Djgtjvgyhxgy Steps Down in ACP with Harsh Words for the Army

BREEZE, ACP Empire – Underscoring the mounting turmoil in the ownership of the Army of CP, Former 3rd in Command Djgtjvhxgy has stepped down from his rank, with a scathing message to the army punctuating his leave .

Recent turmoil has been sweeping through the ranks of the ACP ownership, and after suffering a series of four crushing defeats at the hands of the Nachos rumors were running wild in the army. Kingfunks and Swimmer were, according to some sources, fighting with eachother. Just hours ago, the ACP and Nachos dueled in a controversial battle on Snow Fort. Now, in a telling sign of the disagreements between the owners, Djgtjvhxgy has stepped down with the following message.

Since I can no longer stay active due to my schedule, and the fact that the ACP leadership practically flipped me the bird on my plan that would have ensured a successful invasion each of the Nacho’s districts in an hour or less, I’m not only stepping down from my position as 3ic, but officially leaving the ACP.

Reasons for this goes beyond them screwing up my plans that may have forced the Nachos into a surrender and probably would have saved the ACP’s ass. For one, the ACP is now a shadow of what it used to be. And you know what? It’s a disgrace. The fact that the ACP only gets 20 to 30 at events now is like spitting in the face of each and every ACP soldiers who fought to make sure we were number one. And the fact that Oagal or Boomer haven’t come back and done something shows that they honestly don’t care about the ACP. In my opinion, and one shared by both ACP veterans that I’ve talked to and the CP army world at large, the ACP should die.

Besides that, the Romans have been showing a lot of promise, and have actually been rising quite a bit. I’m sure in a week or so, it’ll be as powerful as your UK division. It’s certainly more powerful than our US division. I’m sure every member of the SMAC top 15 is now. Besides, it wouldn’t take much to make the US division surrender now a days. It seems like that if it faces a force even slightly bigger than it, a certain someone will always PC their leader and surrender.




Hell, ten days says I could send in the Romans at a US time, and our US division would just throw their hands up in the air and say “screw it!”.

I personally think the ACP is doomed, but it could live if you guys get your heads out of your asses and actually try to improve the ACP. Get rid of your crappy owners, you know, the ones that don’t come to anything, sit around on the chat doing nothing, don’t lead during events, and surrender to practically anyone. Get the troops motivated and make them loyal and disciplined. You know the difference between the Romans and the ACP? The people in the Romans are all loyal, disciplined, and respectful to each other and their leaders. You’d think an army that have Snaily and Waterkid paired together would be a ticking time bomb, right?


They actually are able to work together, and so is many other old rivals and enemies in this army. What do we see in the ACP? Constant fighting between soldiers and leaders, no respect towards veterans, not listening to orders, crying of abuse when someone get’s banned for legitimate reasons, etc. This needs to stop. The ACP’s problem is it’s soldiers as much as it’s leaders.

Fix it.

I leave you with this: Unless you work quickly, the ACP is doomed. If you can’t fix it, then you might as well leave for the Romans, UMA, Nachos, etc, like so many former ACP have that have seen that we’re truly and royally screwed.

This is the voice of truth.

Explorer/Dj out.

The response from leader Kingfunks4 was swift and seemingly fairly unconcerned by his ultimatum to the army.

Bye Dj, thanks for coming back and helping. Short time as 3ic and a bit of a bad reason to quit, ACP 3ic for a small army leader. Meh. Thanks for helping.

Dj’s message to the ACP underscores a wider turmoil as the Nachos war has gone awry and ACP fell to an all-time low last week. While they have now risen back slightly higher, the calls for a change in the army have not subsided. As the intensity of the ACP-Nacho war is ramped up, Dj’s retirement in this manner may signal the beginning of more tumultuous changes in the ACP.


What do YOU think? Does Dj’s retirement signal larger issues in the ACP? Is Dj right about the ACP ‘needing to die’?

Comment YOUR opinion!


CPA Central CEO

32 Responses

  1. Dj was totally rude in that post First


    • Aww diddums.


