Pirate Spring

MIGRATOR — The Pirates return to square 1. (Short post)

Note: This post is meant to be factual. No bias is included nor intended.

Pirate Spring

I have also changed my name to Mephiles. During this period of time, it will be called ”The Era of Darkness”. This is because Mephiles himself is dark and we’re currently in a very bad shape. However, I will bring the army back to it’s former glory – along with some help.


Following a rebellion and leadership crisis, the Pirates have sustained serious damage to their internal structure. With most of the Pirate soldiers defecting to the Nachos and other armies, their leader, Waterkid100, has no other option but to rebuild the crumbling army.

On a side note, Pirate Leader Waterkid100 has officially changed his name to “Mephiles” hinting at an era of darkness in the Pirates. With the rebellion dead, Mephiles is only left with very few troops, but he assures the community that the Pirates will rise again with loyal troops and that the rebels can be easily replaced. On another side note, Mephiles was suspected to have been investing time and troops into a joint enterprise, the Romans.

A short interview with current Nacho and former Pirate leader and rebel, Ace Fireken. (S = me, A = Ace)

S: How did the rebellion start?

A: It happened when Water kept quitting for other armies then rejoining the Pirates; we got pissed off at that.

S: How about the rebellion?

A: I was a leader of the rebellion, but surrendered the war; I refuse to rejoin Pirates though.

The Pirates’ ranking of 8th may change for the better — or worse next week. Only time will tell.


6 Responses

  1. FIRST! Hmm, it all depends on time. Seeing Pirates at 8th is something really surprising, when you see their progress.


  2. Extremely short :/


  3. Okie dokie….


  4. We will see how they do. They might as well merge into Romans, if this fails that is.


  5. Water changes his name like every week, only to change it back.


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