies sustained sizes of around 14. Afterwards, the ACP retreated to the Pool, and the Nachos charged into the enemy’s area again, where ACP circled almost the entire outline of the pool with the E+T tactic and Nachos bombing/charging in with the Nacho Army, Nacho Army chant. The ACP seemed to have clearly lost sizes at the Pool, and the Nachos fought back with the J Bomb, maxing nearly 15-16 while on the other hand, ACP nearly matched their sizes or did so. Next came the Mine, but the ACP retreated to the Ice Berg then. Over there, the ACP formed the L line while Nachos attacked. Finally, after the ACP’s try to finish the battle, they were found at the Dojo and Nachos appalled them, leaving them saying they claimed the victory. Before we try interpreting the battle, let’s have a look at the pictures, shall we?

ACP perform the E+G tactic and number 16 in size. Nachos remain quiet and number nearly 14-15 in size.

ACP perform the E+3 tactic and number 11-12 in size. Nachos chant “SMALL AGAIN ACP?” and number 14 in size.

ACP perform the E+T tactic and number almost 13-15 in size. Nachos chanting ” NACHO ARMY, NACHO ARMY” and number 7-9 in size

Another day, another battle and another report. What do you think? Did the ACP win or did the Nachos? I think this one was a tie because both armies equaled each other most of the time, though not shown in the pictures provided above. As we’ve seen that DJ left with harsh words, and Kenneth too, what more can we expect?


Well,  We’ve done it again, guys, once again we’ve smashed the ACP UK force into smithereens :D Only this time, we did it with style, and we didn’t have Waterkid bombing our chat. Today’s performance was even better than yesterday’s, so WHO knows what the next UK event will bring? I suggest you do your best to come, and not miss out ;) . – 6789cool

Hi, everyone! Today we maxed about 18 at our Defense of Cloudy event. Our tactics were actually pretty good, in my opinion. We did fairly well throughout the entire event with our size, too. This was a close battle between the Nachos and ACP but I think it’s safe to say that ACP won this battle. – Tori

That’s it for today’s post. Think about it. Could this really be the end of the once formidable Army of Club Penguin? The death of the ACP, a day which many leaders must be awaiting for and now, as experts and experienced veterans say that they are at the verge of meeting death, could this really be the end?  

●||»๖̶̶̶ۣۜмιѕѕ pιĸα мιcнαєℓ נαcкѕση ℓσνєя«||●
The love of Michael Jackson
CPA Central Reporter


17 Responses

  1. OH NO! the ACP’s dying? o_o I won’t let it happen.


  2. It was a tie. No doubt about that. Although if there had to be a winner, it woukd be the ACP.


  3. What is it with you and Michael Jackson?


  4. If Nachos think they defended cloudy, why did they invade it at USA times?


  5. The top picture is from a USA event, not a UK event.


  6. Waiting for waterkid’s comment


  7. รt๏ק ยรเภﻮ รยקєг ς๏๏l tєץt קlєครє


  8. ACP won that. Nachos… Lmao… How annoying they can be. They always PC “DO YOU SURRENDER?” 5 minutes into the battle, and always claim victory. According to the nachos the war is 12-1-0 with Nachos winning with one tie, but its actually 5-1-6, with Nachos winning by ONE measly battle. Im gunna have someone comment and say “Butthurt?” to this. To whatever trolls may roam, stop wasting your time. Deal with it. :3


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