    • Sometimes the truth hurt. Like a solid kick to the balls.

      I wasn’t trying to be rude. If I was, I would have ripped each and everyone of you a new asshole. I was trying to point out what’s what, something I’ve tried numerous times, only to be ignored.

      WAKE UP.


  2. He’s right. 100%.


  3. Dj is totally right, ACP needs to be fixed and ever since the first ever battle with the nachos back in 2012, I don’t believe ACP needs to die, but it’s going to if it’s not fixed. I know how this all started. It was back in 2012 and there was something that started the war. The nachos wanted to have a battle with LT, it was a failure. They went after ACP and they “thrown themselves in the lion’s den” and ACP went and took it seriously. Since this is no longer classified since this was a year ago…

    BrassAssDash, if you’re reading this comment. Just know this…

    I WARNED YOU! Operation buttersocks would be a failure. Good thing I had no part of that war, and I’m still not taking sides.

    Take it from me, commenters. -_- I know how it feels to once had a leader (And no I’m not referring to Albert) who felt it nessisary to mess with ACP…. Bad… Idea.. and what’s with the battle now? Nachos.. stop picking fights with people!


  4. Lord Pain for ACP leader?


  5. You are all incredibly stupid and annoying. Literally I see this with almost every army. CP armies will never be the same unless people start treating it more like a game then damn politics. Don’t get me wrong, stuff like that can make armies a lot more INTRESTING. But you all act like this isn’t a virtual world that is many for 8 year olds. To ACP, grow the hell up. ACP was my first army and has a special place in my heart, but you guys act so childish to other people who don’t share the same opinion as you. To Dj, a lot of people have said ACP would die off NUMEROUS times before, and guess what? It didn’t happend. To other armies, be the change you want to see so that your very existence is an act of rebellion.

    You guys will never see a golden age again if you don’t stop acting so annoying to eachother.

    If I don’t see any change, then I give CP Armies about a couple months to live.

    Don’t let this die.


    – A


  6. I over 9000 this


  7. One thing i can’t stand is when people quit an army then point out its problems. Instead of quitting maybe more action should be taken to solve the problems. Nothing personal to you Dj you’re a great guy, I just felt this is a good time to say that.


  8. >tfw my retirement makes the news
    >tfw one of the Blue bros wrote it
    >tfw stuff appears to be in favor of me

    Good post.


  9. I totally agree with Dj, 100%


  10. Dj can say what he wants. People have been saying the ACP will die for the last 2 years and it’s yet to happen.


  11. DJ has a reason to say all of this and I agree with him 100%. Unless the ACP don’t man up, or let’s say, grow up, they won’t get anywhere. The ACP leaders should teach their troops loyalty. I’m not saying that they should come to each and EVERY event.

    If the ACP can keep a nice kind of rule for a while, they’ll hit the milestone and can thus, finally evaluate the troops’ progress and make stricter rules. However, this is irrelevant and only my opinion on what the ACP should do.

    I don’t mean to offend anybody or cause flame wars.


  12. Dj 1-0 ACP


  13. All the new ACP is a shell of it’s former self due to the horrible leadership, negative opinion INSIDE the army, and the simple fact that the current ACP isn’t even the ACP it was a year ago, only some wannabe Golden Ages ACP with immature and inexperienced owners with sadly no better options for leader other than the cause of ACP’s downfall, Kingfunks4.




  15. I am 100 % in support and agreement with dj. One major reason i retired was because the leadership is refusing to address acps problems and are deaf to those of us who offer effective viable solutions and taking an active stance in solving them. Acp needs a complete reorganization immediately. The most dedicated and motivated respected owners, excluding slime, have given their all for acp trying to fix the problems, but without the support and power of the leadership we can change nothing. How many more quality soldiers does acp have to lose before the leaders decide to be true leaders? We move on to better things where we will be respected and not ignored and set an example for all of cp armies. Romans is the future of cp armies. Dj has tremendous vision and drive.


  16. […] style=”text-align:left;”><a href=”… tensions in the ownership of ACP</a> reached a breaking point today at the end of the […]


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